SS Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Ranking Monument

“I imagine you all must have seen the bamboo forest in front of you by now. This bamboo forest is called the Sword Forest and is my Wind Sword Sect’s most important piece of land. It is very wonderful. You will know that for yourselves in time. This time, your exam location is in the Sword Forest!”

Elder Jin’s commanding voice rang out. His voice didn’t seem that loud, but it reached every ear very clearly.

“Once you have entered the Sword Forest, every step you take, the Sword Forest will materialize some martial artists. Their strength will start at body refining first level up and will continue to increase, and the number of martial artists you kill will be your exam results. Everyone’s exam results will all be publicly announced.”

As he spoke, Elder Jin grandly waved his hand and suddenly there appeared two objects. These two things were like the flying equipment and once they felt the wind, they began to grow, quickly rising to a few dozen feet tall. They were actually two enormous monuments!

The crowds’ eyes immediately were all attracted towards looking at the two enormous monuments. They didn’t know why Elder Jin had suddenly pulled them out.

Lu Xuan also couldn’t help but look over, his eyes sweeping across the two monuments. He discovered that the surface of one of the monuments was completely blank, without anything on it, and the other monument was completely covered with tiny little words, with exactly 500 names in total!

The names on the monument were written both in large and small fonts. The closer it was to the front, the larger the characters were, especially the first three names, the characters were were sparkling and even if you were far away you could still see it clearly. As for the ones in the back, the font size of the characters were about the size of grains of rice. Only by straining his full vision could Lu Xuan barely see the words clearly.

“First place: Blade faction Xu Wen Yang, 26781 points. Second place: Spear faction Mo Xiao Chen…”

Vision weeping from the first few names, Lu Xuan discovered that after every name there was a score assigned. If he was guessing correctly, these names ought to be all of the names of the current inner sect disciples.

It should be known, Lu Xuan and them were only new budding inner sect disciples, new students, and originally in the Wind Sword Sect there were plenty of older students. It seemed like that list of names should be the disciple’s strength listing. He just didn’t know how the points were assigned.

Suddenly, Lu Xuan’s eyes narrowed, stopping on a name. Eighty-sixth place, Long Tian!

Long Zhan’s eldest son and Long Tai’s older brother’s name was called Long Tian!

He hadn’t thought that Long Tian’s strength, within the entire Wind Sword Sect inner sect disciple population, was enough to enter the top hundred!

The current relationship that Lu Xuan had with Long Tian, was not only an enemy for killing a younger brother, he had even killed his father. The hatred between the two sides could not be settled and there was no chance of reconciliation. If there was an opportunity, Long Tian would kill Lu Xuan in an instant.

As Lu Xuan’s eyes were wavering, Elder Jin’s voice once again rang out.

“These two monuments are used to record all of your results. The blank monument will record the results of all of you new budding disciples. In a while, the scores that you get will all pass through your nameplate and be recorded onto the monument once you come out. And the other monument with names on it has the results of all of my Wind Sword Sect’s disciples recorded on it, including all students new and old!”

Elder Jin’s words indeed confirmed Lu Xuan’s assumptions, and then he continued to speak.

“The method to obtain points is to kill enemies in the Sword Forest. Killing a body refining first level martial artist will give you one point. Killing a body refining second level martial artist will give you five points. Killing a body refining third level martial artists will give you ten points. Killing a body refining fourth level martial artists will give you fifty points. Killing a body refining fifth level martial artist will give you a hundred points. Killing a body refining sixth level martial artists is worth five hundred points! All points received will be recorded into each of your nameplates.”

“Other then this time, if you all feel like your strength has improved a step in the future and want to fight for a better ranking, then you may once again enter the Sword Forest. The nameplate will record only your highest score, and also, anyone that can obtain a rank on the overall standings will earn a reward.”

