SS Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Blocking the Way

Currently there were quite a few disciples standing in front of the Martial Skill Pavilion, causing the area to become lively.

The Wind Sword Sect’s Martial Skill Pavilion. As long as one was a person of the Wind Sword Sect, whether it was an outer sect disciple, inner sect disciple, or even the high up core disciples, they all could enter.

Of course, core disciples naturally had better resources and couldn’t be bothered to put the Martial Skill Pavilion’s things in their eyes. There was almost zero chance of them coming here.

Because of that, the disciples that came were almost all outer and inner sect disciples. Among them, the inner sect disciples were in great quantity. Although outer sect disciples desired to enter, but it wasn’t as if there was no threshold to entering the Martial Skill Pavilion. This threshold was contribution points.

The Martial Skill Pavilion was divided into a total of three floors. The first floor’s threshold was at least 100 contribution points, The second floor’s threshold was then 1000 contribution points, and if you wanted to go up to the top third floor, then you needed 10000 contribution points.

Because of this, the disciples could only stand here and look. Temporarily they still didn’t have enough contribution points to go in. In order to go in, they would have to go to the Missions Tower first and complete a few missions and earn enough contribution points.

However, Lu Xuan’s group was naturally not lacking in contribution points. They only casually glanced at the Martial Skill Pavilion’s appearance. Lu Xuan didn’t have any interest in it. The appealing part of the Martial Skill Pavilion wasn’t its shape, but the inventory inside of it.

“Let’s go in and look around.” Lu Xuan took lead towards walking to the Martial Skill Pavilion.

Arriving at the Martial Skill Pavilion entrance, a middle-aged deacon dressed as a martial artist was lazily sitting behind a table. He seemed to be the one who oversaw the Martial Skill Pavilion. Lu Xuan only glanced at him and didn’t pay him anymore attention, and prepared to walk in.

“Stop there.” Just as Lu Xuan prepared to cross the door, the deacon spoke to block them, speaking in an impolite tone.

Lu Xuan wrinkled his eyebrows, then unfolded them and stopped. Although he had been in the spotlight during the sect entrance exam, the Wind Sword Sect was huge, with thousands of disciples. The only people that knew him were probably just a few new budding disciples. At the present, he didn’t have the qualifications to keep up appearances.

Seeing that Lu Xuan and the others had turn to him, the deacon still only lazily glanced at each of the four then asked: “New people?”

Lu Xuan nodded his head.

“No wonder you don’t understand the rules.” This middle-aged deacon muttered aloud, then he slowly sat upright, then motioned towards Lu Xuan and the others to come over to him and said: “To enter the Martial Skill Pavilion, your qualifications must be verified. Take out your identity plates, enter the door and swipe your card. That’s the first rule to entering the Martial Skill Pavilion.”

Lu Xuan naturally didn’t have any reason to refuse the middle-aged deacon’s requirements. This was originally the Wind Sword Sect’s rules. He immediately took out his identity plate, and Lin Xin Yi and the other two naturally followed suit. Xia Ye and Xing Feng both had a few thousand contribution points from rewards. Lin Xin Yi also had 100 points and was able to enter the first floor.

“Where do we swipe?” Lu Xuan looked around and didn’t seem to find anywhere to swipe a card.

Seeing the identity plate in their hands, this middle-aged deacon flashed an expression of greed, then chuckled: “Swiping your card after you enter is only the first rule. Now I will teach you the second rule.”

As he spoke, this deacon pulled out an identity card himself, which was blue, representing his identity as a deacon. If the information wasn’t wrong, then presumably this was the deacon’s own identity plate.

Just as Lu Xuan and the others were wondering, he pointed to his own identity plate and said: “You guys, each will hand over 10 contribution points. This is the second rule.”

“Why!” Lu Xuan still hadn’t spoken before Xia Ye became angered. This guy was obviously using his position to forcefully taking contribution points from disciples.

Lu Xuan didn’t say anything, only watched the deacon, waiting for his answer.

“What is it, do you want to make a move?” The middle-aged deacons expression immediately dropped. Looking at Lu Xuan’s group of four, he coldly smiled and said: “New people only have new people’s attitude. Don’t speak of your group of new students, even older students, if they want to enter this door also have to obediently listen to me. This is the second rule. Do you understand?”

Managing the Martial Skill Pavilion was a plump job. Disciples without enough strength, if they wanted to enter, would first have to give the deacon some honor. This was almost a Wind Sword Sect tradition, so facing Xia Ye’s provocation, this guy simply didn’t mind it. A few new disciples wouldn’t be able to flip the heavens. Each year, after the new people entered the sect was his best harvest time. If he couldn’t suppress Lu Xuan and the others, then in the future he wouldn’t be able to extra money from the other disciples. Naturally he couldn’t give up on this one.  

Xia Ye wanted to continue challenging, but was blocked by Lu Xuan. They had only just entered the Wind Sword Sect and weren’t familiar with the Wind Sword Sect’s rules, and shouldn’t be too high key. Since this guy dared to be so arrogant and ask for extra money, it seemed like this was a common practice. With their current strength, if they wanted to forcefully enter the Martial Skill Pavilion, they were still a bit lacking.

“Forget it, in total it’s still only 40 contribution points.” Lu Xuan faintly said. As he spoke, his eyes stared at this deacon’s face, firmly memorizing his features. Although he backed down this time, but once he had enough to forcefully break this rule, he would pay this back with interest.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had backed down, an expression of ridicule flashed in this deacon’s eyes, “Whatever you kids are going to do, do it fast, don’t waste this old man’s sleeping time. Remember this rule. Next time when you come you won’t need me to waste words on you.”

“Lu Xuan, I only have 100 contribution points. If I hand over 10 points, I won’t be able to go in.” Lin Xin Yi bit her lip as she said. She had been Lin City’s great young miss, and was normally spoiled by others. When has she ever had to beg others.

“Can she be exempt?” Lu Xuan said towards the deacon.

“Exempt, what exempt. What ought to be given can’t even be one less! Whoever among you has more can help her. Hurry up and stop wasting words.” This deacon’s face was filled with intolerance as he waved his hand.

Xia Ye’s anger uncontrollably rose up again. When he had been the favored son in Lin City, where had he received such kind of attitude. Just as he was about to make a commotion despite Lu Xuan blocking him, there was suddenly a noisy sound behind them.

A line of five people directly broke through the crowd and walked to Lu Xuan and the others sides. One of them walked at the forefront and the other four people tightly followed behind, however, this group of people seemed like they hadn’t seen Lu Xuan. Among the four in the back, one stepped forward and impatiently said to the deacon: “Bring out the stuff.”

The deacon scanned over the incoming people. The sloppy face that he had towards Lu Xuan immediately was filled with a smile. The speed in which his face changed was astounding.

“So it was young master Lin who came. Please wait a bit.” This deacon said with a face full of smiles, then like magic, a thing suddenly appeared. Lu Xuan noticed in a moment, on top of this thing was a card slot that just happened to fit the shape of an identity plate.

Seeing this thing, those disciples didn’t grumble and each pulled out their respective identity plates, swiped them on the card slot, which then gave off a “Di” sound.

Even that person known as young master Lin was no exception, obediently swiping his identity plate. Then the five people didn’t linger and went straight into the Martial Skill Pavilion.

Seeing the backs of those five, Lu Xuan’s eyes flashed an expression of clarity. It seemed that the first rule that the deacon had talked about, about swiping the card when enter, seemed to be true, but the second rule…

“How come he didn’t need to give you contribution points?” Lu Xuan pouted his lips towards the five, and asked the deacon.

“What is it? Do you want to learn from others?” After the person known as young master Lin had left, the middle-aged martial artist’s smiling face had long since disappeared and had returned to a sneer, “The other party is in the top ten of the overall standings ranking monument, and has a good possibility of entering the core. You are a new person. What will you compare with the other party? Stop wasting my time. Obediently hand over your contribution points to me within another three rests time, otherwise it won’t just be 10 points but will be 20 points.”

The middle-aged deacon made a threat. He was already a bit impatient. Normally new people didn’t dare to be angry with him or talk back. He hadn’t thought that today these guys would actually be so off track.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan immediately smiled.

He previously hadn’t let Xia Ye make a move because of the so-called second rule’s might. If it was really a long-standing rule of the Wind Sword Sect, he naturally didn’t dare to break it. Do as others do. Having just entered the Wind Sword Sect, Lu Xuan was still trying to act on a low-key principle.

However, he hadn’t thought that just an inner sect disciple in the overall standings top ten would already be able to ignore the so-called second rule. It seemed like this rules was far from being as unbreakable as he had imagined.

Since that was the case, would he, Lu Xuan, be a vegetarian? His temper wasn’t much better than Xia Ye’s, however it was just that he could hold it back. Now he discovered it was entirely unnecessary to hold it back, how could Lu Xuan be willing to be stifled.

“Xia Ye, swipe your card and enter.” Lu Xuan faintly instructed.

Seeing Lu Xuan’s expression, Xia Ye immediately became happier. He knew, Lu Xuan obviously didn’t intend to back off.

Without waiting or speaking, learning from the previous people, he directly took his identity plate and moved it towards that card slot.

There was a “Pa” sound. The middle-aged deacon waved his right hand, pressing his hand over the card slot, his expression dark as he looked towards Lu Xuan, “Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. Those that don’t follow the rules will not have a good follow-up! I will give you one more chance.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan stuck his right hand out. Lin Xin Yi on the side very intimately placed her saber into Lu Xuan’s hands.

Seeing Lu Xuan’s actions, this middle-aged deacon laughed loudly three times, “Very good. I haven’t seen such a crazy new person in a long time. Sword user, a sword sect’s person? If you were a blade sect’s person, maybe I would be a bit scared. A trash sword sect disciple also dares to be so crazy, dares to challenge me? As long as I’m here, you might as well forget about ever taking a step into this Martial Skill Pavilion! Even if you can move your sword sect elder to come, you might be able to do it once or twice, but will you be able to do it eight or ten times?!”

“Offering a toast only to drink a forfeit. I feel like sending these words to you is better. I will also give you a last chance. Move your hand.” The corner of Lu Xuan’s lips curved a little, creating a smile.

“A body refining fifth level new person also dares to move my hand? Although provoking a deacon doesn’t warrant death, but it is already enough to expel you from the Wind Sword Sect.” Facing Lu Xuan’s provocation, this middle-aged deacon grinned. His strength couldn’t be considered strong, but he had still reached body refining seventh level, and also, after staying in the Wind Sword Sect for so long, his combat strength wasn’t weak. Just new person with body refining fifth level that had just entered the Wind Sword Sect was entirely unable to enter into his sight.

“It looks like you want to drink the forfeit.” Lu Xuan slightly smiled.

The middle-aged deacon pulled out a single-handed blade, without fear of confronting Lu Xuan. He had already made up his mind. Although he didn’t dare to directly kill Lu Xuan, but if it was just giving him a bit of color, he wouldn’t have to worry.

Since he was using a blade, it seemed like this guy was also once a blade sect person, which wasn’t strange. The Martial Skill Pavilion was a plump job. With the blade sect’s power over these past years, this kind of place would naturally not belong to others.

“I originally wanted to be low-key, but I hadn’t thought that there would always be someone to force me to be high-key.” After Lu Xuan finished saying his sentence, his entire body’s power suddenly swelled up. An indistinct aura suddenly swept around the surroundings.

Xia Ye and the others who were in the range only felt a chilling intent go by, seeming like a winter’s cold wind had suddenly surge by, and couldn’t help but shiver.

Xing Feng’s eyes suddenly exploded with light!

Sword intent!

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