My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 105

2nd chapter (last week). I’ll be on hiatus from 1st to 15th Dec for both CEO and CCG, army matters. Apologies to sponsors for taking so long, I’ll try to get the sponsored chapters out before I go on hiatus.


Chapter 105: Discussing something important today


ED: LikyLiky

  • Danis

    Nooo Crying in the corner >.<

  • You forgot the link, but you can get to 105 by using the ‘.”next chapter” button on chapter 104z

  • MangoGuy

    oh,I never knew you were in the army!!

  • Artibals

    give me the link

  • luigiman

    there’s no link 🙁
    Thanks for the hard work

    • Juan Antony

      Go to cpt 104 n click next chapter, it works

      • luigiman

        I did do that, I was just saying that there wasn’t a link