SS Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: The Wind Sword Sect’s Situation

Seeing that Xia Chen Xi and the others were preparing to go with Lu Xuan to Qing Mountain Village, Xia Ye said to her: “Chen Xi, I won’t go with you guys. I’ll be going home first.”

Xia Chen Xi softly affirmed and said: “Tell my father that I’ll be back after I finish with this.”

Xia Ye nodded his head, then turned his head to bid Lu Xuan farewell, and then left.

After Xia Ye had left, Ninth Uncle said: “Surnamed Sun has already taken Long Tai’s corpse away, and most likely taken it to the Long family. Without further ado, we should also head out.”

Lu Xuan naturally had no objections. Having obtained Xia Chen Xi’s reminder, he was also worried about his father and older sister, afraid that there would be some sort of accident.

There’s quite a bit of distance between Qing Mountain Village and Lin City. We can all sit on my carriage for the way there. Our speed can be quickened by quite a bit.” Xia Chen Xi offered.

They all agreed. Although Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu could both fly, Lu Xuan and the others could only run.

Under Xia Chen Xi’s direction, the City Lord Mansion’s escort quickly brought over the carriage for Xia Chen Xi and the others. Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi, as well as Lu Xuan and Yao Lei, six people, all got onto the vehicle.

It wasn’t anything much to Lu Xuan, but Yao Lei was excited beyond reason. This was the City Lord Mansion’s carriage. He hadn’t thought that he would be able to sit in it his entire life. This time he truly was taking advantage of Lu Xuan’s light, hitching a free ride.

This carriage of Xia Chen Xi’s was not only beautiful and noble, the interior was also wide and comfortable. With six people sitting in it, it still didn’t seem crowded.

Following an order from Xia Chen Xi, the coachman immediately began to have the carriage move in the direction of Qing Mountain Village. After exiting the city, the carriage’s speed was raised. The speed of the carriage was over three times faster than a typical carriage!

The horses pulling the vehicle weren’t ordinary horses but were four Snow Dragon horses. No matter if it was speed or appearance, they were all excellent.

Allowing the carriage to gallop all the way to Qing Mountain Village, inside the vehicle, Elder Xu took the opportunity to first speak with Lu Xuan.

“Lu Xuan, your perception is the best that this old man has seen after so many years, especially your talent towards the sword dao. It’s simply demonic. Speaking of which, is your primary cultivation direction going to be the sword?”

Lu Xuan nodded his head. He didn’t know if it was because of his own body’s talent or if it was because of the sword crystal, his feeling towards the sword was very intimate. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have touched the threshold of sword intent so quickly. If such a great talent wasn’t used, then Lu Xuan was absolutely an idiot.

Seeing Lu Xuan nod, Elder Xu couldn’t help but have a large smile: “Since it’s that way, my sword sect will be welcoming a peerless genius. Heaven is merciful, my sword sect finally can see another rising hope!”

Hearing Elder Xu speak like this, Ninth Uncle on the side couldn’t help but say: “After so many years, the sword sect is still as destitute as back then?”

“Ai, yes. It’s even worse than when you were there. Right now, the Wind Sword Sect is already unworthy of its name.” Elder Xu softly sighed, then excitedly began speaking again: “However, right now we’ve obtained Lu Xuan, the sword sect will definitely rise again!”

The conversation between the two made Lu Xuan’s head feel fogged up. Wasn’t the Wind Sword Sect the Wind Sword Sect? Then what was the sword sect?

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn’t but ask: “Elder Xu, disciple does not have much understanding towards the Wind Sword Sect. Can Elder please explain to this disciple.”

As Lu Xuan spoke, Yao Lei and Lin Xin Yi also perked up their ears, attentively listening in. They were also going to enter the Wind Sword Sect. If Elder Xu could explain a few things, it would definitely be more convenient in the future.

Hearing this, Elder Xu stroke his long beard and said: “Even if you didn’t ask, I would still explain this to you. Although the Wind Sword Sect’s name has the word sword, after developing for so long, within the sect, it is not purely cultivating the sword, but is divided into many sects. Each sect primarily cultivates a weapon.”

“Currently, the Wind Sword Sect is divided into a total of nine great sect divisions. The divisions are sword, blade, spears and halberds, axes and hammers, staffs, bows and crossbows, staffs, whips and lances, fist and claw, as well as some other strange ones. The nine great sect divisions includes all of those weapons.”

Hearing this, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but say: “The Wind Sword Sect started as a sword sect. Then it seems like the sword sect ought to be the strongest, but listening to the elder, the words you just said make it seems like the sword sect isn’t?”

Elder Xu heard these words and bitterly smiled: “Not only is it not, the current sword sect is already the worst sect.”

As he spoke these words, other than Ninth Uncle, the others were all shocked. Obviously they hadn’t thought that the sword sect’s position was actually at the bottom. It was simply hard to imagine.

Lu Xuan said: “According to what I know, amongst Lin City, the martial artists that learn the sword are the greatest in number, and the number of people that want to enter should also be the greatest. How did it drop to this point?”

The rest nodded their heads. Lu Xuan’s words were indeed true.In this carriage, other than Yao Lei who had decided on the blade on the spur of the moment, Lu Xuan, Xia Chen Xi, Lin Xin Yi, along with the Xia Ye who had left, were all sword practitioners. The high proportion was easy to see.

“Indeed it’s like that. Each time after the sect entrance  assessment is over is the sword sect’s most popular time for a while, but within half a year, these newly accepted disciples will one by one enter into the other sect divisions.”

After a pause, Elder Xu continued to say: “You guys should know, the sword is the weapon of a genius. The people that learn the sword must rely on perception. If their perception isn’t good enough, then even if more effort is spent, will only have half the reward, unlike the other weapons. The blade is also good, the spear is also accomplished. As long as you put in the bitter effort, even if you can’t reach large success on the martial path, you will still be able to use a lot of strength.

“It’s just that for most martial artists, their perception is only mediocre. How could finding a martial artist with splendid perception be so simple. Even if one is found, the other party won’t necessarily want to learn the sword. Since it’s that way, many of the disciples that just enter the sword sect, after learning for half a year will discover that their choice was unsatisfactory, and other disciples that entered other sects have surpassed them, the discontent will rise amongst them. These people will choose to leave the sword sect and choose a different sect.

“Twenty years. An entire twenty years, my sword sect hasn’t been able to produce a genius. Every time at the Sect’s Great Competition, my sword sect did worse and worse, up until three years ago, we got the very last place. It should be known, with the limited resources of the overall sect, the higher the sect places, the more resources they will obtain. The sword sect dropped to last place, and the amount of resources received is naturally the least. This undoubtedly makes more and more disciples leave the sword sect. We’ve been trapped in an evil cycle with no way of getting out.”

Elder Xu’s voice echoed inside the vehicle. Lu Xuan was also silent. From the words Elder Xu spoke, he could hear the deep exasperation and the tremendous desire for a genius!

He took a deep breath and said: “Disciple is not sure if he is the genius that elder spoke of, but disciple will definitely try his hardest, cultivate more, and vow to open up a new situation for the sword sect.”

Lu Xuan’s resolute and decisive voice landed in the ears of everyone there. They felt a powerful self-confidence as well as a powerful determination!


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