Ads temporarily disabled until 9am Oct. 31 US EST

Hello everyone,

While the ads situation is much improved, becoming nonexistent for desktop and only plaguing Chrome on Android, I still dislike that some of you keep seeing them. I’m going to take the hit and disable all ads until 9am Oct. 31, US EST, giving time for bad tags to run through the system. That also means if you still get redirected starting now… it ain’t volaretranslations. T_T

Meanwhile, I’d like to apologize again that this happened and hope that my actions have demonstrated my sincerity in keeping this a good reading experience for everyone. I also thank everyone who’s contributed to the solution with your emails and comments of bad URLs. *cupped fist salute* Appreciate it all!

I’d also like to politely tell others off who’ve done nothing but scream in the comments of non etvolare novels, cursing at the translator and swearing at the site. That neither helped resolve the problem nor was it a decent thing to do. If any translator ever gets burned out one day and quits, you know you’ll have contributed to that. And that’s a loss for the entire community all around.

Apologies and thank you everyone again!