Do you want to share an awesome story with the world? Hone your Chinese skills with flowery language? Or want to contribute to a faster pace of your favorite novels? Or have a team you’d like to join?

Why should I join the happy madhouse that’s Volare? 😀


  1. We have official licensing agreements with Zongheng, 17K, iReader, Xiang5, independent authors, and are in talks with traditional publishers. What this means is, not only do you have the freedom to select from their libraries, your translations are also 100% legitimate with no copyright concerns!
  2. Residual income is strong as we pay based on views, which means that a chapter you translated a year ago would continue to earn you money a year later. Add in two or three finished novels, and that’s a considerable sum every month!
  3. The company oversees the process of turning completed translations into ebooks. Which, when released, will also provide you with remuneration for your work, this includes any other adaptions of your translations.
  4. Access to a group of talented folks who share your passion and drive for the art of translating emotions and culture into another language, of crafting another world and capturing the essence of the author’s characterization of these wonderful characters.
  5. You retain ownership of your own work, with a say in how and where it’s used.
  6. Forget about tech work such as website/server upkeep, copyright negotiations, marketing, administrative work, etc. The company’s got that covered so all you need to do is focus on translating!
  7. We’re a vibrant community with support from some of the most entertaining readers around! We’re also frequently in the media, so your work will gain exposure from all around the world.
  • All newbies must go through probation. Probation can range from 2-3 months. There is no pay during probation.
  • Taking into account your preferences and what’s available then, you will be paired with one of the active novels on Volare.
  • Newbies will be given tips on how to improve. We’ll do our best to guide you along, but please only apply if you’re serious as you’ll be expected to police yourself and strive to improve on your own!
  • When you graduate as a newbie, the world’s your oyster as for what novel you’d like to tackle on your own.
  • NOTE: We pay based on views. Just like Youtube, there is no guarantee you can make money in this field.

If you’d like to apply to be a translator, please translate the following blurb and send it in with your application








If you’d like to apply to be an editor, please send in your best take on the excerpt below.

Please note that there are no style guides and no context, and therefore, no textbook correct answer. What we’re interested in is your native writing style and your grasp of structure and flow.

The following guidelines might be of use to you if this is your first time editing a novel:
1) All grammatical errors must be addressed. Do check through your work 2-3 times to make sure you haven’t missed anything.
2) Feel free to restructure sentences as you see fit if you find that it helps to enhance the excerpt’s flow.
3) That being said, the original’s meaning must be retained. Changing the text’s original meaning is the quickest way to getting your application failed, so be very careful with what you change!

If your application is accepted, you will be given a full chapter to edit as part of your second round of testing.

The room area is about twenty square meters, on the wall engrave with many runes, use for gather spiritual power. In the corner of room set up shelfs, this shelfs made using special material, it can placed spiritual plants or spirit beast cores and won’t drain its spiritual energy.

In the middle of room is a gray refining furnace, probably a person tall, with three feet round belly shape, the furnace surface engrave with all kind of talisman. In the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture had seen, these talismans is some special gather spiritual spell, able greatly increase the probability of pills. The more higher level of the furnace, type of talisman will more complex, and more useful.

Around the furnace arrange several mats, one side of wall there’s a long table and simple bed, using for rest if refining midway.

We currently have no editing positions available. If you’re still interested, please apply after April. We have a long list of people waiting to be assigned.


Please send in all of your application to [email protected]


Thank you for sending in an application! Due to the high volume we receive and the recruitment team having novel responsibilities of their own, there may be a delay between submission and a reply. Thank you for your patience.

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