volaretranslations celebrates milestones!

I’d meant to make a post about this long just about when we reached it, but we’ve ripped right through 5 MILLION VIEWS (all time) a few days ago! 1.5 million of those views came from May onwards alone, so onto bigger and better things in the future. 😀

When I got the harebrained idea to start my own site in mid Dec of 2015, I had no idea what to expect (or what I was doing, thank you Kidyeon for saving my butt then! 😀 ). But now, looking at all the series that I’ve touched in various forms or another, it looks like I’ve released 292 chapters by myself since then, lots of fantastic readers in the form of you guys, one cross world move, several cross country moves, one vacation, two server changes (and many upgrades), and many interviews. I also believe I won’t be the only translator on the site in the future (yesyes, etvo is relaxing her death grip on her novels XD). Woot!

To celebrate this milestone, the site will be getting a slight makeover — starting with a site logo that will be unveiled early next week, as well as some other aesthetic polishing. Stay tuned for the changes, and thank you all so much for the support. I love the hilarity, thought provoking conversations, and sometimes downright EH?! that we banter back and forth in comments. Thank you all dearly!

In the meantime, if you’d like to join the translating team for Age of Lazurite, Tower of Glass or try your own hand at translating a short story — please feel free to reach out!

  • Sorry, not trying to complain, my eyes are just weird. Thanks for being a sweetie about it though!

    • etvolare

      Heh naw, I’ve been thinking about a dark mode for a while too. May take a while though!

  • Why is the site super bright now? I really like GDK, but my eyes can’t stand this.

    • etvolare

      Haha alrighty, our tech guy will be working on a dark mode!

  • caldredge

    Grrr, this is my second time having to typing this thing up, so excuse me if it is missing the eloquence that I felt my original had. I just basically wanted to say that I feel that it is amazing that this site has reached such a milestone. It feels really great for me, because I started reading Great Demon King around the time of its release on gravity tales and though it is known for its boring start I knew that this story would end up being amazing. I may lurk a lot, but I also kinda helped with the new synopsis that you made for GDK if you can remember the community weigh in you did. It just feels so great to know that this site is growing and that GDK is getting more recognition. Keep up the great work so that people like myself can keep lurking.
    That Guy That Was In The OG GDK Community Weigh In And Lurks A Lot
    I looked back to find when the new synopsis was posted and realized it was in Decemeber… I have been reading your translations for over half a year…
    I like your stream, you might want to do it every once in a while, but maybe with some sort of audio, I think the last stream lacked audio.

    • etvolare

      caldredge, I do remember! The revised synopsis is still being rocked everywhere on the site and reddit, so thank you again. 😀

      Thank you for being a supporter from the start, and my gosh it’s been half a year already! Haha hurk! Some changes coming along in the next few weeks, thank you for being along for the ride!

      Will be reviving streams once more — only got internet sorted out last weekend after all. 😀

  • Passionate Supernova

    Plz moar GDK it’s really awesome.

  • krewg1

    Hey there!REALLY CONGRATSZZZZZZ!!!Hope for more views for your site.I was and still am a lurker for most of the time but I am visiting the site since you moved GDK here from Gravity Tales.I still remember the addiction I had for it when it was around chapt 16 and the pure bliss moment when I saw a new chap exactly when I F5’ed.Damm.Anyway,thank you for all your efforts and even if maybe I won’t stay here for the whole length of the novel I really hope you,your team and the site to strive forward,as your work is top notch,timely,professional and FREE most of all,which is a more of a rarity than a troodon driving a car in the sky while listening to …yeah.

  • Insight


  • Ainz-sama

    Congratulations Etvolare and everyone!! The translation quality y’all provide is amazing. The stories y’all provide are amazing. We all appreciate this site.

    ET, I’m coming for you with some chains to make you slave away on GDK. No brakes for you. Waahaaaahaaaahaaaa

    • etvolare

      O_O *IP bans* Problem solved. 😀

      • Ainz-sama

        What? Never!!!!! Don’t be cruel and unusual.

        • etvolare

          Heh. I ain’t in the US right now, nothing about cruel and unusual punishment in my constitution. 😛

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thanks for all the chapters till now and all the chapters to come.
    Also, I can’t login on Opera Mini, Jetpack says my IP has been blocked for potential security violations.

    • etvolare

      Oh my, what on earth? That actually sounds like it may be a Opera Mini thing? You for sure are not blocked on volareTL.

      • Yep. I was thinking it’s because my traffic is routed through the Opera servers or something like that.