TNC Chapter 27

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Book 2 Chapter 9: The Clan’s Plan

Nobody dared to speak, they couldn’t even breathe too loudly. All of them stared at this seemingly ordinary kid.

Was it possible that Teng Qingshan, a six year old kid, could lift a stone lock of about one hundred Jin?

Was this even possible?

Was he deliberately showing off, or was he really this strong?

“Qingshan!” Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan were nervously staring at their son.

“Hu!” Teng Qingshan took a deep breath, and stared at the stone lock. This stone lock was often used by the clan members for practice every day, and it weighed precisely one hundred Jin. So they brought it here and used it in the test just for the sake of convenience.

Teng Qingshan stretched out his small hands and grabbed the two sides of the stone lock.

A kid that barely reached an adult’s waist wanted to lift an one hundred Jin stone? This scene made everyone feel quite odd.

‘Ha~~’ Teng Qingshan made a sound while he exhaled.

His arms exerted force and incredible strength instantly burst out of those thin, small arms, lifting the stone up!


The one hundred Jin stone lock was lifted up to his chest in the blink of an eye.

“This…” Every member of Teng Village, from the Chief to the ordinary kids, were staring at the ordinary child with widened eyes as they felt extremely nervous. Could Teng Qingshan lift the stone over his head?

With a sharp exhalation, Teng Qingshan used his strength again and lifted the stone lock over his head in one breath.

The entire training field was dead silent as everyone stared at this scene of a young child lifting a one hundred Jin stone lock above his head. Everyone felt stunned and confused, and it took a long while before someone finally came to their senses.

“Good job!” A big shout rang out.

“One hundred Jin! Haha! This kid, Qingshan, is so splendid!”

“Qingshan! He succeeded!”


Immediately, applause and praise resounded in the surroundings. Every clan member was extremely excited as the history of the Teng Clan was finally rewritten. A person who was able to lift a one hundred Jin stone lock at the age of only six years old would have to be extraordinarily strong. Being able to possess such strength at the age of six, then what degree of power would this child reach when he grew up?

Lifting the stone lock, Teng Qingshan’s legs showed no signs of trembling while his arms were lifting it steadily and powerfully.

“This… is not Qingshan’s limit,” Teng Yunlong and many other people were involuntarily shocked.

When someone lifted a heavy thing to their limits, their arms and legs would shiver involuntarily.


The stone fell and crashed onto the ground, Teng Qingshan withdrew his hands and looked at his parents with a smile.

“Fan, your son is impressive!”

“Lan, your son, Qingshan, will definitely…… be stronger than your husband.”

Many clan members surrounded Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan. The couple, Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan were smiling brilliantly as their faces were flushed with excitement. With a son like this, what more could a father ask for? Teng Yongfan’s eyes flashed with excitement and pride as he stared at Teng Qingshan, who was standing in the center of the training field.

“Haha… my good grandson! Haha……” Teng Yunlong picked Teng Qingshan up excitedly and laughed, ”I never thought I would have such an amazing grandson at such an old age. Haha….. I can die with no regrets now. Haha…”

Teng Yunlong was extremely excited.

If Teng Qingshan possessed such strength, it would benefit the entire clan.

“Qingshan!” Many unfamiliar uncles, aunts, and other members surrounded Teng Qingshan while praising and petting his little head lovingly.

According to the rituals, a ceremony that attracted more attention would happen after the test for the six year olds. However, because Teng Qingshan amazed everyone with his splendid ability, the Six Year Old Ceremony paled in comparison…. and the couple, Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan, became the most dazzling stars of the entire Teng Clan.

Almost everyone was surrounding the couple since Teng Qingshan made an excuse saying that he was too tired and went home.

At Teng Qingshan’s home.

“Brother, you were amazing!” Qingyu said and jumped excitedly in the living room, ”It was such a big stone and you could lift it up in one breath.”

A one hundred Jin stone was not really that big, but for a three year old girl, it truly was a big stone.

Seeing this, Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but smile.

“Showing a little of my ability today seemed to be a good thing,” Teng Qingshan said in his mind. Because Teng Qingshan experienced too much wickedness, he wouldn’t reveal his strength easily. Even in the hitman organization, Red, Teng Qingshan had not revealed his entire ability.

Due to that, he escaped death many times.

As for today, although Teng Qingshan was only six years old this year, he had trained assiduously for three years. He especially used the inner strength to strengthen his bones and muscles. Although he was only six years old, his bones and muscles were simply far stronger than his older cousin, Teng Qinghu, when he was nine years old. His cousin could only lift a three hundred Jin stone at the age of nine.

At the moment, Teng Qingshan could lift three hundred Jin easily by just relying on the strength of his muscles.

This didn’t include the circumstances of using the inner strength. Since inner strength was the same in everyone, there wasn’t any difference between the inner strength of a kid and an adult! Once the inner strength was used, Teng Qingshan could burst forth with terrifying strength.

“Hmm?..” Teng Qingshan’s ears twitched slightly.

Then he heard the creaking sound of the courtyard door, and Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan were seen walking in. At the moment, Teng Yongfan’s face was reddened all over, and he was wobbling as he walked. From afar, Teng Qingshan smelled the strong fumes of wine and remarked, “The wine in the village has lower alcohol content than the wine in modern society. How much liquor did Father drink to be as drunk as this!”

