volare welcomes Pivot of the Sky!

Happy 2017 everyone! How are your new years going thus far? What better way to round out the first weekend of the new year than with a new novel? 😀

I bring to you RenarDuSud and Pivot of the Sky! I actually became incredibly engrossed in the story when I started reading the first chapter, and was really quite taken in by RenarDuSud’s beautiful translations. He has a real way with words that really speaks to me, and being at least trilingual — English, Chinese, and French, the way he coins some of the names is absolutely beautiful.

Pivot of the Sky (or POTS rather. Alright, where’s the PANS novel? Recruiting PANS! 😛 ) is a novel that seems to be set in ancient Egypt at a glance, but also involves the Mesopotamian and Greek mythologies and even more. This is an epic taking place in another world, and is definitely not your typical fare. Therefore, perfect for the coterie on volare!

From the novel’s own words:

It’s said that god created the world. Then who created god?

Amon stands in front of the ruins of an ancient statue of god, listening to an old man telling the travellers the old legends of God Amun, which this mutilated statue lying in sand was built to honor.

The statue, magnificent as it used to be, has been devastated in the numerous wars in the long history — wars that were started by the people who fought for their belief in him, who knew him but by different names — Amun, Arhat, Messiah, etc.

People today may have forgotten, that there once was a boy called Amon.

Most delicious. 🙂 RenarDuSud will be initially releasing 3x chapters of 3K characters each a week, but as with most translators who start on volare, this schedule is apt to change based on your enthusiasm, so let’s show him some of the volare love!