Elder Jin clearly explained the rules of the ranking monument. Evidently, the names on the monument basically represented all of the inner sect disciples’ rankings. If one had enough strength and and wanted to make a name for themselves, challenging the ranking monument was definitely the quickest method. If they could become the overall first place, then that would be glorious. In the entire Wind Sword Sect, there wouldn’t be anyone who didn’t know you, no one who didn’t recognize you. And right now, Lu Xuan and the others had already memorized the name of first place, the blade faction’s Xu Wen Yang!

When Elder Jin finished speaking, suddenly someone said, “Elder Jin, the points you said just now only reached body refining sixth level. Then if we kill a body refining seventh level or higher martial artist, how many points will we receive?”

When these words were spoken, the disciples each widened their eyes. It was their first time participating in the exam and they already wanted to kill a body refining seventh level or higher martial artist. This person’s tone was pretty arrogant!”

Lu Xuan noticed that the person was standing in the midst of the blade faction’s group. That probably meant he was a person from the blade faction, and also, looking at his position, that he was standing at the very front ahead of all the blade faction disciples, it seemed that he was the blade faction’s new budding disciple’s strongest person from this time.

Seeing that everyone’s eyes were focused on him, the man’s face flashed a proud expression. He highly welcomed the feeling of the attention.

Seeing that Lu Xuan seemed to be interested in that guy, Xia Ye whispered from the side: “These days I’ve heard from the other disciples that it seems like a genius has appeared in the blade faction this time called Zheng Gang. He’s seventeen years old, body refining sixth level. He’s just a bit away from being able to directly enter the core area. Most likely the rumored person is that guy.”

Lu Xuan nodded his head. Seventeen years old, body refining sixth level huh? It wasn’t too much worse than Xia Chen Xi, but it wasn’t something that he couldn’t catch up to!

Elder Jin’s eyes squinted, locking onto the person who just spoke. Immediately his face revealed a smiling expression: “Seventeen years old, body refining sixth level. Not bad, not bad. Since you feel like you can challenge body refining seventh level and higher martial artists, then I’ll just tell you. Killing a body refining seventh level will give you a thousand points. Killing a body refining eighth level martial artist will get you five thousand points. Killing a body refining ninth level martial artist will get you ten thousand points!”

Hearing this, the crowd went up in an uproar. The overall first place, Xu Wen Yang’s points were over 26,000. Didn’t that mean he had at least killed five body refining eighth level martial artists in the Sword Forest? Or even killed a body refining ninth level martial artist?

In the area, most of the disciples’ strength were around body refining fourth level or so. Body refining fifth level was decently rare. To them, that was simply invincible.

Hearing Elder Jin’s words, the disciples were already becoming restless, impatient to enter into the Sword Forest and check out how many points they could get. Maybe they could even reach the overall standings. If they could get a good ranking amongst the new budding disciples, then that would be enough fame. Among young people, who wouldn’t want to be famous?

However, Elder Jin still hadn’t finished speaking.

“What I spoke about just now were the rules to the exam. Next, I will publicly announce the exam rewards! In my Wind Sword Sect, the most important thing is not money but are contribution points. Contribution points can be used to exchange for dan medicines, weapons, cultivation techniques, martial skill, and other things. In the future, if you all want to enter the Sword Forest exam, you will also need to pay contribution points. In short, in the Wind Sword Sect, the contribution points can be used for anything, thus the reward this time will be contribution points.”

He first explained contribution points letting the disciples understand the importance of contribution points. Only then did he actually publicly announce the rewards.

“This time’s exam, the first place among the new budding disciples will be rewarded 2000 contribution points! The top three places will be rewarded 1000 contribution points. The top ten will be rewarded 500 contribution points. The top one hundred will be rewarded 100 contribution points! If you can enter the overall standings, then there will be an additional reward of 2000 contribution points. If you can enter the overall top three hundred, the reward will be 5000 contribution points! The overall standing contribution points can be accumulated!”

Such generous rewards made the hearts of the crowd of disciples to start beating wildly. Even Lu Xuan couldn’t help but feel covetous!

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