SS Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Heaven Grade Cultivation Technique

The level of the cultivation techniques and martial skills of the third floor really couldn’t be compared to the lower two floors. There weren’t any more lower Huang grade items here. The lowest was at least middle Huang grade.

However, it was a pity. Lu Xuan continued to skim through a few books, but didn’t see any upper Huang grade items. It seemed like the upper Huang grade ancient books and records were an extremely scarce item, even for the Wind Sword Sect.

It wasn’t that there definitely weren’t any, but that they wouldn’t be easily brought out. For that kind of level of cultivation technique or martial skill, eight or nine out of ten of them were over on the core disciples side, after all, only the core disciples were the Wind Sword Sect’s most important talents.

Lu Xuan didn’t lack for a cultivation technique. The Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic could help him cultivate up to body refining tenth level. At the present, that was entirely enough, however, that didn’t prevent him from examining these middle Huang grade cultivation techniques to see just how powerful they were.

Although he had been using the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic to cultivate the entire time and could feel that it was strong, what made Lu Xuan curious was that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic didn’t have any indication at all what level of cultivation technique it was. Using these middle Huang grade abilities as reference, maybe he could make a guess or two.

Picking up a middle Huang grade cultivation technique at random, Lu Xuan skipped over the front introduction section, flipping directly to look at the back, he wanted to see the meridian path. Looking at it, Lu Xuan immediately couldn’t help but be shocked.

This cultivation technique’s meridian path actually only circulated through three meridians while the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic used twenty-six!

That was almost ten times as much!

Although he had long since thought that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s level was probably extraordinary, he hadn’t thought that it would actually be that strong.

Lu Xuan hurriedly flipped through few more similar middle Huang grade cultivation techniques. The meridian paths all only had three each.

Determining that he hadn’t seen incorrectly, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but lick his lips, a bit excited. Middle Huang grade cultivation techniques only had three meridians, then what step did the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic which used twenty-six meridians reach?

Upper Huang grade? It definitely wasn’t only that!

Xuan grade cultivation technique? Probably still not only that…

Lu Xuan faintly guessed that the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was an at least Earth level or higher cultivation technique.

Cultivation techniques and martial skills followed the Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang grade divisions, and were divided again into upper, middle, and lower grades. Looking at the Wind Sword Sect’s Martial Skill Pavilion, one would know, there wasn’t even a single upper Huang grade cultivation technique, indicating that for the Wind Sword Sect, upper Huang grade items were scarce.

As for Xuan grade cultivation techniques, even if there were any, then they would at most be lower Xuan grade, and also, most likely, that level of treasure was located somewhere else in the sect. As for Earth grade cultivation techniques, without mentioning the Wind Sword Sect, which was a third tier sect, probably even a fourth grade sect above the Wind Sword Sect wouldn’t have one.

Thinking that he very likely was using a Earth grade or higher cultivation technique, Lu Xuan’s heart couldn’t help but begin to pound. No wonder his cultivation speed was far greater than others, it was actually because he was carrying such a big treasure!

Moreover, it being an Earth grade cultivation technique was just Lu Xuan’s guess. Perhaps there was still a tiny chance that it was a Heaven grade cultivation technique. Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but be scared of his own thought process. Heaven grade cultivation technique, that was the apex of cultivation techniques!

The only regret he had, was that right now, the part of the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic that he could use was only a body refining stage cultivation technique. Who knew if there was there were any follow-up cultivation techniques in that mysterious sword crystal…

As Lu Xuan was standing in front of the bookshelf thinking wildly, his face revealed an expression of ecstasy, and after a while he came back to his senses.

His expressions as well as his actions of quickly flipping through the ancient books and records naturally did not go unnoticed by the older students who were watching him. Even the seemingly unconcerned Lin Tian glanced at Lu Xuan, his eyes revealing a trace of disdain. It was easy to tell that he was a bumpkin that hadn’t seen the world, getting all excited just from seeing a few cultivation techniques.

They naturally didn’t know that Lu Xuan was excited about how strong the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was. From their perspective, Lu Xuan was obviously shocked from seeing so many “powerful” cultivation techniques.

Restraining the impatience in his heart, Lu Xuan took a deep breath, slowly calming down, putting the cultivation technique back onto the bookshelf. He then walked towards a different bookshelf. The bookshelf just now was all cultivation techniques. Lu Xuan didn’t need one. With the powerful Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, even if the entire Wind Sword Sect’s cultivation techniques were all displayed before him, he wouldn’t be moved at all.

And now Lu Xuan walked towards the bookshelf that held the martial skills. This was his true goal this with this visit.

Previously when participating in the assessment in the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan had recognized the importance of movement martial skills. Because he didn’t have a movement martial skill, facing enemies whose speeds were faster than his, he was entirely unable to dodge and could only use force to resist or kill the enemy in a second using the Blinking Sword Skill.

But with this method, the consumption of soul force was large, greatly reducing his ability to sustain combat. If he had had a movement martial skill during the assessment, Lu Xuan absolutely would have been able to go further. For that reason, now he had an incomparable desire for a movement martial skill.

Other than movement martial skills, he also needed a sword skill. Right now he only had two sword skills, the Thunder Light Sword Skill and the Blinking Sword Skill.

However, both of the sword skills had flaws. Although the Blinking Sword Skill was powerful, its consumption of soul force was enormous. When he was killing, he wasn’t willing to use very much.

And the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s power couldn’t only be considered as average. It was enough to take care of average martial artists, but it wasn’t enough to fight above his level. Although the power displayed towards the end wasn’t bad, it required the accumulation move by move. During a fight, one wouldn’t necessarily get enough time for that.

When selecting his martial skill, Lu Xuan didn’t dare to slack off, checking book by book.

“Afterimage Method, middle Huang grade martial skill. After successful cultivation, speed greatly increases, at most can materialize three afterimages.”

“Shadow Step, middle Huang grade martial skill, able to use soul force to change the surrounding light, increasing your concealment.”

“Devil Subduing Sword Tactic, middle Huang grade martial skill, …”

Other than selecting a movement martial skill, Lu Xuan also did not omit those sword skill martial skills. Every time he found a copy, he examined it very thoroughly. Perhaps he was aiming too high. After continuously looking through many books, Lu Xuan was a bit unsatisfied, however, he didn’t reveal any expressions of impatience. Finding a suitable martial skill for himself was the most important thing.

However, after almost flipped through all of the bookshelf, there was still no book that entered his eyes.

Finally, on the very bottom layer, Lu Xuan found a movement martial skill that he was satisfied with.

“Rushing Thunder Flash, middle Huang grade martial skill, as fast as rushing thunder, as quick as lightning. Can be used for rapid small range movements, such as suddenly dodging incoming attacks.

I choose you! Lu Xuan sighed, making his decision. Rushing Thunder Flash wasn’t suitable for long range movements, but in a fight, it would be extremely useful no matter if it was for dodging an attack or to attack an enemy.

Although he had already chosen a movement martial skill, Lu Xuan still wanted a sword skill but hadn’t found one. He had already flipped through all of these bookshelves that contained the martial skills.

Could it be, that in the huge Martial Skill Pavilion, he still couldn’t find a sword skill that was suitable for him? Lu Xuan didn’t feel resigned in the slightest, and turned his eyes towards the remaining bookshelf.

However, on the last bookshelf, there weren’t any martial skills or cultivation techniques, but had some notes from some experts or talked about their experience, which were very helpful for cultivation.

With a carrying a dead horse as if it were still alive mentality, Lu Xuan walked towards that bookshelf.
(TN: Trying to make a last attempt to save a hopeless situation)

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