In ancient society, the wine brewing process was not as good as modern society.

Even if you drank an entire jar of wine, most people wouldn’t get drunk.

Teng Yongfan was good at drinking, so Teng Qingshan had never seen his father get drunk in these few years.

“Haha, Qingshan, come here,my son!” Teng Yongfan picked up Teng Qingshan when he saw him, “My son, I am so happy today…. Haha… I, Teng Yongfan, also have such an amazing son! When your reputation spreads far, let them know your father’s name was Teng Yongfan. Haha…..”

Teng Yongfan talked until he couldn’t control his tongue anymore.

“Ok, Fan, have a seat.” Yuan Lan led Teng Yongfan to sit down.

“Mother, how much did Father drink?” Teng Qingshan instinctively asked.

“Qingshan, everyone toasted to your dad in the banquet, and your dad was so happy that he didn’t know how to keep any control. So he kept on drinking…” As Yuan Lan was explaining this, Teng Yongfan stood up and dashed into the yard in only two or three steps. At the corner of the courtyard, he bent over and started to vomit.

Throwing up from too much drinking… Teng Yongfan really drank too much today.

There was a water tank in the courtyard corner, so Teng Yongfan snatched up a pan, then he scooped up some cold water to pour on his face.

“Phew! I feel much better!” Teng Yongfan straightened up his body

“Please don’t drink like this in the future,” Yuan Lan said affectionately

“Haha, only this once. My son is so splendid. As his dad, I feel so proud,” Teng Yongfan vomited and washed his face with cold water. It was obvious that he was feeling a lot better now.

Just then, the sound of a knock rang at the door.


“Yongfan, open the door.” A voice from outside came trailing in.

“It’s Teacher,” Teng Yongfan walked towards the door and opened the latch directly, and saw that five or six people stood outside the courtyard. The one in lead was the Chief, Teng Yunlong. The moment Teng Yongfan saw him, he immediately said, “Teacher, Uncle, please come in!” With this, he led the few people into the living room.

There were a total of six people who came.

Among these six people, besides Teng Yongxiang, and Teng Yonglei who belonged to the same generation as Teng Yongfan, the other four people were elders in the village who held great prestige.

“Qingshan, come here quickly!” Teng Yongfan said.

Teng Qingshan came up and said, “Grandfather, First Grandpa, Second Grandpa, Third Grandpa, Eldest Uncle and Uncle!” Because the Teng Clan had too many people, although the few old men who came were all Teng Qingshan’s elders, only Third Grandpa was a blood-related brother of Teng Qingshan’s grandpa. The other two ‘Grandpas’ were the paternal cousins of Teng Qingshan’s grandpa.

As for Teng Qingshan’s real grandpa, he had been killed when he fought against bandits, while his grandma also became seriously ill and died soon after.

“Qingshan!” The eyes of Teng Yunlong and the other elders glowed as they stared at Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan was their hope for the future of Teng Jia Village.

Teng Yunlong turned to Teng Yongfan and said, “Yongfan, I have discussed with your uncles. This kid, Qingshan, has a bright future. If he stays in our village, we can only improve his physical strength, which would limit his future. How about our village gives you five hundred silver taels to send him to Gui Yuan Sect and see if Teng Qingshan can generate inner strength?”

There were two ways to join Gui Yuan Sect.

The first way was for kids under the age of ten. By paying five hundred silver taels, they could stay in Gui Yuan Sect for one year, and if they could cultivate inner strength in that year, they would become a Gui Yuan Sect disciple. If not, they would be kicked out of the sect.

The second way was for adults. By proving their strength, they could join the Black Armor Army.

“Join the Gui Yuan Sect?” Hearing the chief’s words, Teng Yongfan immediately sobered up.

“Qingshan is only six years old,” Yuan Lan said reluctantly, “Father, I can’t bear for Qingshan to…..”

“Humph,” Teng Yunlong snorted coldly and said in a deep tone, ”A loving mother will lead to a useless son. Qingshan has a bright future, and he is so talented. Who can teach him in our village? Should we teach him the spear techniques created by our clan? It’s just a waste of his talent.”

Indeed, the Teng clan couldn’t afford to send all the kids to join the Gui Yuan Sect.

However, since Teng Qingshan was so talented, they were still willing to pay five hundred silver taels for him to join.

After being scolded by her father, Teng Yunlong, Yuan Lan didn’t dare to speak again.

“You are right, Teacher. Our level of skill does waste Qingshan’s talent,” Tong Yongfan was indeed the strongest man in the village, therefore he could more easily see the bigger picture. He nodded and said, “However, Qingshan is only six years old. Isn’t it too early to send him to the Gui Yuan Sect? Wasn’t the age requirement of Gui Yuan Sect below ten years old? We can still wait two years.”

A silver haired old man with a small sarcoma on his forehead said in a low-pitched voice, “You fool! Yongfan, haven’t you heard that the earlier one starts training inner strength, the better!

After all, Teng Yongfan and Yuan Lan were parents; they couldn’t bear for their son to leave so early.

Teng Yongfan stared at his wife and finally gritted his teeth as he said with a nod, ”Alright then, just let Qingshan…”

“Grandfather, Father!” Teng Qingshan, who was at the side, interrupted suddenly, ”I don’t want to go to Gui Yuan Sect.”

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