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Thanks for coming by!  You obviously have come here to read Sovereign of the Three Realms or Great Demon King, and if you are reading this, probably took the time to explore the site!  So again, thank you!

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    woohoo!! new home!! congrats!!

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    Hello there 🙂

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    Just wanted to notify you that your header image is huge. The blog software isn’t scaling it down to something more reasonable from 5972×2528.

    • etvolare

      Thanks for the comments re. header image guys. I got a little excited using a picture I took so I didn’t think of downrezing it. I’ve temporarily cropped it (messing up the dimensions a bit), but wanted to put this up before it crashed any browsers.

  • AKeiS

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I can’t find the follow button 🙂 Either it’s kinda in a hard to find place so you should probably change it or if you could put one up that would be great! I really like Sovereign so far and I really want to keep up to date on it 🙂 Thanks

    • Kidyeon

      This will be done tomorrow, among other things. etvolare has gone to bed, and it’s currently 3 am for me haha.

      • AKeiS

        Oops hahaha forgot about the time difference and thank you!

  • Replay

    i came for the Sovereign! and also Thanks for translating! hope to see a lot of releases from you!

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    Thanks for translating this, seems like it’ll be a good read~ ^^

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    Looking forward to visiting more and more. Love ur novels

  • etvolare ur on fire! yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you for translating Sovereign of the Three Realms and congrats on making your own site!

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    Hopefully you don’t quite before you starte like the others one timers.

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    Hi, It is really great to have a new site for Sovereign of the Three Realms. I really love this series. thank you for the translations.

    By the way, this is just a advise. I suggest you to change the resolution of the header image in the website. It is more than 8MB, so it will severely affect the loading speed of the website.

    • etvolare

      Fantastic advice, thank you rajx. I’ll hop on it tomorrow. 😀 Thank you for stopping by!

  • Congrats on making your own website xD