The Aloof Ruler is PICKED UP!

Herro all fans of Aloof Ruler! I come to you with good news!

But before I come to that, if you haven’t checked out this novel yet, I would definitely recommend it for people who like the ancient OP genre! You can go here if you haven’t had the time to go check it out! I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

The Aloof Ruler has been picked up by a wonderful newbie translator who I met in my The Aloof Ruler Pick Up thread on Novel Updates! Her name is rize and she’s already started straightaway from Chapter 20 with a new title of: The Aloof Prince! You can check out her site here! Please give her your support as she continues this long novel! This novel is also not the easiest for newbies to start with, so give her lots of love!

If you would like to follow this story on NovelUpdates, the NovelUpdates page is here!

Finally, thank you so much for all your support of The Aloof Ruler! I hope to release my new novel in the coming year, and hope to see all you readers around soon! Looking forward to all our conversations together again! <3

I’m sure you’ll love this new novel, with its amazingly powerful romance mixed in with some unique elements in the plot! I’m loving the male lead~ Heheh!

If you need something else to read, you can always come over to Meraki Translations for a little something to read, where a group of some newbie translators and some seasoned translators have joined together to bring you: Master Devil Please Don’t Kiss Me, Secretly Loving the Male God (a super sweet, sentimental, and touching novel about our high school years in which every word matters), When a Snail Falls in Love (a super thrilling crime and romance novel), Les Interpretes,

A NEW release on my site will be coming out soon by the same author of When a Snail Falls in Love! It’ll be an even more thrilling novel with powerful romance in the sequel of Love me if you Dare/When He Comes, Close Your Eyes! Hope you guys enjoy when it comes out! 🙂 I know I’m looking forward to it!

I really really miss you readers, and I really really love you guys! Thank you for everything! Love, Tranzgeek <3