SS Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: After Body Refining is Spirit Refining

The unforeseen event that occurred instantly shocked everyone there.

Even the battle between Elder Xu and Elder Sun was stopped.

Looking at the collapsed Long Zhan, Elder Sun snapped and angrily yelled: “Evil creature! You court death!”

Saying this, he turned his body wanting to attack Lu Xuan, but how could Elder Xu give him that opportunity? Sticking close by, sword light flashed, forcing Elder Sun to stay there. He shouted: “Your opponent is me!”

Following Long Zhan’s death, the Long family didn’t have any more will to fight. Even the patriarch was dead, what reason did they have to stick around and get killed. In an instant all fighting stopped and they all ran in different directions.

However Ninth Uncle was currently in a killing mood, how could he let them live and escape. Powerful strength exploded out and a claw image that filled the whole sky instantly enveloped the servants, and they were killed off one by one.

Currently Elder Sun who was entangled with Elder Xu was also gradually calming down. Long Zhan was already dead. There was no reason to fight any longer. Right now there were still the servants being trapped by Ninth Uncle. If he waited until Ninth Uncle was free, then facing Elder Xu and Ninth Uncle’s combined attacks, he would not get off easy.

He grit his teeth and used his entire strength to slam out with his fists, forcing Elder Xu back a bit, then his body suddenly leapt into the sky, directly leaving the battlefield, quickly disappearing from the crowd’s view. At the same time, Elder Sun’s voice of resentment carried over.

“Yan Jiu, Xu Da, I, Sun Xing, have remembered today’s kindness, and will definitely return it a hundredfold!”

After Elder Sun left, Ninth Uncle also quickly and cleanly finished off the rest of the Long family servants. In a period of time, in front of the Lu family’s doors there were rivers of flowing blood, however, the blood was all from the Long family’s people.

Seeing which direction Elder Sun had escaped towards, Ninth Uncle frowned, “That old guy escaped. Lu Xuan, in the future when you’re in the Wind Sword Sect, you must be careful. He has no way of causing trouble with me, and will definitely work against you.”

Speaking of which, whether it was Long Tai or Long Zhan, they had all died under Lu Xuan’s hands. If Elder Sun didn’t come to him looking for trouble, then that would be unusual.

“Lu Xuan, you don’t have to be afraid. In the Wind Sword Sect, killing is prohibited between disciples. As long as you don’t go running around everywhere and calmly stay in my sword faction, then even if that surnamed Sun was even stronger, he still wouldn’t dare to come to the sword faction and act wild.” Elder Xu said in a deep voice.

Lu Xuan nodded his head, sternly saying: “Disciple will remember this teaching. As long as disciple is given an amount of time, I believe that there will be a day when my strength will definitely far surpass his!”

Elder Xu had a pleased smile: “It’s good that you have this fighting spirit. This old man hasn’t looked favorably upon you in vain. However, I want to remind you that this time, you’ve killed Long Tai and Long Zhan and already have an irreconcilable feud, and the Long family still has two disciples that are currently in the Wind Sword Sect’s fist faction. In the future, you need to be prepared. As the sworn enemy that killed their father, they will definitely think of ways to deal with you.”

Lu Xuan naturally put Elder Xu’s into his heart, however, he was fearless. As long as he was given enough time, then what Long family? He entirely didn’t put them in his eyes. As for that Elder Sun, eventually there would be a day when he would definitely surpass him.

At this time, Xia Chen Xi stood out and said: “Now that the matters have concluded, then, without further ado, in order to guard against the remnants of the Long family’s revenge, I invite Uncle Lu to gather your items and follow me back to Lin City.”

Lu Yu nodded his head, with Lu Qiong, they return into the mansion and began gathering their stuff.

Lu Xuan looked towards Yao Lei with a bit of regret: “Lei, this time you were with me, and I’ve dragged you into my problems. For the sake of safety, you should go back and talk to Uncle Yao. It would be best if you come with us back to Lin City.

Hearing this, Yao Lei grinned: “How is this being dragged into another’s problems? In truth, my father had long since planned on starting a business in Lin City, but it was a pity that we didn’t have a way in. This time we can cling onto the large legs of the City Lord Mansion and the Lin family. I’m guessing that he’ll be so happy he won’t be able to close his mouth.”

