Announcement for EEWC and HM

I’ve already announced this to my patrons when I decided to close my Patreon, but here’s the official announcement for all readers:

I’m going to drop EEWC and HM.

This was not an easy decision to make. I absolutely love these two novels, which was why I started translating them in the first place. I just wanted to share them with English readers and discuss the ups and downs of the stories with all of you, which I’ve been doing for the past 8 months! Unfortunately, some recent events have come up that made me decide to stop translating these two novels.

When there was talk about getting official authorisation from Qidian, I was waiting eagerly for their deal with WuxiaWorld to come through, so that would set a precedent for everyone to acquire official authorisation on fair terms with mutual benefits (EEWC and HM are both under Qidian as well). However, as some of you might already know, the deal with Qidian and WuxiaWorld has gone sour and it seems that Qidian isn’t willing to sell its authorisations any more.

Rather than putting all my efforts into translating EEWC and HM and then getting threatened with legal action before I complete them, I would rather drop them and start a new non-Qidian novel that I can actually see through to the end without any drama.

Volare has agreements with iReader and Xiang5, with more publishers coming soon! I’ll most likely be picking up a novel from one of them. If you have any suggestions for a new novel, feel free to comment here or ping me on Discord! :3

I’m not going to stop releasing chapters immediately. I will finish releasing all the chapters in my stockpile, and also finish the 2x/day release event for EEWC. This will last for maybe the next 2 weeks, and then to give all of you closure, I will start summarising batches of chapters so that you get to know how the stories end. I’ll link the summaries to the last translated chapter and announce them the same way chapters are released so that you guys know when they’re posted!

While working on the summaries, I’ll also be looking for a new novel and translating it!

Thank you so much to all of you for joining me on this journey so far. From beating down silly villains in EEWC to fighting robots in HM, it’s been a wild ride and one I’ve enjoyed very much. I wouldn’t be enjoying translating so much without all of your support: in the form of comments, ratings, reviews, encouragement… Thank you once again!! <3

Please continue to support me when I launch a new novel! >u<