SS Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Xing Feng

The distance away from the sword faction wasn’t very far, after all, it was inside the Wind Sword Sect. Although the nine great sect divisions were separated from each other, they still weren’t too far apart.

Soon, Lu Xuan saw an extremely magnificent stone sword that was at least dozens of feet tall. The stone sword was inserted into a mountain peak at a slant. Although it seemed very random, but Lu Xuan felt that it contained an inexplicable sword dao. It was gratuitously producing a deterring force that was very indistinct.

“See that enormous sword?” Elder Xu’s voice sounded by Lu Xuan’s ear. Lu Xuan hurriedly greeted him. Elder Xu waved his hand signaling that it was unnecessary.

“There is my sword sect master’s peak. It is called the Fallen Sword Peak. It was once the the main peak of the entire Wind Sword Sect. That stone sword, was carved by the Wind Sword Sect’s first sect master. Rumors say, the old sect master carved his entire life’s understanding into that stone sword. It’s a pity though that no one who came after has been able to perceive anything from it. Especially recently when the sword faction couldn’t even protect its standing.”

Elder Xu’s voice had a slightly mixed tone. Although Elder Zheng had just been so disparaging towards the sword faction, he had appeared like he hadn’t minded it, but how could he easily just take it in?

Lu Xuan wanted to say something to comfort, but did not know what to say. He himself right now was just someone who was talented, empty of achievements. Only until he could fully displayed the extent of his talent would his words have worth, thus he could only be silent for now.

The enormous sword soon landed. Its landing location was on a large public square. Lu Xuan looked around. This place was packed with quite a few martial artists. With a rough estimate, there were probably at least a thousand people!

“This is my sword faction’s square. The people you see are all new disciples that were attracted from the three great empires. It seems like blade faction didn’t only act against you guys and also stole the disciples from the other areas. Based on usual circumstances, the number of people would never be so few.” Elder Xu to explain to Lu Xuan.

After the enormous sword had stopped, the disciples jumped off one after another. Under Elder Xu’s lead, they similarly stood on the square.

“Lu Xuan, Xia Ye, Lin Xin Yi. The three of you follow me. The rest of the disciples will stay here and wait for further instructions.” Elder Xu said.

Lu Xuan’s three people were the three inner sect disciples that had joined the sword faction. Originally there were another two disciples, however, they had been bewitched by Elder Zheng and had changed their selection and went to the blade faction.

Lu Xuan’s trio followed Elder Xu along a path. Not long after, Lu Xuan saw a large hall, and on top of the large hall’s doors, a plaque was hung on it. The plaque had a large word “Sword” carved on it. The entire word was rounded, but at the very last stroke, the pen had been very simple but contained a powerful sword intent. The sword intent directly faced the sky, as if it was going to suddenly break through the plaque. Normal people couldn’t look at it.  

“This is my sword faction’s main conference hall called Sword Pavilion. The “sword” word was personally written by the old sect master back in the day.” Elder Xu casually explained: “Right now, new sect disciples and some elders should already be inside. Let’s go in.”  

The three of them followed Elder Xu and entered the Sword Pavilion. Sure enough, inside the Sword Pavilion there were already quite a few people. Although it wasn’t as many as the square outside, there was still about a hundred.

Bringing Lu Xuan and the others, Elder Xu directly walked to the very front.

“Old Cheng, Old Lin, I’ve brought the Lin City disciples over.” Elders Xu towards the two people dressed as elders.

Lu Xuan guessed, from what Elder Xu said before, he was one of the sword faction’s three great elders. These two people should probably be the other two great elders of the sword faction.

Among them, a gray robed elder scanned Lu Xuan’s three and bitterly smiled: “Are there only three? It looks like you also suffered from the blade faction’s provocation?”

Hearing this, Elder Xu’s face slightly sank and nodded: “The blade faction’s people are becoming more and more aggressive. This time, of the disciples that I brought back from Lin City, they directly took over half of them.

The gray robed elder sighed and said: “The other places were the same. Including the three disciples that you brought, the number of inner sect disciples that joined the sword faction comes to a total of only ninety-eight people, which is less than a third of previous years.”

Elder Xu heard this and coldly smiled: “No matter. If fence-sitters leave they can leave. It happens to save resources so we can focus on the remaining disciples.”

Saying this, Elder Xu seemed to think of something and the cold expression faded and he slightly smiled: “This time I met a good seedling in Lin City. In the next sect great competition, my sword faction will definitely rise! Lu Xuan, come over. I want to introduce you to my sword faction’s other two elders.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan hurriedly went forward to walk beside Elder Xu.

Elder Xu pointed to the gray robed elder in front and said: “This is Elder Cheng and is one my of sword faction’s great elders.His strength has reached spirit refining middle stage and is a bit stronger than your Ninth Uncle Yan Jiu by an edge.”

“Disciple Lu Xuan greets great elder.” Lu Xuan respectfully greeted him.

At this time, the other white robed elder also walked over with interest: “Yan Jiu? Could it be that fist faction’s Yan Jiu from years ago? Then you could be regarded as the nephew of an enemy.”

Elder Xu hearing this laughed: “It’s that Yan Jiu.”

Then he said again to Lu Xuan: “This is Elder Lin. He is my sword faction’s second elder. As for me, I’m the last of the three elders.”

Facing this Elder Lin, Lu Xuan naturally made another greeting.

Elder Lin waved his hand and said: “No need for such formality. In the past Yan Jiu and I were acquainted. However, Yan Jiu was skilled at claw skills, so why haven’t you followed his practice and instead learned the sword?”

“Disciple isn’t Ninth Uncle’s nephew. I just have some of the elder’s good will and have not followed Ninth Uncle’s practice.” Lu Xuan explained.

“Lu Xuan is an excellently talented seedling that I found. If he went to a different faction division, I would be the first to disagree.” Elder Xu said with a satisfied expression. Obviously, on this trip, he was most proud of having acquired Lu Xuan.


“In the four rounds of the assessment, Lu Xuan continuously took first place in all four. In the last true combat result, with just body refining fourth level strength and rushed up to the sword tower’s sixth floor and killed three martial artists.” Elder Xu said with a smile.

When these words came out, Elder Lin couldn’t help but look surprised. Body refining fourth level rushing up to the sword tower sixth floor was originally not easy, but he actually also managed to kill three body refining martial artists under their encirclement was even more difficult.

Then Elder Lin nodded his head and smiled: “If that’s the case, it is indeed not bad. It seems like this time my sword sect has acquired a smaller number of disciples, but the quality is good. This time when I went to Warflame Empire, I also recruited an excellently talented disciple. Xing Feng, come over.”

Hearing Elder Lin’s call, a young martial artist immediately walked over and stood beside Elder Lin.

“Xing Feng is a disciple that hails from Warflame Empire. He similarly placed first in all the assessment. At seventeen years old he is already body refining fifth level, he fought up to the sword tower’s sixth floor and killed five martial artists.” Elder Lin introduced, “Xing Feng, you and Lu Xuan are both this year’s budding disciples, both talented. You need to mutually help each other more. In the next sect great competition, win my sword sect glory!”

Lu Xuan looked over, and unexpectedly, Xing Feng was also looking at him. The four eyes met. This Xing Feng’s eyes revealed a strong fighting intent, as if he wanted to fight.

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