volare is hiring & follow us on social media!

We’ve mentioned this before, but to throw it out here, volare has a Facebook page! Come follow if you like some behind the scenes random postings or fun interaction. We’ve even held a GDK event last month in which FB users could unlock extra chapters!

And if you like pretty graphics, volare also has an Instagram, sharing pretty pictures and quotes from that “What’s your favorite quote?” post. Not to mention we’ve had a Twitter all along, sharing real time chapter updates! Ruyi is currently keeping up our Tumblr, with mood boards coming soon to this Tumblr near you. 🙂

As volare grows and has even bigger things planned in the future, it’s high past time that I’ve brought in some new folks dedicated to new roles that have come into being! 🙂

It’s getting a little cramped here and so we’re looking at a redesign of the site. But as we web novel fans know, there are many little tweaks and customizations that make life easier when reading online, such as a consistently working dark mode (a big hairy eyeball to our current dark mode), chapter advancement with keyboard keys, etc.

I wanted to try our wonderful community here to see if anyone’s interested, given that us web novel readers are most familiar with these sites. Therefore! volare would like to hire a front end developer who:

Initial Job Details:

  • Spends some time to make tweaks and enhancing functionality to a predefined theme (so no worries on building something from scratch on day one!) that the site will migrate to
  • Is available for ad hoc tweaking and changing features of said theme as usage develops in the future

Job Requirements:

  • Solid understanding of HTML5, CSS, and a sense for website design
  • Professionalism and ability to adhere to deadlines
    • As this is not a full time position, please work when it is convenient for your schedule. However, please do what you say, when you say
    • Please be responsible and don’t silently fade out into the background after taking on the job
  • Sweet communication skills. Etvo’s big on clear and timely communication — no Chinese needed!
  • We take this seriously and are here for the long term, so I hope you are too!


  • Apart from free swag and lots of staff glomps (seriously, we love glomps), you will be paid for your work at reasonable market rates
  • This position might eventually develop into a part-time position depending on your preferences, come join us and be employee number 2! 😀

Please send applications to [email protected], with the title of “Front End Developer Application”, a self introduction and your qualifications, and any relevant portfolio references you care to share.

To cope with all the social media mentioned above (mainly FB and IG), volare is also looking to hire a marketing/social media intern. There’s simply not enough clones of etvo to keep up. 🙂 Plus, etvo’s background is not in marketing. I can whip up a mean Excel model, but look at you in horror if you want me to do anything that involves pretty graphics.

Initial Job Details:

  • Maintain our social media and make relevant posts based on volare happenings — a novel hitting an anniversary? A translator’s birthday? volare’s anniversary? Come one and come all!
  • Continue the “What’s your favorite quote?” idea with pretty graphics. Jazz up our otherwise dense text-filled pages!
  • Coordinate excitement and marketing when we host special vents — ie. Grenn’s quizzes, the GDK free chapter giveaway, etc.
  • What else strikes your fancy? In a way, this is your chance to play in a sandbox with a very responsive audience!

Job Requirements:

  • Professionalism and dedication
    • You are the public face of volare, and we’re in a lot of Chinese and Western media, as well as partnerships with big raw sites!
    • You make your own hours, but please do what you say by when you said
    • Dedication and consistency are so important, please don’t make one post and then disappear during exam season
  • Sweet communication skills. Etvo needs to be able to find you! Not to make you work 24/7, but at least know where she can find you if something comes up
  • Big bonus points if you understand and can translate some Chinese (but not necessarily novel translator level), but this is just a good to have
  • We take this seriously and are here for the long term, and I hope you’re around for a good portion of the ride!


  • Most likely in the form of free swag and glomps, mustn’t forget the glomps!
  • If you’re a student, one heck of a good reference and experience for you when you apply for full time jobs. If you’re not, one heck of an interesting conversation starter. 🙂 But really, this is more of an open ended position and there are many ways in which things can develop!

Please send applications to [email protected], with the title of “Marketing Intern Application”, a self introduction and your qualifications, and any relevant marketing ideas that may have already struck you for volare. Only well written emails will be considered! 🙂