volaretranslations welcomes Celestial Employee!

It seems that editors wanting to translate their own novel is a trend on volareTL! 😀 I’m extremely happy to welcome Celestial Employee translated by FallenS0ul in collaboration with editor Khuja! You might recognize Fallen as part of Premonition’s editorial team for CEO. Khuja helps with many projects here on volareTL, including GDK at one point. I know many of you read CEO, so please show the same love to Celestial Employee!

Celestial Employee is another novel off the beaten path, characteristic of volareTL’s coterie of novels. Classified as the ‘city’ genre on Qidian, here’s Fallen’s customized synopsis:

A fresh graduate gets accepted into a company. In the company, he meets many weird people and many weird things occur. The novel starts off with the MC on the toilet bowl cursing, then flashing back to a year before where he is first employed and gets to know his unique colleagues.

Fallen’s release schedule is three chapters a week, and he will also accepted sponsored chapters at $50 a chapter. So please join me in a hearty welcome for Celestial Employee!