Announcing Miss volare 2018!

Hear ye, hear ye!

The glorious fluff has decreed that the fairest in the lands of volare must be found! Her loyal minions have given their all to accomplish this task, pulling hardworking volarian translators off the streets and throwing them into the running.

Trailer by Ruyi~ She’s amazing.

This is no battle of the sexes, it’s an all-out catfight! This is no April Fool’s, this be serious bizniz! There are no men to be found, as all of them have been turned into cute and delicate bishoujos to honor this momentous event!

Our fluffy overlord has even decided to make an appearance, so now’s your chance to spot the celestial fluff! But don’t think it’ll be an easy task, she’s hidden herself well. (and told me that she’s confident of winning c:) (wut, I-I am?)

Translation: Vote for the prettiest looking person and they’ll be crowned Miss volare 2018! (crown sold separately). BONUS! We’ve posted our lovely maidens’ pictures on Pinterest as well. Pinning their Pinterest pictures will count as 2 additional votes, which means you can have a total of 3 votes per person!

The last day of voting will be on Friday, April 6th, and the winner will be announced over the weekend.

Join in on the fun by clicking HERE for our Pinterest post and scroll down for the votes!

Each of our breathtaking beauties has a number beside them. To cast a vote for your favored maiden, just vote for their corresponding number in the poll.

Here’s a list of our lovely maidens who are participating in this contest in no particular order:  deyna, etvolare, ruyi, sigil, littlebigwhale, grace, grenn, guan zhong, jimminx, thealt, eudaimonia, chiyomira, mycyan, petie, premonition, oriqimi and timebun.

Don’t forget to ‘pin’ your favorite maiden on our Pinterest page as well, it counts as two extra votes!

Feel free to guess who’s who in the comments down below!

Now, without further ado, let the voting begin!

There are 8 gentlemen and 9 ladies in this line up, all volare staff and all looking the same thanks to Beauty Cam!

The coronation will take place on Friday, April 6th along with some special mentions. Bonus! Do you think someone should get “Best bishoujo” or “Most Smoldering Look”? (Or “You Owe Me Moneh!!” look 😀 ). Please leave a comment below and upvote the other special mentions you agree with!