SS Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Crisis

Currently, Lu Xuan had already become the focus point of all of the disciples with such a mighty result in front of their eyes. Otherwise they must have been difficult to satisfy.

The blade faction’s people even more had stopped all activities and were lying low. Their proud Zheng Gang already had been fiercely stepped underfoot by Lu Xuan and no longer had any reason to be arrogant. Previously the taunts that Zheng Gang had said towards the sword faction now looked like it was all some sort of huge joke. Lu Xuan, using his results, had fiercely slapped Zheng Gang and the blade faction across the face.
(TN: I believe there was another mistake by the author here as he says sword faction instead of blade faction so I corrected it)

And Elder Jin who was the vice sect master of the Wind Sword Sect, he also couldn’t be calm at this time. The record of the Wind Sword Sect that had been there for so long was actually broken?

On the topic of strength, Lu Xuan’s current strength wasn’t something that Elder Jin would put in his eyes. Even when Lu Xuan had taken first place for the new budding disciples exam, directly killing into the overall standings, it was only enough for him to have a bit of interest.

Because even if he was more powerful, then that was still only amongst the inner disciples. Above the inner sect disciples there was still the core disciples. Among the core disciples, with the same age, there were plenty that had higher cultivation levels than Lu Xuan. Just taking Xia Chen Xi for example, her age was younger than Lu Xuan’s, but her realm had already reached body refining sixth level.

What really made Elder Jin shocked was that Lu Xuan was body refining fifth level and killed his way into the overall standings by killing a body refining seventh level martial artist in the Sword Forest. This kind of combat talent was simply amazing!

On the path of cultivation, cultivation talent was indeed important because it decided a martial artist’s cultivation speed, as well as the highest achievable realm. For most martial artists, their realm was the proof of their strength.

But what was as important as cultivation talent was combat talent, because for some geniuses, their realm didn’t represent something, and didn’t say anything. No matter how high the realm was, you still needed to be able to release that kind of strength in order for it to matter.

If people fought, the opposing party wouldn’t just surrender because your realm was higher than his. The deciding factor was still combat power.

Right now Lu Xuan was body refining fifth level and could kill a body refining seventh level martial artist. This kind of combat talent was truly impressive. When his realm improved, then his combat power would absolutely become stronger and stronger. What the Wind Sword Sect needed wasn’t a martial artist whose realm was higher but a martial artist who was strong in combat! Only that way could he guard the Wind Sword Sect.

Looking at Lu Xuan’s name, Elder Jin’s heart raced. He already secretly determined that in the future, he would definitely carefully observe this disciple called Lu Xuan. If he was acceptable, then maybe he would make an exception and accept him as a core disciple.

The resources that a core disciple enjoyed was far more than an inner sect disciple. If he could obtain a large amount of resources, Lu Xuan’s realm would improve more quickly.  At that time, even if his realm wasn’t as good as other peoples, but his combat power would much better than martial artists of the same level. On the topic of strength, he wouldn’t be inferior at all to the other core disciples.

And as people were discussing about it, Lu Xuan who was in the Sword Forest was already in a precarious position.

Previously he had been able to kill a body refining seventh level martial artist with one attack by the virtue of having used the eighth move of the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s powerful killing move. Another reason was because he had taken advantage of the body refining seventh level martial artists lack of preparation. The attack had succeeded because they had been caught off guard.

But now that these martial artists had recovered, Lu Xuan’s situation instantly became precarious.

When three body refining seventh level martial artists attacking at the same time, their power would be very strong. A lethally powerful attack continued to come straight towards Lu Xuan. Each attack carried a large amount of soul force. Just the power behind the attacks was enough to force him to flinch. He didn’t dare to test the limits, otherwise, even if he didn’t die, he’d still be injured.

Right now Lu Xuan was finally realizing the difference in realms. Body refining fifth level and body refining seventh level had a full difference of two small realms, the amount of soul force used by both sides was simply not on the same level.

The three martial artists pressed forward step by step. Lu Xuan could only continuously move back. Each attack just barely scraped by Lu Xuan’s body, and was alarmingly dangerous. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Xuan already entered the door to sword intent and had a strong instinct towards flaws, then he probably would have long since been eliminated.  

The jade medallion was already tightly clutched in Lu Xuan’s left hand, preparing to crush it at any time. Currently the jade medallion was covered in sweat, soaked by the sweat from Lu Xuan’s palm. If things were impossible, he wouldn’t be stupid and risk being seriously injured to continue.

It was just that he currently hadn’t reached his limit because he still hadn’t used his most powerful killing move yet. He naturally wouldn’t give up even if it enduring was difficult. He was still forcefully enduring, searching for an opportunity to attack.

“If I had a movement martial skill right now, that’d be good. As long as I can find an opportunity to attack, I will be able to reverse the situation!” Lu Xuan told himself.

Facing three enemies that were faster than him and wanting to find an opportunity to attack was to difficult, especially if the three people combined attacks. Even if there was a bit of an opportunity every now and then, it would be quickly covered by the other two people. Lu Xuan didn’t have the time to make his move.

If he had a movement martial skill in hand, then Lu Xuan would entirely be able to use the movement martial skill to create a moment to improve the situation and give himself a chance to reverse the situation.

However, it was a pity Lu Xuan could only think about it. Don’t speak of him not having a movement martial skill right now, even if he did, there was no time for him to learn it. In the end, in order to reverse the situation, he would have to rely on himself.

“How come Lu Xuan still hasn’t come out after so long? His score hasn’t increased again. Something didn’t happen to him right?” A disciple in the field whispered.

“Body refining fifth level facing body refining seventh level. This isn’t a game. Lu Xuan didn’t try to play with fire and die inside right?

“Impossible! His name is still lit up on the ranking monument. That means he’s still fighting. Perhaps he’s still fighting with the enemies and searching for an opportunity for victory.”

Hearing the disciples discuss, Zheng Gang, whose feelings had originally sunk, immediately couldn’t help but rise a bit.

In one look you could tell that Lu Xuan was an arrogant person. If he was still trying to get a better result and was struggling and wound up dying to the body refining seventh level enemies, that would be hilarious!

If that happened, he would still be this term’s first place. Even if Lu Xuan didn’t die, if he fell in the end and received a serious injury, it would affect his cultivation path later, and that would be pretty good too.

Thinking of this, Zheng Gang immediately felt hope being kindled again. His face revealed an extremely malicious smile. Inside he was praying that Lu Xuan just die off inside.

The people who were most worried for Lu Xuan were undoubtedly the people of the sword faction, especially Xia Ye, Lin Xin Yi, and Elder Cheng. They each had some intimate relations with Lu Xuan and hoped that Lu Xuan could revitalize the sword faction.

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