TNC Chapter 16

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Book 1 Chapter 16: Convergence of Every Party

“Congratulations on obtaining freedom! Haha!” Teng Qingshan said with a faint smile.

Lin Qing stared at Teng Qingshan. She was a girl from an impoverished family, who had relied on her own personal efforts to earn money little-by-little, finally reaching the current point. Naturally, Lin Qing had seen many different people until now and felt that Teng Qingshan had always been keeping people at a distance, and had never treated her as a close friend.

“Teng Qingshan.” Lin Qing hesitated, but still gathered her courage as she inquired, “I want to ask you something. If I court you, will you accept me and my feelings?”

It required the utmost courage for a woman to ask something of this sort.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot accept your feelings.” Teng Qingshan didn’t hesitate to reject Lin Qing in the least.

Lin Qing’s complexion turned slightly pale, and mockingly laughed at herself, “Do you dislike this dirty body?”

“That’s not it,” Teng Qingshan denied.

Teng Qingshan shook his head, “I’m currently unable to accept any other woman besides my wife in my heart.”

Lin Qing tried to squeeze out a faint smile on her face.

“Lin Qing, you should head back now.” Teng Qingshan suddenly said.

Lin Qing was startled seeing that Teng Qingshan’s attention was focused on a dark place in the distance. Was someone over there? Lin Qing doubtfully followed his gaze. Amidst the vague surroundings, two human figures were gradually drawing near. Under the illumination of the street light’s radiance, Lin Qing somehow managed to clearly see the appearance of the two.

They were obviously from a South Asian country.

One of them was wearing a loose, white undershirt and baggy, white pants, he had also put up his all-natural curls in a ponytail. He looked friendly, his pair of eyes had a jade-like glow.

The other person was close to two meters in height, his bald head reflecting some rays of light under the illumination of the street lights. His eyes were shining with a gloomy, cold and ferocious gaze, almost like a python’s, terrifying anyone who looked at him. These two people were actually two of the three most powerful people from the world’s strongest organization, the ‘God Kingdom’, Vishnu and Shiva!

“Ah!” Lin Qing was so scared that her heart almost burst out of her chest.

“It seems that the Hand of Darkness’ efficiency is very mediocre. You were only able to find me just now, even after taking so long.” Teng Qingshan spoke in Chinese.

“Found… you… now… you… will… die!” The curly-haired Indian man in white clothes said with pauses in between his words. It was obvious that his Chinese wasn’t that good.

“Die?” Lin Qing was truly frightened. She quickly looked at Teng Qingshan and said in a low voice, “Teng Qingshan, we should report this to the police.”

Although she had kept her voice really low, the two giants from God Kingdom, who were thirty meters away from them, clearly heard what she just said. The person in white clothes, Vishnu, revealed a faint smile on his face. ‘Shiva’ didn’t even understand Chinese in the first place.


Was it even possible for the mundane police to meddle in the fierce battle between three of the strongest people in the world?

“Lin Qing, you should go back.” Teng Qingshan said as his figure suddenly moved.

“Haha, you want to kill me? Then don’t hesitate to come after me.”

All of a sudden, Teng Qingshan fled inside the darkness beside Moon Lake.

“You want to run away?” The bald man, ‘Shiva’, let out a roar, as he rapidly chased after Teng Qingshan like a lightning bolt. As for the man in white clothes, ‘Vishnu,’ he smirked, and pursued Teng Qingshan in a relaxed manner; seemingly as if he was taking a leisurely walk. Strangely however, he travelled four to five meters with every step he took.

Lin Qing dumbfoundedly looked at this whole scene.

The speed of Teng Qingshan and the two others completely stupefied her.

“Oh no, they want to kill Teng Qingshan!” Lin Qing thought as her heart started beating erratically.

Her concern for him threw her mind into disorder.

Even though Teng Qingshan didn’t make her report it to the police, Lin Qing was taught from a young age to report to the police in the event of encountering a dangerous situation, and chose to report to the police.

