TNC Chapter 385

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Book 8 Chapter 28 One Year (TEASER)

As Old Wang faced his boss, Teng Qingshan, he hesitated slightly before replying, “Boss, I don’t want to talk about this. Please forgive me.”

Based on Old Wang’s expression, Teng Qingshan could tell that this matter was the imperative secret in Old Wang’s heart.

“Since you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you.” Teng Qingshan smiled and said, “However, Old Wang, you have followed me for over half a year. In this time, I could perceive that something has weighed heavily on your mind and that thing has been torturing you. You’ve lived every single day filled with worries because of this! I just want to tell you……”
“Regardless of what trouble and struggles you encountered, you need to confront them! Escaping cannot solve any problem!”

Old Wang’s expression grew more complicated, changing as emotions played out across his face.

“Boss!” Old Wang stared at Teng Qingshan and said, “I have two paths before me now, and I don’t know which path to go down!”

“There’s no need to ask me about this.”

Teng Qingshan focused his eyes on Old Wang as he spoke, “Old Wang, just remember one thing. No matter what path you choose and no matter what you have to do….”
“Just remember….”
“Don’t regret your decisions in the future!”

“Just make the choice that you won’t regret.” With those words, Teng Qingshan patted Old Wang’s shoulder gently and walked away.

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