SS Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Kill

“Xuan’er, why have you come?” Turning his head and seeing Lu Xuan, Lu Yu was happy and sad. Happy that he saw that Lu Xuan was safe and sound, but sad that Lu Xuan had come back right now. He didn’t know if he would be able to escape the clutches of the Long family.

Lu Qiong on the side couldn’t help but say: “Little Xuan, you shouldn’t have come back.”

Seeing that his father and older sister were in good shape, Lu Xuan now let out a big breath. It was good that they had hurried here, otherwise, the outcome would have been disastrous.

He comforted Lu Yu and said: “No need to worry. With Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu here, I want to see if Long Zhan still dares to make a move today.”

Then looking back towards Lu Qiong, Lu Xuan’s face revealed a smiling expression: “Older sister, I have already killed Long Tai. As long as I’m still here, I won’t let anyone harm you!”

Looking at Lu Xuan who was making bold promises, Lu Qiong’s had a gentle expression on her face. Not long ago, this funny naughty little brother had recently already grown to this step. He wouldn’t need her protection anymore, and it had even reversed that he was protecting her.

Lu Qiong gently said: “I know. Mister Yan has already told me. It’s just, you’re still too impulsive. You have now completely offended all of the Long family.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan’ turned his head to look at Long Zhan and the others outside the door. In his eyes there flashed a killing intent, “So what if they’re offended? To those that dare to have ideas about harming my Lu family, there will always be a day that I will personally handle those people!”

Because of Lu Xuan and Elder Xu’s arrivals, the fighting suddenly stopped. Long Zhan eye’s flashed during this time, but he didn’t dare to force his servants onward and was weighing the immediate situation.

Just at this time, a carriage slowly stopped not too far away. Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi’s two beautiful figures walked out of the vehicle.

“The Qing Mountain Village’s Long family is so impressive ah. While in the Lin City that I govern, if you say kill someone a person is killed, if you say extinguish a clan the clan is extinguished. Aren’t you  treating my City Lord’s Mansion as if it’s nothing?” Xia Chen Xi’s faint voice sounded out.   

Hearing Xia Chen Xi’s words, Long Zhan was rudely awakened. He had wondered why Xia Chen Xi seemed somewhat familiar. Now after hearing Xia Chen Xi’s words did he suddenly think of it. Wasn’t this girl Lin City’s City Lord’s Xia Tao’s daughter?

Damn! How could this Lu family have built relations with the City Lord’s Mansion? Long Zhan’s face became warped. The situation was becoming more and more complicated.

Although the martial path was prevalent, martial artists relied on their own strength and murder and arson were uncommon, however, in name, Qing Mountain Village was in the sphere of influence of the City Lord’s Mansion. The Long family had relied on Elder Sun’s influence to commit all sorts of evil in Qing Mountain Village. The City Lord’s Mansion might close its eyes towards it, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be investigated.

Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi walked over to Lu Xuan. With her influence, the Long family servants in her path all subconsciously made way for her. Yao Lei was also walking behind them in a frightened manner.

Arriving in front of Lu Xuan, Xia Chen Xi couldn’t help but look towards Lu Qiong who was by his side. She suddenly smiled: “This must be the Lu family’s older sister correct? Indeed you are fair as a flower and beautiful as the moon. Chen Xi greets Lu family’s older sister.”

Xia Chen Xi gave her blessing and greeted Lu Qiong. Lin Xin Yi on the side also blessed her and giggling said: “Lu family’s older sister indeed is born beautiful. No wonder that Long Tai fellow was eyeing you.”

The two great young misses greeting her in such a manner, Lu Qiong was a little flustered, her face red. She hurriedly stopped the two and said: “How can I receive such a big greeting from you two young misses. Your appearances of you younger sisters beat mine over ten thousand times.”

After Xia Chen Xi’s arrival, Long Zhan currently dared even less to act rashly. Turning his head to Elder Sun, he asked in a low voice: “Father-in-law, what should be done now?”

