A note regarding STR dukedom naming

Hey guys, sorry I forgot to post this earlier:

Hey guys, starting chapter 21 I’ve made two dukedom name adjustments. Long Teng = Soaring Dragon, and Zhuque = Vermillion Bird. You’ll see why in the chapter below, and I thought it made more sense to have the names either in all pinyin or all fully translated. I believe people will connect with the characters more if the names are fully translated, hence I changed them all to English. Please note that duke and heir names are usually derived from their dukedom. Long Zhaofeng and Long Juxue both have “Long” as their surname, and “long” is the Chinese character for dragon. I’m still debating if I want to modify our MC’s dukedom name, since Jiang Han translates to River/Current/some variant. I’m deciding against it for now because the “River dukedom” just doesn’t sound that great. 😀
And yes, that does make our MC “River Dust” or “dusty river”. No I’m not calling him that. XD