SS Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Renewed Suspense

Lu Xuan didn’t display a guarded appearance, only naturally standing while holding his sword, the sword tip slightly drooping downwards. It looked random, but it was very natural and seemed to have no flaws.

He still hadn’t moved yet, just displaying this posture, and had immediately drawn the attention of all the elders in the field.

The strength of the disciples was too low, their vision wasn’t good enough, and they simply couldn’t see anything mysterious about Lu Xuan’s posture, but the elders weren’t the same. The lowest among them had already entered the spirit refining realm. Lu Xuan’s simple-looking attitude in reality wasn’t simple at all!

Elder Cheng’s eyes were staring even more in wonder, his eyes were full of shock, obviously a bit doubtful, as if he didn’t dare to believe.

“This is, this is… the heart sword dao? In the sword in the heart, in the heart is the sword. Could it be that Lu Xuan really comprehended sword intent?!” He couldn’t help but say aloud.

He didn’t know what had happened previously in the Sword Forest. Although after Lu Xuan had just entered the Sword Forest, for a very long time he didn’t move at all, Elder Cheng had guessed that he was perceiving sword intent, but perceiving sword intent and comprehending sword intent were entirely two different things.

It wasn’t only Elder Cheng who was shocked. Vice sect master Elder Jin couldn’t remain calm. His eyes were staring straight at Lu Xuan, murmuring: “Sword intent? Could it really be sword intent? This kid’s talent is a bit too amazing isn’t it? He’s only sixteen years old! He’s not even past body refining fifth level!”

As if he thought of something, Elder Jin couldn’t help but pat his head: “I should’ve thought of it long ago. No wonder he could kill eight body refining seventh level martial artists in the Sword Forest. It turns out the reason why he could kill into the overall standings top three hundred with body refining fifth level strength was because he had comprehended sword intent.

The doubts that Elder Jin had in his heart, by Lu Xuan’s posture, had the sudden feeling of all being resolved. Along the way, he undoubtedly looked even more favorably on Lu Xuan. To be able to comprehend sword intent while just being body refining fifth level, this kind of talent was simply something that even the word demonic couldn’t describe.

For a time, Elder Jin was actually excited like a little child. For a sect, what was the most important thing? It was geniuses! Only geniuses were the sect’s core competing force. If a sect didn’t have a dazzling genius appear for a long time, then the sect would decline sooner or later.

The reason the Wind Sword Sect had divided disciples into the three levels of outer sect, inner sect, and core was to step-by-step pick out the geniuses.

“Right, previously when Lu Xuan was in the Sword Forest, he waited a long time before entering the exam. Evidently it was to perceive sword intent. Could it be with just this short amount of time, he comprehended sword intent? This level of talent is something that even core disciples don’t have!” Elder Jin once again spoke to himself.

Almost all of the elders at the field had seen that most likely Lu Xuan had comprehended sword intent. As long as he made a single move now, they would be able to immediately tell.

Zheng Gang’s father Elder Zheng had currently already had an ashen face. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would actually have such a powerful trump card. Although Zheng Gang was higher than Lu Xuan by a tier, but against martial artists that used sword intent, fighting above one’s level was a regular occurrence. Only if Zheng Gang could comprehend blade intent would he be able to fight back.

Lost, lost. Elder Zheng determined the ending for Zheng Gang. He wanted to transmit his voice to prompt Zheng Gang to proactively end the duel to prevent the blade faction from losing people, but just at that moment, he felt a sharp gaze directed at him.

Receiving this gaze, Elder Zheng couldn’t help but shiver. He lifted his head to look over and saw that the sharp gaze was coming from Elder Jin. The warning in his eyes was self-evident.

The ones who had voiced dissatisfaction was the blade faction. The ones who wanted the duel was also the blade faction. Right now the ones who wanted to end the duel was also the blade faction. This was a bit too much of not putting the him, the vice sect master, in their eyes. Even a clay person was 30% fire.
(TN: Even guy with good temperament could get angry)

Receiving Elder Jin’s warning, this Elder Zheng immediately didn’t dare to make any more movements and could only closely watch Zheng Gang as he lost face in front of everyone.

Most of the elder had seen through that Lu Xuan held sword intent, but Zheng Gang didn’t have this sort of vision, however, he felt that Lu Xuan’s posture was a little unusual.

Looking over, he actually didn’t see any flaws. He had a feeling of not knowing how to start making his move. He hesitated for a while, but at this moment, Lu Xuan’s indifferent voice sounded out.

“Make your move. You’ll only have this one opportunity to make your move.”

When Lu Xuan said this, the anger in Zheng Gang shot up. Your realm is clearly lower than mine, do you still really want to defeat me in just one move? I’ll see how much you’re really worth!

With this anger, Zheng Gang’s power rose and that bit of hesitation had long since disappeared.

Since there are no flaw, then I’ll make a flaw for you. One force subdues ten wisdoms. Even if your martial skill is impressive, I’ll use my realm to suppress you!

With a roar, the single-handed blade in Zheng Gang’s hand sliced out, his entire body’s soul force without leaving any reserves burst forth, which actually created a surge of wind, causing both of their clothes to violently flutter.

This time, he also decided to leave everything to one blow. He wanted to use his powerful strength to directly squash Lu Xuan!

One could only hear Zheng Gang’s explosive shout. His entire body was like a fully bent bowstring suddenly exploding out. His figure was straight, his blade stroke willed with power, chopping down towards Lu Xuan, majestic blade qi tightly wound around the blade’s body. If this blade truly hit Lu Xuan, the crowd didn’t doubt that Lu Xuan would be directly chopped into two halves!

After Zheng Gang sent out this blade stroke, the disciples couldn’t help but flash expressions of surprise. Because of Lu Xuan’s eye-catching performance from before, it had made them feel like Zheng Gang’s strength wasn’t that great.

But only now during this blade attack did they discover that Zheng Gang’s strength was indeed incomparably powerful, worthy of the genius title. If there wasn’t Lu Xuan, this term’s first place would definitely belong to Zheng Gang.

“I hadn’t thought that that senior brother Zheng was actually so powerful. The final result might just be senior brother Zheng’s victory!”

“That was also Lu Xuan’s own fault, actually daring with just 10% of his soul force to fight with senior brother Zheng. Does he really think he’s that strong?”

“You also can’t speak like that since Zheng Gang’s victory this time relied on trickery. Clearly knowing that Lu Xuan’s soul force was low, he specifically used his soul force to bully him. It truly is a victory in poor taste.”

“Tch, winning is winning, losing is losing. Where is there so much reasoning.”

After Zheng Gang sliced out with his blade, the disciples couldn’t help but once again start discussing. This fight’s result was once again in suspense, after all, Lu Xuan’s biggest weak point was that his soul force was low. Right now Zheng Gang specifically used this point to attack. If Lu Xuan wanted to block it, it would be very difficult!

“Rock – Severing – Slash!”

Chopping down this his blade, Zheng Gang who body leapt high up shouted out the name of his move one word at a time.

This move was a middle Huang grade martial skill! Even though Zheng Gang had only mastered about 50% of it, but it was still his strongest move, and was also his most violent move!

If Lu Xuan chose to block it, he was a hundred percent confident that Lu Xuan would be squashed!

Everyone’s eyes were all concentrated on Lu Xuan’s body. They wanted to see how exactly would Lu Xuan with only 10% of his soul force  block this unparalleled powerful attack.

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