volare welcomes Adorable Creature Attack!

It’s weekend party time! Come grab your favorite drink and settle in for volare’s latest offering, Adorable Creature Attack! Beauty is Irresistible! written by Ying Lan Meng, translated by Petiepotter, and edited by Xun!

A fluffy read somewhat in the footsteps of DCF, this novel follows the adventures of a modern day psychiatrist who transmigrates into a general’s residence in ancient times. She promptly decides to pack up her things and travel the world! An adventuring story, or is it? In the novel’s own words:

When a modern day psychiatrist transmigrates into a young miss, skilled with literature and martial arts, of a general’s residence in ancient times, how should she fit in? If she won’t, why not just pack up your things and travel the world!

Magic? Monster slaying? Sometimes just showing up to do nothing before leaving~ All of the monsters have long fled already because of all the powerful experts in the party~ However, this party is truly unusual!

Let’s start with that guy next door who’d transmigrated with her. He’s comical, handsome and a homebody, but er, shouldn’t heroes be domineering? Aren’t divine doctors detached and removed? Shouldn’t scholars be gentle and kind? Shouldn’t demon lords be evil and vicious?

But in this squad, we have a devilishly charming Hero, a kind and delicate Divine Healer, a playful and mischievous scholar, and lastly let’s not forget that freaking adorable demon!

I really enjoy reading Petie’s translations as the characters are so full of life and their own voice, making this an immensely fun read. Hop over to this novel when your pity for Long Heng over @ DCF is just off the charts! XD

Lighthearted and engrossing, there are 20 chapters available straight off the bat. Petie will be starting with a schedule of 5x a week and an enhanced one to celebrate the new release. Please join me in a warm welcome for Petie and ACA!

[Special shout out] For Ruze with the idea of the non-plural “attack”! The team was in slight paroxysms of agony trying to come up with a title that sounded nice and was also grammatically correct. 😀 Check out his novel Legend of the Dragon King sometime!

[Edit] Woah there, our announcement post on reddit was triple gilded! Go read ACA everyone!