Ads – they should be looking better!

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note that I did some optimization regarding ads over the past couple of days in which the outcome should be less uglier for you, but more useful as well! The previous ads on my banner were… just… some were heinous. I went WTF a few times lol. There should be absolutely 0% annoying popups, pop unders, ads that suddenly play blaringly ridiculous music. Please let me know if you encounter any of those!

You might notice an Amazon ad at the bottom of my posts — it would be so, so, so lovely if you could click on any of the Amazon ads before making an Amazon purchase. Your purchase doesn’t have to be the item in the ad, it can be textbooks, Kindle book, heck, toilet paper even. It just goes to show my advertising partners that this website is actually being useful in their campaigns. They’re getting bang for their buck!

Meanwhile, I appreciate all of you indulging me in turning adblock off for volareTL! I’ve definitely noticed more engagement and views lately. On behalf of the server, domain, authors, and editor team, we thank you! <3