TNC Chapter 10

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Book 1 Chapter 10 Smiling At Me

Even after learning that the number one hitman organization of the world, God Kingdom, send two of their three giants to China to kill him, Teng Qingshan still did not feel the slightest bit of tension and was only looking forward to it! After reaching the Grandmaster Realm and practicing the “Godly Tiger Form Technique”, he had increased his power by tenfold compared to the past.

If he was to battle Sun Ze and Dolgoterov again in his current state, he would be able to kill them with the mere wave of his hand.

A Grandmaster always lived a lonely life, it was incredibly difficult for them to find evenly matched opponents.

“The legend is that the three giants are invincible? I will destroy this legend.”

As soon as morning arrived, Teng Qingshan left his residence and called a taxi.

After entering the car, he told the taxi driver, “Go to the old town’s Willow Tea House. Do you know it?”

The driver smiled and said: “Of course I know it. I have spent over ten years here in Yangzhou. An old place like the Willow Tea House, how could I not know it? Rest assured, we will arrive there in ten minutes!”

Sure enough, after ten minutes, Teng Qingshan arrived in front of the Willow Tea House.

A white Audi sports car drove through the street of the old town and Lin Qing sat in the passenger seat.

“Hey, sister Lin. Did you meet with Teng Qingshan in these past few days?” The driver, Xiao Min, asked.

Lin Qing shook her head: “It has already being more than a month and there has been no news from him at all. Forget it, I do not want to give him any trouble either. Let’s just pretend it was all a dream.” Lin Qing showed a self-mocking smile, “I only have power in a dream.” Suddenly, her cell phone began buzzing and she took the phone out of her pocket.

“Hello.” The moment Lin Qing opened her mouth, her face color slightly changed. “Tonight? Alright, see you at the usual place.” After hanging up her phone, her face turned ashen.

Xiao Min took a secret glance at her and whispered, “Was it Li Mingshan?”

“Except him, who else could it be?” Lin’s eyes manifested a hint of hatred.

“It would be good if he were to die.” Xiao Min was obviously frustrated as well.

“Hmph, I wish he would die, but vermin like him always have a long life. Okay, Min, stop in front of the Willow Tea House and let me out.” Lin Qing said when they were not far from the Willow Tea House. When the car slowly stopped, Lin Qing got off while Xiao Min drove away.

The Willow Tea House possessed a unique ancient configuration, where the waiters were dressed in traditional attire. This ancient atmosphere could be thoroughly felt inside.

However, Lin Qing did not appreciate this kind of ambience, she only came here because it gave her a peace of mind.

Out of habit, she went straight to the second floor, as her eyes swept over the area Lin Qing’s demoralized eyes suddenly lit up. She was so surprised that she suddenly became short of breath. Taking two steps forward she exclaimed, “Teng Qingshan!”

“Lin Qing?” Teng Qingshan, who was leisurely sipping tea, could not help but show a smile.

Lin Qing sat down opposite Teng Qingshan, she was both surprised and a bit puzzled, “What important matters were you attending to for these past few days? I have not seen you come here for several days.” This sentence revealed a fact, Lin Qing came to the Willow Tea House every day, the purpose for her visits went without saying.

“I was busy with something.” Teng Qingshan casually replied.

“Lin Qing, is it okay to be so carefree every day?” Teng Qingshan asked back.

Lin Qing smiled and replied, “Company matters are very simple, and my employees can normally take care of everything themselves. If they encounter something big, they will find me. By the way, Teng Qingshan, you were in An Yi country before, and now you’re in Yangzhou city. If you never go home, won’t your wife be worried and ask you to come back?”

“Home?” Teng Qingshan’s weak spot got touched.

Do I have a home?

As a child, his home was the orphanage where he lived with Headmaster Grandma and his brother, Qing He. Afterwards, he became a hitman and everywhere he went with Cat was his home.

What about now?

Does he still have a home?

Unconsciously, Teng Qingshan touched the small cauldron he wore on his chest. It was a memento from his late wife Cat.

“Teng Qingshan?” Seeing him in a daze, Lin Qing couldn’t help but call him out.

Teng Qingshan lifted his head and gave her a look, “My wife, she died.”

“Died?” Lin Qing’s eyes widened.

Being so young and having a wife was something very surprising by itself, moreover, hearing that his wife died was something even more incredible.

“Don’t ask further.” Teng Qingshan frowned.

Lin Qing understood the ways of the world and knew from the fact that his wife died young, combined with his amazing skills, that Qingshan certainly had a lot of secrets. “Teng Qingshan, are you familiar with Yangzhou City? Have you been to West Shou Lake or Ge Yuan?” Lin Qing hurriedly changed the topic.

