Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload! (萌兽来袭,美色难挡)


Written by: Dreamie(梦爷)

Ying Lan Meng (盈蓝梦)

Translator: Petiepotter
Editors: Arka & Trivial King


P/A Synopsis:

Gu Qingyu, a licensed psychiatrist in the modern times, is thrown into turmoil.
Her own unjust death, a new world, and much more awaits her!

『A sudden attack from a shadowed figure in a hospital!
She reaches out with one wish on her mind as her blood flows out,
“I-I don’t want to die! S-Somebody save me!”
In the midst of her desperate cries, a mysterious being receives her wish and relocates her into a new body and world!』

Thrown into an ancient era without any warning, she discovers magic, monsters, and localities to explore!
On her journey through the four empires, she encounters hardships, meets new people and builds new relationships, all while trying to evade losing yet another life!

『New situations thrown at her at every turn, a comedic story of love, friendship and trust! Follow Gu Qingyu and her friends’ adventures through the four empires and her path to survival!』


Tags: [Adventure] [Action] [Another World] [Comedy] [Drama] [Fantasy] [Female Protagonist] [Lighthearted] [Romance] [SFW] [Xuanhuan] [Transmigration]

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Chapter Listing 1-30

Chapter 000: Prologue
Chapter 001: Transmigrating into another world
Chapter 002: Escape Plan
Chapter 003: Illusory Spirit Grass
Chapter 004: Divine Physician Mo
Chapter 005: The annual Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition?
Chapter 006: Preparing for the competition
Chapter 007: A breathtaking song
Chapter 008: You have medical skills?
Chapter 009: The first assassin
Chapter 010: Could it be you don’t know how to fly?
Chapter 011: You shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance
Chapter 012: Qi Yichen in critical condition!
Chapter 013: Hundred Whirling Leaf
Chapter 014: What everyone is good at!
Chapter 015: A roadside pebble!
Chapter 016: Disguising herself as a man
Chapter 017: Are you more handsome than me?
Chapter 018: What a coincidence, my dear ‘elder sister’!
Chapter 019: The City Lord of Xueli City
Chapter 020: Fighting among ourselves
Chapter 021: Murong Ranyue
Chapter 022: Lost magic: Ring of Frost
Chapter 023: Shopping with Jia Qizhe
Chapter 024: A gift for me?
Chapter 025: Anomaly
Chapter 026: Chopstick Brothers: Little Apple
Chapter 027: That’s His Lordship
Chapter 028: Do you even lift?
Chapter 029: I’m her husband
Chapter 030: How can you treat your husband like this?

Chapter Listing 31-60

Chapter 031: High! Let us get pumped!
Chapter 032: The ‘Blessings’ of Venerable Flames
Chapter 033: Loud and clear
Chapter 034: Ghost Festival
Chapter 035: Young people these days…
Chapter 036: The son and his father
Chapter 037: Assassination
Chapter 038: Wrong lyrics
Chapter 039: Signing the contract
Chapter 040: Foraging for wild food
Chapter 041: Everything’s a mess
Chapter 042: You birdbrain!
Chapter 043: The ten-thousand-years-old rock spirit meets the noblest and beautiful young lady
Chapter 044: You’re not that easy either
Chapter 045: I want to drink wine
Chapter 046: Is it poison or is it porridge?
Chapter 047: Don’t mind the fighting between two love rival
Chapter 048: Crybaby
Chapter 049: The fish eats grass
Chapter 050: The mythical being
Chapter 051: Watching the sunrise
Chapter 052: Xiao Qi’s secret crush
Chapter 053: She is gone
Chapter 054: Rescued
Chapter 055: I name thy ‘Whitey’!
Chapter 056: Taming a weapon
Chapter 057: We were just having a fistfight
Chapter 058: The Emperor of Northern Ying
Chapter 059: Guards! Drag her out and behead her!
Chapter 060: A record of Xuezang’s kindness

Chapter Listing 61-90

Chapter 061: Little monsters, we’re leaving
Chapter 062: Ah! Endlessly running!
Chapter 063: Call me Wukong
Chapter 064: You’re too noisy!
Chapter 065: There’s no master just like you
Chapter 066:
Chapter 067: I’m number one under the heaven!
Chapter 068:
Chapter 069: Obstacle
Chapter 070: Going on a trip
Chapter 071:
Chapter 072:
Chapter 073:
Chapter 074:
Chapter 075:
Chapter 076:
Chapter 077:
Chapter 078:
Chapter 079:
Chapter 080:
Chapter 081:
Chapter 082:
Chapter 083:
Chapter 084:
Chapter 085:
Chapter 086:
Chapter 087:
Chapter 088:
Chapter 089:
Chapter 090: