SS Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Lu Family’s Crisis

“Good!” Elder Xu laughed, “This old man indeed didn’t misjudge. Right now, I will reintroduce myself. This old man’s surname is Xu, name is Da. I am one of the three great elders of the nine great sects in the Wind Sword Sect. After entering the Sword Sword Sect, this old man will definitely put the most effort into providing you convenience. With your talent, as long as you try hard, in the future, my sword sect will definitely shine amongst the nine sects. In the next great sect competition, we are bound to enter the top three!”

Ninth Uncle also said: “Lu Xuan, you entering the sword sect is indeed the best choice. This time you have offended that surnamed Sun. After you enter the Wind Sword Sect, he will definitely make things difficult for you. With Elder Xu’s protection, he won’t dare to be too willful.”

Elder Xu softly snorted: “These words aren’t fake. That surnamed Sun is an elder of the fist sect. He’s the type to cover up shortcomings and always reports grievances. However, although the sword sect has declined, if this old man wants to protect a person, he still can’t dare to be too willful.”

Lu Xuan nodded his head, and his heart was very glad. It was good that he had encountered Elder Xu, otherwise after entering the Wind Sword Sect, that Elder Sun might really make a move against him, and he wouldn’t have any way to fight back.

Thinking of something, Lu Xuan once again asked a question: “Elder Xu, Chen Xi is also learning the sword, her talent is also excellent. Could she also become the hope for rising for the sword sect?”

Elder Xu shook his head saying: “How could this old man not think about niece Chen Xi entering the sword sect? It’s just that, the Wind Sword Sect’s disciples are divided into three large levels, the outer sect, inner sect, and the core. The great sect competition that I was just telling you about is all concerning inner sect disciples. As for core disciples, their standing is above inner sect disciples, and their number is more limited. Only the leaders among inner sect disciples can become the core. Therefore, core disciples were not divided great sects, and all cultivate together. With your talent, as long as you word hard cultivating, entering as a core disciple is just a matter of time.”

Lu Xuan was a bit disappointed. With Xia Chen Xi’s body refining sixth level without even turning sixteen and directly becoming a Wind Sword Sect core disciple, naturally there was no way for her to participate in the great sect competition that Elder Xu was talking about.

Hearing Elder Xu’s words, Lu Xuan’s understanding toward the Wind Sword Sect became deeper by quite a bit. He hadn’t thought that the Wind Sword Sect’s forces were actually so complex. Not only were they divided into nine great sects, there were also the outer sect, inner sect, and core division.

As the name suggested, core disciples were undoubtedly the crowd that stood at the ceiling in the Wind Sword Sect and the average inner sect elders didn’t dare to slight them. Previously, Elder Sun’s attitude toward Xia Chen Xi proved this.

For the Wind Sword Sect, if the outer sect disciples were said to be the foundation, then the inner sect disciples were the mainstay, and as for the core disciples, they were the very top of the pyramid.

Core disciple? There will be a day when I will also become one of them!

Lu Xuan’s eye’s were filled with incomparable determination.

Persisting along the martial path was indeed the most correct choice. As his strength increased step by step, his eyes had already been opened by quite a bit. Right now his goal was already no longer entering the Wind Sword Sect but was to help the sword sect rise up once again, and at the same time enter the core disciple level!

As Lu Xuan and the others were talking, the carriage was also quickly moving towards Qing Mountain Village. Since the departure of the City Lord Mansion’s carriage, the entire road hadn’t had any sort of obstacles.

However, Elder Sun who had left a step earlier, was hurrying along and had currently already arrived at Qing Mountain Village, at the Long family’s location.

Seeing Elder Sun gently lay down Long Tai’s corpse, Long Tai’s father, the Long family’s patriarch Long Zhan’s face was filled with disbelief.

Slowly squatting next to the body, Long Zhan reached out his right hand and placed it under Long Tai’s nose, but Long Tai had long since stopped breathing, and was so dead that he couldn’t die again.