Ever since the time Qin Hong discovered Lin Qing and Teng Qingshan meeting in the Willow Tea House, the Special Operations Organization had assigned some people to follow Lin Qing at all times. At this time, behind a rock not too far away from the front of Moon Lake, a short-haired woman took out her phone, “Chief Yang, two Indians have suddenly appeared. They must be the two giants, Vishnu and Shiva. Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives has started fleeing from them, the two giants are chasing him right now.”


Yangzhou city, old city sector. In an ordinary courtyard, there were up to twenty people gathered.

“At this moment, the two big shots from God Kingdom organization have already begun the battle with Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives at Moon Lake. The situation is quite serious right now and we should get going.” After he finished speaking, he immediately dialed a phone number, “Director Liu, it’s me. Did someone just now report to the police about some Indian people trying to kill a person at Moon Lake? All right, we’ll take charge of this matter. You don’t need to meddle in this.”

If normal people were involved in this big battle, it would only make things difficult for them.

“Little Jun and all of you who are going to stay here, I ask you to take care of your sister-in-law. After all, no one can tell when Shen Yangming will make his appearance.” While putting on a bulletproof vest and equipping himself with other necessary things, he entrusted the task to his subordinates.

There were sixteen people who were setting off this time, and were known as the most outstanding elite members of the Special Operations Organizations within the Jiangsu province. As the supervisor of a team, Qin Hong was also chosen as one of them.

“Don’t worry, Brother Qin.” All of the people that were going to stay in the general headquarters immediately responded.

At this time, Li Ran, who was with his child, also came out of the house. Qin Hong hastily said to her, “Li Ran, you should rest well. We’ll be back very soon.”

“You take care of yourself,” Li Ran was also a member of the organization. She knew very well about the dangers of such an operation.

“Don’t worry,” Qin Hong comforted her.

“Let’s set out now,” Yang Yun issued his order.

“Hurry up, Qin Hong.” As the people had already rushed out of the house, Qin Hong didn’t dare hesitate either and quickly followed the other members. Riding in four black Jettas they hurried over to the western area of the city where Moon Lake was located.

Inside the courtyard, Li Ran couldn’t help but show a little concern on her face.

“Elder Sister Ran, you need to be more careful. Don’t stand outside and quickly go inside the house. Have you forgotten the call that you received a few days ago?” The other members in the general headquarters immediately ran over to her.

“I know,” Li Ran said as she thought back to the time when they received the call.

She was present beside the phone at that time, and had clearly heard the contents of the call. The one who called them warned Qin Hong that Northeast’s ‘Shen Yangming’ wanted to kill him, and had asked ‘Li Mingshan’ to assist him in his kill. Li Mingshan had then hired a runaway , ‘Chu Tian,’ who had rented a room in the Old city sector to do the job.

After receiving the call, they had discovered Chu Tian’s corpse. Then early this morning they came to discover that Li Mingshan’s corpse had been found inside a secret place of his study.

That’s when Qin Hong and others were sure that Shen Yangming truly wanted to kill him.

Since Qin Hong had indeed killed Shen Yangming’s Elder Brother, ‘Wang Qing,’ it truly did make sense for Shen Yangming to be out for revenge. Therefore, Qin Hong moved his wife to the general headquarters just to be safe.

“Just who was it that called us? And why would he help us?” Both Li Ran and Qin Hong were puzzled over this mystery, as the caller didn’t even mention his name.

Of course, it was Teng Qingshan who made the call. As Shen Yangming wanted to kill his younger brother, it was natural to not allow him to live any more. So Teng Qingshan asked ‘Elena’ to assist him in investigating Shen Yangming’s whereabouts in order to deal with him as soon as possible.

However, to investigate a person’s whereabouts also required some time, so Teng Qingshan had quietly waited in Yangzhou city for Elena’s information.

But before he could get the information, the two giants from the God Kingdom organization had already come in search of him.

Shen Yangming and his three subordinates were staying inside a rented room in the Old city sector.