Hearing Yao Lei’s words, the crowd couldn’t help but smile. Following that, Yao Lei bid them farewell and returned to his father to report.

Lu Xuan then took a deep bow towards the others left saying: “This time, Elder Xu, Ninth Uncle, Chen Xi, and Xin Yi, you have all helped me a great deal. I cannot thank you enough. In the future, I, Lu Xuan, will repay this favor a hundred times over.”

This time, Lu Xuan indeed owed too many favors and was far from something that a single thanks could repay. Thus, Lu Xuan could only work hard to cultivate and wait until his strength was more powerful and then pay these people back.

Everyone smiled with goodwill, Xia Chen Xi said: “Us helping you was for you, not for some sort of favor.”

Lu Xuan also smiled, and couldn’t help but ask after that, “Ninth Uncle, Elder Xu, just now the strength that you two displayed in battle was very powerful. It seems like it’s far beyond body refining right? After body refining tenth level, what sort of realms are there afterwards?”

During the fight between Elder Xu and Elder Sun, sword qi had moved freely and fists had flashed, soul force going everywhere with great power. No one could get within several feet of it, and the power that came out far surpassed Lu Xuan and the others.

Hearing this, Ninth Uncle slightly nodded his head: “I imagine that you’ve already understood body refining tenth level. Every time you raise a level, your strength will improve by a lot, especially for the last few levels, eighth level exchanging blood, ninth level marrow tempering, and tenth level rush point are hard to achieve. For normal martial artists, it will be something difficult to get past even through their entire lives.

“However, you talent is very amazing. For you, going past body refining tenth level isn’t a difficult matter. Since you know that, then I’ll tell you about what comes after body refining tenth level.”

As Ninth Uncle spoke up to here, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but perk up their ears and listen in. Although they had also asked Ninth Uncle before, however, Ninth Uncle had never properly responded, and only told them to properly lay their foundation in the body refining period.

“After body refining is spirit refining!” Ninth Uncle’s first sentence revealed what came after body refining.

Lu Xuan was suddenly optimistic. So the step after the body refining realm was the spirit refining realm?

“Body refining already makes a martial artist’s body’s foundation become very solid. Without good fortune, it’s very difficult to go higher, thus, raising your combat strength after that requires spirit refining!”

“The spirit word of spirit refining encompasses two types of meanings. It is well known that right by our bodies the word is filled with soul spirit force. In your body refining stage, you use cultivation techniques to attract soul force into your body in order to temper it, thus, spirit refining’s first level’s meaning is to cultivate using soul spirit force!”

“Although the body refining stage can use soul spirit force, but the soul spirit force that you use is only from the cultivation technique to attract and store the soul spirit force into your own body. For the spirit refining realm, it needs soul spirit refining in order to fully become your own life’s soul spirit force. Once you have your own life’s soul spirit force, when fighting, you can use your life’s soul spirit force to connect with the world’s soul force for your use. The more soul spirit force refined, the more of the world’s soul force you will be able to attract, and your fighting strength will naturally become greater too.”

“Think about it, with a martial artist’s body, how much soul force can it store? And how much soul force does the world have? With the same martial skill, the power a body refining stage martial artist can display is entirely incomparable to the strength a spirit refining realm master can display.”  

“As for spirit refining realm’s level divisions, it is the same as body refining. There are also ten levels. The first three levels are for initial stage of spirit refining realm, the middle three levels are for the middle stage of spirit refining realm, and the later three are for the late stage of spirit refining realm. As for the tenth level, that is the peak spirit refining realm. The distance from it to the next realm is only one step away!”

Ninth Uncle’s words made Lu Xuan and the others comprehend a lot. No wonder why in Elder Xu and Elder Sun’s fight, it seemed like the power was so enormous. Originally it was because in their fight, they were actually using the world’s soul force. Compared to that, the soul force stored in Lu Xuan and them’s bodies were indeed not worth mentioning.

“Ninth Uncle, may I know what level of spirit refining you are currently at?” Lu Xuan asked curiously.

(TN: I’ve been translating ?? as soul force, ?? as spirit refining, ???? as soul spirit refining, and ???? as soul spirit force. ???? has only been introduced this chapter, but calling it soul spirit force seems a bit awkward, but I can’t think of a better way of translating it that helps keep it consistent. Sorry guys.)

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