Thus, both Teng Qingshan and Lin Qing casually chatted. However, Teng Qingshan mostly focused his attention on his brother, Qing He’s home. He occasionally glanced at it and always noticed whenever someone passed through the door of his brother’s home.

At around ten thirty in the morning, a black Audi A6 suddenly stopped in front of Qing He’s front door and a man with a large build got out of the car. From the looks of it, he was about one meter, ninety tall. From the other side of that car, a woman wearing a maternity dress with a big belly emerged from the car.

“Qing He!” Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but yell in excitement.

“It’s Qing He!” Teng Qingshan received some information about his brother and knew what he looked like. Moreover, Qing He’s and his own face both shared some similarities. The most important thing…. The link between blood brothers gave Teng Qingshan a warm feeling after only one glance.

“That should be Qing He’s wife, Li Ran.” Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but reveal a trace of smile on his face.

Seeing his loving brother with his wife, Teng Qingshan couldn’t help but feel extremely happy in his heart.

“Little Ran, let me carry the luggage. You are pregnant now, don’t touch anything.” While talking, Qing He opened the trunk and removed two big suitcases.

“I’m fine.” Li Ran touched her belly, while putting on a big smile on her face.

Qing He had the habit of taking a look at the opposite building, but this time he noticed that on the second floor of “Willow Tea House,” sitting near the window, there was a man staring at him. Seeing that guy’s appearance was incredibly shocking, like receiving bucket of ice water poured over his body.


“Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives!” Qin Hong was so frightened that his heart started to twitch.

Although Qin Hong received the news a month ago, the elites had already been on alert for a long time and could not find the trail of the Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives, nor the trail of the two giants from ‘God Kingdom’. That is why Qin Hong had relaxed a bit in his mind while thinking that Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives had left Yangzhou.

He’s still here. Qin Hong immediately calmed himself.

Exactly at that time, Qin Hong suddenly discovered to his shock that Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives nodded and smiled at him.

Qin Hong also pretended to act natural and smiling back at Teng Qingshan.

“Let’s go inside.” Qin Hong didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately took his wife into the house.

On the second floor of the Tea House, Teng Qingshan’s mood was extremely good and he could not help but laugh from ear to ear.

“Qing He, I finally I saw my brother Qing He! Haha, I did not think that my sister-in-law was pregnant. Such good news….” His brother Qing He was his only relative. After not seeing him for twenty-two years, he did not think that he would live such a happy life.

Teng Qingshan was ecstatic!

“Brother, now that I know you are leading a happy life, I no longer have anything to worry about.” Teng Qingshan felt an indescribable happiness in his heart after finally completing a twenty-two years old wish.

He did not intend to make contact with his brother Qin Hong, nor did he intend to let his brother recognize him.

The reason….

He did not want Qing He to know that this brother existed. After all, Teng Qingshan had a lot of enemies, such as the Redmayne family! After spending many years as a hitman, he had made countless enemies. Although Qing He was a member of the national Special Operations Organization, the circle that Teng Qingshan was involved in was the peak of human society.

Teng Qingshan’s enemies were like sand on the beach, and once these enemies discovered that Qing He was his brother, they could easily kill him out of spite.

“Qing He.” Teng Qingshan looked at his brother’s house and silently gave him his blessing.

After going into their bedroom, Li Ran was about to open the curtains and window.

“Don’t open the curtains.” Qin Hong finally let out a sigh of relief.

“What happened.” Li Ran finally noticed that something was amiss.

“I just saw Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives on the second floor of the Willow Tea House!” Qin Hong whispered.

Hearing this, Li Ran was also extremely startled. While she was the wife of Qin Hong, she was at the same time also a member of the Special Operations Organization; therefore she knew many secrets.

“Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives? Did you just say that Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives is across the road?” Li Ran did not see Teng Qingshan a moment ago.

Qin Hong nodded and replied in a deep voice, “It’s alright, Little Ran, someone as terrifying as Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives is not someone we can deal with.” Qin Hong took the phone and dialed a number: “Hello, brother Yang, it’s me. I spotted Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives. That’s right, he is sitting in a tea house not far from my house.”

“I know, I won’t do anything reckless. I will wait until you arrange everything. Yes, understood!”

Qin Hong suddenly hung up.

“What did Brother Yang say?” Li Rang inquired.

Qin Hong helplessly smiled. “What else could he say? Brother Yang told us not to do anything and that he will send some people… there is no other way, Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives is too strong. People like him can casually travel around and drink tea in a tea house while knowing that they are pursued, why?”

“Because they are fearless.”

Qin Hong suddenly frowned, “Little Ran, I suddenly just remembered that Lone Wolf of the Flying Knives smiled at me.”

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