Elder Sun’s face was cloudy as he looked at Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu. He said: “I’m afraid that today’s matters must be stopped. The person that just came now is also a Wind Sword Sect’s elder.”

Hearing this, Long Zhan’s heart became a half times more cold. So another Wind Sword Sect elder came out. What sort of backing did this Lu family have? Normally they didn’t show a mountain or expose any water. Who would have thought that today two Wind Sword Sect elders suddenly appeared as their backing, and there was even the City Lord’s Mansion as support.
(TN: They don’t show off at all. Don’t act big.)

In normal times, Long Zhan would have long since taken the initiative, but this time…

“Then what about Tai’er’s revenge? Should we just forget about it? I am unwilling!” Long Zhan bitterly said.

Elder Sun sinisterly smiled, “Of course we won’t just forget. That Lu Xuan still wants to enter the Wind Sword Sect. Once inside the Wind Sword Sect, he won’t have Yan Jiu or Xu Da’s protection. I will see what sort of abilities he has! Today’s matter will be just like this for now. Let’s go!”

Although he was willing, Long Zhan also knew that today there was no way to get revenge. He could only say: “Then I will entrust this to father-in-law.”

As they spoke, Elder Sun and Long Zhan were preparing to take the servants and leave, but at this time, there was a flash of a figure. Ninth Uncle’s figure suddenly blocked off the crowd’s path.

“Sun Xin, you say you’ll come you come, and say leave and just leave. Aren’t you thinking too simply?”

“You’ve already killed people, what else do you want to do?” Elder Sun appeared severe, but was weak inside. He knew that with Yan Jiu’s personality, this matter wouldn’t end easily.

Ninth Uncle disdainfully curled his lip: “That was them committing suicide, with nothing to do with me. If today I hadn’t arrived on time, then I’m afraid that the Lu family would have become a river of blood right?”

“Could it be that you want to have us all remain here?” Elder Sun intently watched Ninth Uncle as he spoke. He had felt like he had already give enough face. If they really fought, it were bound to be a fight where jade and stone burned together.
(TN: All sides will be destroyed including people on the side)

Ninth Uncle didn’t respond and looked towards Lu Xuan and said: “Lu Xuan, what do you say. Today Elder Xu and I are here. As long as you say the word, none of the people there will be able to walk away!”

As soon as Ninth Uncle’s words came out, the Long family’s people immediately panicked. They had already seen what Ninth Uncle had done just now. If it wasn’t for Elder Sun mostly suppressing Ninth Uncle, then most of the people there probably all would have already been slaughtered.

To kill or not to kill?
(TN: That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles… I’ll stop now. Sorry.)

Lu Xuan’s eyes swam across the bodies of the Long family’s people. Each martial artist that had been scanned by Lu Xuan’s eyes each lowered their head, not daring to look directly at Lu Xuan. Right now, their life and death was all in Lu Xuan’s command.

As long as Lu Xuan said the word kill, perhaps with Elder Sun’s protection, Long Zhan could protect his life, but they were definitely going to die without a doubt.

Long Zhan was also very frightened. He hadn’t thought the situation would ever become like this!

Originally he had brought the crowd of servants over to burn down the doors, but in the end, his own life was under the control of someone else, and also this person was even the one he had never paid attention to, Lu Xuan!

At this time, Lu Xuan’s mind was frantically thinking. If he asked Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu to make their move, he would be owing a large favor, however, if he didn’t kill, with Long Zhan’s personality, the even if he sent his father and older sister to Lin City, Lu Xuan probably wouldn’t be able to relax.

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan’s expression immediately became firm, and his heart had already been set. Compared to the safety of his family, what was a favor? Favors could be returned, but if something happened to a family member, then there would be no chance for redemption.

Under the gazes of countless eyes, Lu Xuan firmly spat out a single word.


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