SS Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Unparalleled Power

Xing Feng subconsciously nodded. Fast, it was truly too fast.

From the time Lu Xuan began moving until surpassing Xia Ye, only a short few rests of time had passed. He could almost imagine Lu Xuan’s battle scene in the Sword Forest. It was like chopping bamboo with no one able to stop. If he didn’t see it himself, Xing Feng would find it hard to believe that a body refining fifth level martial artist could do this.

Seeing Lu Xuan suddenly explode, the happiest was none other than Elder Cheng. His beard was trembling from his excitement.

Originally he already hadn’t held onto much hope, but who would have thought that at the last minute, Lu Xuan actually would flip the situation in one move, charging up to the top ten in an instant. As long as Lu Xuan could kill three body refining sixth level martial artists then he could be even with Li Hu. If he could kill four body refining sixth levels, then the person in first place for this round would have changed!

In the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan’s combat still continued. Three moves immediately killed five body refining fifth level martial artists, he didn’t hesitate and once again advanced two steps.

After the two steps forward, Lu Xuan clearly felt that in front of him, the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest had become stronger, causing the suppression of the martial artists to become bigger and bigger.

However, for him who had already comprehended a half-step in sword intent, this bit of suppression in front of him was only like a drizzling rain, and he was able to entirely ignore it. It simply had no way of posing a threat to him.

A new round of enemies quickly appeared!

This time the enemies he faced were six body refining sixth level martial artists.

Last time in the sword tower, Lu Xuan had had body refining fourth level strength and had similarly gotten up to this step, however, he could only use the Blinking Sword Skill and immediately kill three people in seconds before having to helplessly exit.

But this time, not only had his realm improved to body refining fifth level, his sword intent had also improved by a step. Even if he was facing the combined attack from six people, he would still have the power to fight them!

These six body refining sixth level martial artists carried different weapons, spear, sword, or blade. Once their figures came out, there wasn’t any pause, and the six acted together. Vigorous soul force burst out, a powerful suppression came over, its power vast!

Previously, Xing Feng had lost to this move. The combined attack of six people was much more difficult to break than individual attacks.

But the suppression that the six had created still wasn’t enough to put in Lu Xuan’s eyes. While he had been in Qing Mountain Village, he had directly faced the suppression of the body refining eighth level Long Zhan.

Facing the combined attack of the six people, Lu Xuan still didn’t dodge at all but exchanged attacks!

Carrying the momentum from the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s first three moves, Lu Xuan gave a low shout, and soul force flooded into the long sword. A dazzling thunder light flashed past. The Thunder Light Sword Skill’s fourth move had come out!

This move of Lu Xuan’s wasn’t just a common martial skill. In this sword stroke, it already contained a bit of extremely sharp sword intent. This bit of sword intent, wasn’t the sword intent of the Sword Forest but was the sword intent that Lu Xuan had perceived. Although it was still immature, it was still sword intent! The sword intent that might not be found in ten thousand swordsmen!

A crescent-shaped sword qi sliced out. An aggressive power immediately shot out. Though it was the last to come out, it was the first to arrive, directly hitting the incoming six people.

The multiple attacks collided with Lu Xuan’s one sword, and there was a loud noise. The collision produced a powerful storm of soul force, which immediately swept through the surroundings.

Lu Xuan couldn’t help but retreat a step, and those six people were similarly forced back one step. This time, both sides were at a stalemate, but Lu Xuan was one against six. No matter the number of people or realm, he was at a disadvantage. To be able to fight like this, his combat strength was apparent.

Even that Li Hu, when facing the six people’s attack still didn’t dare to hard clash with it and could only adopt a more fluid approach, taking advantage of opportunities to kill.

After retreating a step, both sides once again charged forward. This time, Lu Xuan’s offense was even more aggressive. The Thunder Light Sword Skill had already reached the fifth move. The closer it was to the end, the stronger Lu Xuan’s combat strength would be.

Lu Xuan once again sliced out, and both sides attacks once again collided. Those six martial artists were still pushed back, but this time, Lu Xuan’s feet didn’t move at all and firmly stood still.

Among the six people that had been pushed back, one of the martial artists suddenly lost their balance, a flaw was quickly revealed!

Lu Xuan’s eye flashed, a good opportunity!

The long sword didn’t return and directly drew out a circle, and a circular shaped sword qi was sent towards the martial artist to envelop him, locking them in place. At the same time, the scattered sword intent in the Sword Forest was once again mobilized by Lu Xuan. Sword intent and sword qi charged towards that martial artist together.

Without any preparation, under that move, the martial artist was directly cut apart, and his body instantly disappeared!

Lu Xuan’s score exploded up by 500!

Currently on the ranking monument, his rank had already directly risen to fourth place, after Zheng Gang, Li Hu, and Xing Feng.

However, the fight wasn’t over!

Following up victory with pursuit, Lu Xuan quickly went up and used Thunder Light Sword Skill’s sixth move! Power increased again!

Currently, there were only five of these body refining sixth level martial artists left. Their combined might was far from being what it used to be.

Under these circumstances, how could they still be Lu Xuan’s opponents. Under this sword stroke, Lu Xuan chopped up two more people, his score exploding up by 1000!

The names on the ranking monument changed again. Instantly, Lu Xuan’s name appeared in the second place positions, tying with Li Hu!

“A draw! This Lu Xuan is really fierce!”

“Li Hu probably won’t be able to protect second place. Lu Xuan’s points are rising quickly! In order to reach the same score as Li Hu, he actually only used a third of the time that Li Hu needed!”

Lu Xuan’s powerful rise instantly made all of the martial artists exclaim in excitement. Now they were describing Lu Xuan with just two words. Fast, fierce!

Previously, those that Lu Xuan was just bragging tongue in cheek currently no longer doubted. There was nothing more convincing than a powerful offense. There wasn’t a single disciple in the field out of all of the disciples that could earn points so quickly. Even that Zheng Gang from before was far from it.

“Haha, Lu Xuan, well done! Raise my sword faction’s fame! Let those that looked down my sword faction open their eyes wide and see clearly!” Elder Cheng couldn’t help but laugh aloud. After all these years, this was still the first time he could laugh so freely in front of the inner sect’s assessment.

Li Hu’s eyes were filled with gloom. Now, he was completely reduced to a foil character. Everyone’s eyes were all staring at Lu Xuan’s name. Now in everyone’s eyes, he was only a stone blocking the road for Lu Xuan.

“What are you happy for! Right now he still hasn’t surpassed me! Who can say if he’s already spent and in the next second will be eliminated!” Li Hu shouted in a low voice.

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