volaretranslations welcomes Demon Wang’s Gold Medal Status Favorite Fei!

This got leaked a bit earlier this week, and those of you with eyes like a hawk caught it before the announcement was quickly privatized. I’m very happy to confirm that Demon Wang’s Gold Medal Status Favorite Fei has come to volaretranslations! (The TOC will be shortened to Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei in the menu just to make it fit more). Dreamer will also be bringing over Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes to volaretranslations — it’s already been completed! Please bear with us as we port the chapters over.

I’m a huge fan of Dreamer’s translations and the story, and now referring to the synopsis itself:

Yi Lian traveled from the twenty first century into the body of Murong Qi Qi. When she woke up, she was in a broken house of a nunnery beaten half to death. She is rescued by Mozun, the head of Moyu and adopted as his daughter. There she learned martial arts, poison and medicine. She stayed there for five years. When Longze Jing Tian returned victorious after a battle, her father sent her back to the capital, because of the arranged marriage with Longze Jing Tian. Both she and Longze Jing Tian wants to break the engagement.

After a misunderstanding created by her on purpose, Longze Jing Tian broke off the engagement. When she is free, the emperor made her a princess and wanted her to marry the demon wang (king). Originally, the bride was his most favorite daughter, but it’s rumored that the demon wang is vicious and his eight other brides died on the wedding night. So he made the useless Murong Qi Qi the sacrifice instead, and Murong Qi Qi’s father agreed. The demon wang turned out to not be as rumored and they fell in love with each other.

Almost like an ancient time Cinderella with the twist at the end, there are 30+ delicious chapters for you to munch on already. Dreamer tends to do bursts of chapter releases in a week, so stay tuned for her next wave of release! Her current schedule is two chapters a week and she’s open to sponsored releases at $40 a chapter. Please join me in giving her a hearty welcome!