“Oh, that Qin Hong left his shitty nest? And he’s heading towards the western area of the city?” Shen Yangming was talking over phone with a representative of the ‘Hand of Darkness’ organization, “Alright, I’ll immediately set off. I’ll stay in contact with you.”

When Shen Yangming arrived in the city at nightfall, he found out from the ‘Hand of Darkness’ organization that Qin Hong was actually hiding in the general headquarters of Special Operations Organization.

So he could only slowly wait for the right time. He never thought that Qin Hong would so soon come out of his hiding.

“Are you ready, guys?” We’ve but one objective, and that is to kill Qin Hong!

Shen Yangming seemed like a ferocious wolf as his gaze swept past the three people beside him.

“We’re all prepared, Elder Brother.” The three people that chose to come here with Shen Yangming were also fugitives.

“Pick up your guns!”

Each of them properly concealed their gun and left the rented room, heading towards a Passat parked outside the house. As all of them got into the car, they immediately hurried over to the western area of the city.

After driving for short period of time…

“Shen Yangming, Qin Hong’s group has reached Moon Lake in the western sector of the city. Right now, Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives and two giants from God Kingdom are also there. That place is very dangerous, and I think it’d be best for you to not go there.” The voice of a member of the Hand of Darkness organization came through the phone.


This information scared the hell out of Shen Yangming.

Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives, and two giants of God Kingdom? These three people were the kind of existences that he was bound to look up at.

“Thanks brother, but it’s hard to come by such an opportunity again. I’ll take revenge for my Elder Brother no matter what the cost!” Shen Yangming at once ordered his subordinate driver, “Hurry up. We need to get to the western sector of the city as quickly as possible.” The navigation map loaded on the car was indicating the accurate route towards Moon Lake. Shen Yangming’s group continuously overtook other vehicles as they hurried over to Moon Lake with utmost speed.


Moon Lake became the convergence site of every side.

Teng Qingshan ran straight to a barren land which was around eight hundred meters away from Moon lakefront. The two super-class experts also chased him to this place.

“Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives, are you only going to run away?” The angry ‘Shiva’ questioned him in fluent English.

“It’s almost impossible to deal with both of them at the same time. Only after making them lower their guard and become careless, can I even think about making my move.” While running away, Teng Qingshan rapidly thought of a battle plan. Teng Qingshan, who was running at an extreme speed, suddenly turned around, and swiftly threw a throwing knife.

In the midst of the darkness, a frosty sparkle of light rapidly shot towards Shiva’s throat.

It was so fast that it didn’t even give Shiva enough time to use his hands to block it.

Suddenly, Shiva’s head twisted in a strange manner, and his neck seemed to have thickened lengthened horizontally towards a side. In this way, he easily evaded the throwing knife.

As a ‘Mahasiddha’ who had reached the siddhi of perfection in the Ancient Yoga technique, Shiva’s head could easily turn three-hundred and sixty degrees. His muscles, bones and flesh were trained and toughened to an inconceivable extent.

(TL:Mahasiddha is a term for someone who embodies and cultivates the “siddhi of perfection”. They are a certain type of yogin/yogini recognized in Vajrayana Buddhism.)


A sharp whistling sound rang out.

Teng Qingshan had already gotten close to him and his fist shot towards the other person as fast as lightning. A grin appeared on the face of the baldheaded ‘Shiva’ and his fist banged forward like an artillery shell.


Teng Qingshan’s whole body suddenly shook as he continuously retreated several steps backward.

“Elder Brother, this guy’s strength isn’t bad. Haha… You just watch from the side.” Shiva seemed to be very excited. Amongst the three supreme gods in Indian traditional stories, ‘Shiva’ was the god of extermination and destruction. The fact that this baldheaded man could obtain the title of ‘Shiva’ in itself revealed a little bit of information about him…

This person, was extremely warlike!

The person in white clothes, ‘Vishnu’, silently watched the whole thing while standing at a side. Maybe he was planning to suddenly make his move at the right time.

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