SS Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Tempering Sword Forest, Perceiving Sword Intent

Lu Xuan’s eyebrows went up, he said: “That’s right, I am Lu Xuan.”

Receiving Lu Xuan’s verbal confirmation, Li Hu suddenly coldly smiled: “So it was you. You’re very arrogant. During the entrance, not only did you directly killed your competitor, in the end you actually killed his clan together too. Such a bloodthirsty person. You don’t deserve to enter the Wind Sword Sect!”

When Li Hu said this, many disciples were in an uproar. They hadn’t thought Lu Xuan, who seemed so calm was actually such a bloodthirsty person. Not only did he kill a competitor, he actually killed the competitor’s family too. This was truly too much.

“How come you didn’t say the opponent wanted to kill me and was killed by me instead. His family wanted to make a move against my father and was killed instead? The circle of cause and effect will be repaid unfailingly. They all had reasons for dying.” Lu Xuan’s expression was indifferent as he spoke, “That was all told to you by Elder Sun right? If you want to make a move, just direct it towards me, Lu Xuan. I will receive however many come!”

Only after hearing Lu Xuan’s explanation did the many disciples understand. So there were still other facts, however, they had some admiration towards Lu Xuan from the depth of their hearts. Even after offending an inner sect elder he was actually still so arrogant. It really wasn’t something that an ordinary person’s temperament could compare to.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had already told his story, Li Hu didn’t have anything he could refute. He snorted and said: “Talking is pointless. This match, let me see for myself what actual abilities you have to be so arrogant!”

Facing Li Hu’s provocation, Lu Xuan naturally wouldn’t shy from the fight. Not to mention, his goal in this match was not this nuisance Li Hu but was the previous round’s first place Zheng Gang. Since he had promised Elder Xu that he would bring back glory for the sword faction, then he would just start from this sect entrance exam.”

Lu Xuan walked in front of Elder Cheng, greeting him: “Great elder, disciple asks to go out this round and will definitely take first place for the sword faction.”

Glancing at Lu Xuan, Elder Cheng was just about to say something, when suddenly he said in surprise: “In these seven days, you’ve actually broken through to body refining fifth level?”

He naturally had some impression of Lu Xuan. At the start Elder Xu had specifically introduce Lu Xuan and had said that Lu Xuan was the sword faction’s hope for revitalization, however, at the time, Lu Xuan was only a body refining fourth level. Compared to Lu Xuan, Elder Cheng was undoubtedly more optimistic towards the body refining fifth level Xing Feng which is why he had sent Xing Feng out to fight first.

However what he hadn’t thought of was that in the short span of seven days, Lu Xuan actually had already reached body refining fifth level. This was out of his expectations.

He was just a bit surprised, then he smiled, heavily patting Lu Xuan’s shoulder, encouraging him: “En, not bad. Sixteen years old, body refining fifth level. Elder Xu spoke correctly. Indeed you are an extraordinary talent. This Li Hu’s strength is also only body refining fifth level or so, unlike that Zheng Gang’s body refining sixth level with whom the strength gap is very large. Go ahead and fight then. Defeat this Li Hu, take this round’s first place, and bring fame to my sword faction!”

However, what he didn’t know was that the first place Lu Xuan was talking about wasn’t this round’s first place but was the first place of the entire entrance sect exam!

Lu Xuan also didn’t explain. Facts were far more persuasive than words.

“Lu Xuan, I’ll go up with you!” Xia Ye walked over and said.

“I’ll also go!” Lin Xin Yi also quickly stood by Lu Xuan’s side.

Lu Xuan nodded his head. Right now there was already three. There were still seven missing. He said: “Are there still other brothers willing to go up with me?”

“Count me in.”

“I’ll also go up!”

Immediately many sword faction disciples cried out and a few walked forward. Very quickly they filled up the ten people. Lu Xuan didn’t stand still and was the first to begin walking towards the Sword Forest, the others followed him.

Seeing Lu Xuan walk over, there was a flash of contempt in Li Hu’s eyes as he said: “Elder Sun has already asked me to stomp you to death this time! Don’t think that a first place winner from a tiny city is all that. In this world, there are plenty of people that are better than you.”

“There are indeed plenty of people better than me, however, it’s a pity that you are definitely not among them.” Lu Xuan faintly said.

“Hmph, I hope that you can still be this arrogant when you come out!” Li Hu said disdainfully.

As the two were speaking, the rest of the factions disciples had already arrived. After an order from Elder Jin, the second round of the exam had begun!

Lu Xuan and Li Hu didn’t have any hesitations and were the first to enter the Sword Forest. The rest of the crowd followed closely after. Obviously, this round’s center of attention were the results of Lu Xuan and Li Hu, especially Lu Xuan. A no-name disciple actually spoken so wildly. The disciples all wanted to know whether or not Lu Xuan really had strength or was just speaking tongue in cheek.

One entering the Sword Forest, it was indeed like Xing Feng said. A wave of very sharp sword intent immediately began to directly suppress Lu Xuan, forcing people to subconsciously circulate soul force to resist. More importantly, this sword intent not only targeted a martial artist’s flesh but even directly targeted a martial artist’s mind.

The suppression of the flesh could be resisted by circulating soul force, but towards the suppression of the mind, a martial artist could only rely on his will to forcefully withstand it.

And it was just at this moment, a disembodied voice, void of any emotion, spoke, “Please select your weapon!”

As the words were spoken, a series of weapons suddenly appeared in Lu Xuan’s surroundings, and was very similar to the time in the sword tower. The Sword Forest was also enclosed in a killing array, naturally it could materialize weapons.


Following Lu Xuan’s selection, the rest of the weapons suddenly vanished, only leaving behind a long sword which directly floated over towards him. Lu Xuan reached out and scooped it up, placing the sword in his hands.

At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Lu Xuan. Without any pause, it directly waved its weapon and charged at Lu Xuan.

The fight had already begun!

Lu Xuan didn’t even look, and waved the long sword in his hand, instantly beheading the martial artist. It was only a body refining first level martial artist. It was simply not even a threat to Lu Xuan.

After killing this body refining first level martial artist, Lu Xuan didn’t hurry to move and stood in place, carefully observing the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest.

The other martial artists after entering the Sword Forest simply didn’t dare to stop and wait because of the sword intent’s suppression. Every moment that they wasted was more soul force wasted, and their mental strength that suffered was even more important, and had a great impact on their fighting strength, thus, they all tried to move quickly and decide fights quickly.

But at this time, Lu Xuan disregarded that and instead stopped to perceive the sword intent.

While in Lin City, Lu Xuan had already touched the threshold of sword intent. Now there was ready-made sword intent for him to perceive, he naturally would take advantage of this opportunity. As for the consumption of soul force, it didn’t mean mentioning. Circulating the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic was more than enough to make it all back.

However on the outside, the people had already begun discussing amongst themselves.

“Li Hu already has many dozen points. How come that Lu Xuan still only has one point? He hasn’t been immobilized by the sword intent’s suppression right?”

“Just looking at him you can tell that he’s the type to slap his own face until it’s swollen to look imposing. Li Hu is this time’s genius of the new budding disciple from the fist faction. Lu Xuan? Huh, who knows where he came from.”

It wasn’t only the disciples of the other faction divisions that were discussing. On the sword faction’s side, Elder Cheng and Xing Feng’s eyebrows were both wrinkled up. They didn’t know what had happened to Lu Xuan. Other’s scores had already begun to explode upwards, but he had only gotten 1 point. Among the entire new budding disciples on the ranking monument, he was in the very last place.

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