SS Chapter 52

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Chapter 52:Middle Grade Iron Grade vs Upper Grade Iron Grade

“Properly treasure this hour. This will be your last hour. You are doomed to become a stepping stone for me, Long Tai!” Looking at Lu Xuan, Long Tai proudly said.

Scanning Long Tai, Lu Xuan didn’t say anything and sat down cross-legged and began recovering his soul force.

Having been ignored by Lu Xuan, Long Tai coldly snorted and didn’t say anything else and similarly began to recover.

The field went became quiet. Not a single one of the martial artists left, each waiting for the fight to begin. They also wanted to know, between Lu Xuan and Long Tai, who was better?

Time flowed by quickly. After the hour was over, Elder Sun once again loudly announced: “It has been one hour! Let the duel begin!”

Lu Xuan was the first to stand up. Using the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, his recovery speed was better than most people and had long since completely recovered.

Long Tai also slowly got up. An hour was too short. He only recovered about 80%, but he told himself, Lu Xuan definitely didn’t fully recover, moreover, he was body refining fifth level. Facing the body refining fourth level Lu Xuan, he was confident in his victory.

“Lu Xuan, come out and accept death!” Long Tai shouted.

Steadily walking out of the crowd, Lu Xuan’s eyes held a powerful look. It was time to clean up the grudge between him and Long Tai!

“If it’s a natural disaster, it can be fixed, but if it was created by yourself, you will be doomed! You dare to have plans against my Lu family’s people has already doomed you!” Lu Xuan stared at Long Tai, speaking slowly.

Long Tai looked up to the sky and laughed: “These words should be kept for yourself. Relax, after you’re dead, I’ll take good care of your older sister. Who knows, maybe sometime when I’m in the mood, I’ll let her go accompany you, hahahaha!”

“You court death!” Lu Xuan’s killing intent surged. His steps suddenly sped up, suddenly charging towards Long Tai, punching out, carrying with it a powerful wind!

Facing Lu Xuan’s attack, Long Tai didn’t dodge at all. With a low growl, he similarly punched out, matching Lu Xuan’s blow for blow.

The two fists collided, and there was only a muffled bang and dust was stirred up. The two were simultaneously pushed back. The power of each of their fists in the collision were equal.  

Long Tai was body refining fifth level and was higher than Lu Xuan by a small realm, yet the difference in power between him and Lu Xuan was only between half a jin or eight taels.

After being pushed back in one move, this time Long Tai took the initiative to attack. His two legs suddenly exerted force, and his body launched forward, and punched out again.

Lu Xuan was fearless and greeted it with his body. Although his level was lower than Long Tai’s, the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic greatly enhanced his body’s strength.

The two of them continued to meet each other’s punches for many rounds. The onlooking martial artists felt their hearts stir. This kinds of collisions of pure force, although they didn’t look all that pretty, it was the type that made people’s blood boil. That feeling in their bones subconsciously made people want to shout loudly in support.

After another collision ended, Long Tai’s expression became more and more serious. He had originally thought with his body refining fifth level he would be able to directly put Lu Xuan in the ground, but the strength that Lu Xuan had shown was far beyond his expectations. Every time they collided, Lu Xuan had instead held a slight advantage. After a few more punches, he already felt his fist was beginning to duly ache.

Lu Xuan absolutely could not be left alive. If he was this strong at body refining fourth level, if he was allowed to improve another step, he would no longer be an opponent!

Thinking of this, Long Tai stared at Lu Xuan at said: “Your strength is indeed beyond my expectations, however, it stops there!”

Done speaking, Long Tai unwrapped the bag on his back and a pair of iron claws suddenly appeared in his hands. He had impressively decided to use his weapon!

“These claws are called Cloud Piercer, upper grade iron grade equipment! If I had these claws on hand, then the Sword Tower’s sixth floor wouldn’t have survived!” Long Tai proudly said. With the claws in hand, his confidence evidently shot up.

Previously in the Sword Tower, he could only use the lower grade iron grade equipment that had materialized. With the Cloud Piercing claws in his hands now, there was no way to compare the two.

After Long Tai pulled out his weapon, the martial artists were all shocked.

“It’s actually an upper grade iron grade equipment! That must be worth a lot of money! I don’t even have a lower grade iron grade equipment!”

“This time Lu Xuan’s in trouble. With an upper grade iron grade equipment, Long Tai’s combat strength has almost doubled.

“Let’s see how Lu Xuan responds to this. I feel like he definitely won’t just lose like this.”

Seeing that Long Tai had actually pulled out an upper grade iron grade equipment, the people in the judging area were a little startled. Elder Xu thoughtfully looked towards Elder Sun and said: “If I remember correctly, this Cloud Piercing Claw was one of your battle trophies that you had won. You had always treasured it. I hadn’t thought that you would actually give it to Long Tai now?”

Elder Sun laughed: “The future of the world is naturally the young people’s world. I don’t have any use for it so I gave it away. I want to know how Lu Xuan plans on winning now!”

Seeing that Long Tai had finally pulled out the Cloud Piercing Claw, Elder Sun’s mood had greatly improved. For martial artists, the weapon was one of the most important things for combat strength. Seeing Lu Xuan’s appearance, it didn’t seem like he could pull out anything good. Even if his perception was great and his talent was great, so what? Without financial support, it was all useless!

“How do you know that Lu Xuan doesn’t have a weapon?” Ninth Uncle slightly smiled.

Elder Sun was startled and turned his head to look. Indeed, Lu Xuan’s back impressively was also carrying a black colored bag. Looking at it, it seemed like a sword.

However, after that he had a disdainful smile: “So what if he has a weapon? What sort of good thing can he pull out? Ordinary equipment? Or is it lower grade iron grade? There’s no way of comparing it to the Cloud Piercing claw!”

“Xin Yi, this time many thanks must go to you. If you hadn’t given the Lovesick sword to Lu Xuan, he would have eaten a great loss.” Xia Chen Xi whispered.

Lin Xin Yi sweetly smiled: “Of course. I have foresight. Lu Xuan will definitely win!”

As they were all talking, under the crowd’s watchful eyes, Lu Xuan finally took out the black bag on his back down.

Getting rid of the black cloth, the beautiful Lovesick sword suddenly appeared in front of the crowd’s eyes.

“A weapon is it? I also have one, the middle grade iron grade Lovesick sword!” With sword in hand, Lu Xuan once again felt that mysterious feeling appear. He had felt as if the Lovesick sword in his hand was alive. He could feel its mood, its excitement.

Seeing that Lu Xuan had actually surpassed expectations and pulled out a middle grade iron grade equipment, those martial artists that hadn’t been looking favorably on his, suddenly had a change in attitude. Although the middle grade iron grade equipment was a definitely worse than upper grade iron grade equipment, it wasn’t too far-fetched.

“Now it’s a show. I know that Lovesick sword is one of the Treasure Pavilions top middle grade iron grade equipments. Rumors say that its distance from an upper grade iron grade equipment is just a thin line!”

“Haha, it’s only fun to watch this way. Lu Xuan’s a genius of the sword path. A little later I will properly watch his sword skills.”

Seeing that Lu Xuan had actually pulled out a middle grade iron grade equipment, Long Tai was a little shocked. He was very clear on the Lu family’s situation. How could they afford to buy a middle grade iron grade equipment.

“Detestable! However, so what if you have a middle grade iron grade weapon. My level is above yours, my weapon is also better than yours. Let me see what sort of victory you can take!” Long Tai angrily yelled. His speed exploded out and the Cloud Piercing claws turned into a blur, initiating the attack.

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