volaretranslations welcomes Release that Witch!

Hello hello! Our announcements are coming fast and furious! I happen to stumble upon Roxerer and his team’s translations when browsing randomly, and my eye was caught by Release that Witch!

Not your typical wuxia/xianxia, this is the story of an overworked engineer finding himself in the medieval times. The level headed MC trying to make the best out of the hand of cards he’d been dealt with really appealed to me. And from the novel synopsis itself:

Chen Yan traveled through time, only to end in Europe of the medieval period, becoming Roland — a Royal Prince. But this world doesn’t seem to be the same as his former world. Witches are real and they really can use magic?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings! Will he win, even though the king has already declared him to be a hopeless case, and he has the worst starting situation? Only his experience with modern technology and the help of the witches — who incidentally, are known as devil’s servants and thus hunted by the the Holy Church, can help him succeed.

Now, let his journey begin!


And now, a call for recruitment. Roxerer needs editors and TLCers. If you like the story after reading it, please send him an email at [email protected]!

Release the Witch is tentatively on a four chapters a week schedule and taking sponsored chapters at $40/chapter, so please give them a hearty welcome!