My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 61

Bonus chapter as promised! I wouldn’t be doing another 5-star bonus chapter after the 250th since it has been brought to my attention that it might be against NU rules.


This chapter was ridiculously long, hope you enjoy!

Chapter 61: I Do Not Intend To Sing An English Song

TL: Premonition

ED: LikyLiky, FallenS0ul

  • The pointless watermarks on both My Wife is a CEO and GDK are seriously annoying. Even when I’m READING on your god damn site, I have to deal with watermarks, no other translators do this, but apparently you feel you have to. I read on my tablet on Firefox, and use the Reader function built in the browser because this site just like many other translation sites has terrible reading format, and I have to deal with bs watermarks even though I am still using your god damn site? Seriously?

    If you care that much about me reading on your damn site, but making the text formatted in a way that it fits a tablet fine, make your site like XianXia World, they have proper reading format for a browser locked down. I was gonna donate to both GDK and CEO until I started getting flooded with scumbag remarks about not using your damn site even though I AM USING YOUR DAMN SITE. Utter bs.

    • Premonition

      You could have said things in a more pleasant manner. because of readers’ feedbacks I’ve now only added some troll tags at the top. I never thought so much about users using firefox reader view, but have been taking it into consideration.

      Donations are a readers’ choice and if you don’t want to donate, I’m perfectly fine with that, but I would prefer that you don’t use a tone like that, I’m not a beggar. It only takes you 1 or 2 seconds to scroll down onto the actual chapter, I don’t see what is so hard about that. If you spent 6 hours working on something where someone just uses a bot to copy paste it, not even putting in any time into it, putting in a watermark is actually a logical choice. I will now remove some of the more annoying watermarks, and I’ve planned to do so for a while but forgot. Thanks for trying to ruin my mood

    • etvolare

      I’d appreciate it you elaborated on what makes the site difficult to read on tablet. After seeing your comment last night, I zipped over to the Discord to ask the folk on there and the consensus was that the site was fine on mobile. I then went to XXW and from what I could tell, they have slightly bigger font? If font size is the kicker here, I’m happy to adjust that if it makes that big of a difference. Please send a screenshot to volaretranslations @ gmail and let’s see if there’s anything I can do.

      Because otherwise, the watermarks are completely invisible if you read through your browser. All our work is free to read as we’re certainly not earning a living through donations. They’re practically tips that come once in a blue moon with the current state of things. I will unapologetically continue to try to protect my work that takes 3-4 hours to translate and is stolen within five minutes.

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      broken where?

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      haha that seems like it will happen in a week at this rate. Perhaps it’ll happen, who knows? 🙂