“This, how exactly did this happen? Wasn’t Tai’er just going to participate in the sect entrance assessment? If I remember correctly, today should have been the day of the assessment. So how did things become like this?” Long Zhang asked Elder Sun in a trembling voice.

Elder Sun couldn’t help but sigh and say: “During the assessment, A’Tai invited someone to partake in a death match, but unexpectedly, the other’s strength was far greater than his. This old man failed to get him to stop, and Long Tai was directly killed by that man.”

As Elder Sun’s words came out, a woman in a dress standing beside Long Zhan’s body began to cry loudly, “Dad! You have to take revenge for Tai’er! Today your most beloved Tai’er has died such a tragic death. If you can’t kill the enemy, then your daughter won’t be able to close her eyes in death!”

Long Zhan also slowly stood up. Looking at Elder Sun, he grit his teeth and said: “Father-in-law, who exactly was the one to kill Tai’er? Son-in-law will use all of the Long family’s power in order to get revenge and kill the enemy!”

The woman who had just spoke was in fact Long Zhan’s wife, the mother of Long Tai, and was also Elder Sun’s own daughter!  

As for Long Tai who had been killed, he was Elder Sun’s blood related grandson!

It was only because of this he would let Long Tai get good results, and the cheating in the assessment was also so that he could help Long Tai get a good weapon, which is why he bet with Ninth Uncle.

“This matter, even if you didn’t say anything, I would still not tolerate. You should recognize the person who killed A’Tai. It’s someone from your Qing Mountain Village.” Elder Sun said in a heavy voice.

Long Zhan was shocked, and then flashed with a strong killing intent, “Someone from Qing Mountain Village? Who is it! I will destroy his entire family! No, nine generations of his family!

Because they had such a powerful backer, Elder Sun, the Long family acted like tyrants in Qing Mountain Village. For whatever the Long family did, basically no one would care. Because of this, Long Tai had been so arrogant and tyrannical, stealing daughters, killing in the streets, there was no evil he hadn’t done. His causes of the past led up to today’s effect. The cause and effect cycle was a retribution of sorts!

“His name is Lu Xuan, and should be one of your Qing Mountain Village’s people.”

“Lu Xuan?” Long Zhan’s mind quickly searched for information about Lu Xuan, but didn’t have any sort of impression about him.

“Older brother Zhan, isn’t the son of the Lu family called Lu Xuan?” Long Zhan’s wife, Sun Zhi, suddenly said from the side.

After being reminded, Long Zhan had a bit of an impression, but then he denied it, “Him? That kid is just a body refining second level piece of trash. How could he be Tai’er’s opponent, much less being able to kill him.”

Long Zhan didn’t really believe it. As Long Tai’s father, he was very clear about Long Tai’s strength. He had already reached body refining fifth level, the muscle altering realm. He had already mastered about 80% of the inherited Dragon Seizing Hand. Against a body refining second level piece of trash, it would be simple to capture the enemy. How could he be killed instead.

Hearing Long Zhan say this, Elder Sun also became a little unsure. The Lu Xuan that he saw was clearly body refining fourth level.

And it was at this time, Elder Sun suddenly remembered something. During the end of the battle between Long Tai and Lu Xuan, only after Long Tai had insulted Lu Xuan’s older sister did Lu Xuan suddenly go crazy and directly kill off Long Tai.

Thinking of this, he immediately asked: “Does the Lu Xuan you are talking about have an older sister that A’Tai would also recognize?”

Long Zhan wasn’t too clear about this and turned his head to Sun Shi.

Sun Shi nodded her head: “That’s right. There is indeed an older sister, and her upraising wasn’t too bad. I heard Tai’er speak about her before. It seemed like he wanted to bring that girl home…”

With this said, Elder Sun’s eyes flashed and immediately interrupted Sun Shi’s words: “Then it can’t be wrong. It’s him!”

Having determined the enemy’s identity, the killing intent in Long Zhan’s eyes rose up: “Alright Lu family, if I don’t burn down your entire house, I, Long Zhan, then I’m not a person! Long Hu, convene the men and horses and go with me to the Lu family. I want the Lu family to be completely destroyed!”

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