SS Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Bet Your Life!

After two more hollow laughs, Long Tai’s voice slowly died down. He looked hesitantly at his surroundings, not understanding why the atmosphere seemed so strange.

At this time, a deacon came up and took his jade medallion, took a look at it, and then reported Long Tai’s results with a blank face: “Long Tai, fifth floor. Killed four people!”

Hearing this result, a look of pride flashed across Long Tai’s face. While surrounded by five people he had managed to take down four, which was far greater than just only fight and killing four people.

He had originally thought that this result would attract the amazement of all the martial artists, but the field remained silent. The scene Long Tai imagined didn’t occur. He couldn’t help but look towards Elder Sun, wanting to know what was going on.

But unexpectedly, when he looked over, he saw the side of Elder Sun’s face, as if he didn’t want to see him.

“Elder Sun, as the head examiner, you can announce the results right?” Ninth Uncle faintly reminded him.

Among the four assessments, Lu Xuan had taken first place in strength, mental strength, and true combat, and in the third round’s perception test, he had also tied with Long Tai for first. He had well-deserved first place in all four rounds.

In front of these cold hard results, Elder Sun didn’t try to play any more tricks and didn’t have any more opportunities.

Taking two deep breaths, Elder Sun reluctantly spoke in a deep voice: “This assessment’s first place is… Lu Xuan!”

This result wasn’t a surprise to any of the martial artists. If at the beginning during the strength test when he had gotten first place, they had just thought he had been lucky, now after the assessment, Lu Xuan had completely subdued them, especially with his perception and true combat. There were even some that worshiped him.

Long Tai, who was self-satisfiedly waiting to hear his own name, when he heard that first place was actually Lu Xuan, he gave off a stunned expression, and then yelled loudly: “Wait! How is first place Lu Xuan! Clearly I was the last one to come out, I should be first!”

“So what if you were the last one? Was the assessment testing how long you could last? Lu Xuan not only finished fighting before you, his result completely beats yours. Even you would think that you deserve first? That’s just too laughable.” Xia Ye said with a face full of scorn. Others feared Long Tai, but he didn’t, especially since he had just seen Long Tai make a fool of himself, he felt even better.

Hearing Xia Ye’s words, Long Tai’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he said: “Who? Lu Xuan? His results completely beat mine? Impossible! He’s only body refining fourth level, I’m body refining fifth level. I should be better than him whether it’s strength or sustainability. Him completely beating me is impossible! Absolutely impossible!”

Xia Ye couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “Lu Xuan’s result was reaching the sixth floor and killing three body refining sixth level martial artists. With just your fifth floor killing four people result, you’d be better off not showing off. You’re really making me laugh to death. Moreover, Lu Xuan’s not even sixteen this year and you’re already eighteen, older than him by two years, and your result is worse by a large margin, and you still want to pretend that you’re first. You’re really too arrogant.”

“Long Tai, get down, stop being so undignified!” At this time Elder Sun couldn’t help but yell in a low voice. He had been backing Long Tai all this time, and now Long Tai was losing face, which in turn was causing him to lose face.

Long Tai completely ignored Elder Sun’s words and yelled: “Impossible! How could body refining fourth level kill three body refining sixth level martial artists. I don’t believe it! Elder, I think that Lu Xuan definitely cheated! I want to compare with him for one match! Unless he beats me, I won’t be satisfied!”

Hearing Long Tai’s words, Elder Sun’s moved quickly. He had already lost anyway. Recognizing defeat this way wasn’t as good as letting Long Tai cause some trouble. Perhaps there would even be a chance for a comeback. Also, he also didn’t believe that Lu Xuan could kill three body refining sixth level martial artists with his body refining fourth level strength.

In a slightly deep tone, Elder Sun asked towards Ninth Uncle, Elder Xu, and the other elder: “An examinee is unsatisfied and wants to fight. What do you guys think?”

“This is a little against the rules isn’t it? The assessment is just the assessment. If everyone was unsatisfied and everyone wanted to fight, then wouldn’t it become a mess?” That elder was the first to speak.

“I don’t care, however, you can first ask Lu Xuan’s opinion.” Elder Xu said. He believed in Lu Xuan’s strength. During this match, he would surely win.

“Let’s ask Lu Xuan then. If he agrees, then I’ll agree.” Ninth Uncle similarly said.

Seeing that Ninth Uncle and Elder Xu weren’t too opposed to the fight, Elder Sun immediately bypassed the first elder’s words and loudly said: “Lu Xuan, Long Tai thinks that you cheated for your result and wants to fight you. Will you accept?”

Lu Xuan suddenly smiled, “My results are placed right there. Is there cheating just because he said there was cheating? If the three hundred people in the field all aren’t satisfied, then won’t I have to fight three hundred times?”

“Lu Xuan, do you dare?!” Long Tai angrily shouted.

“Do I dare? Ah, what don’t I dare. If you want to fight, that’s fine; however, you can’t fight me just because you can fight me. We have to have a bet right?”

Hearing this, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi looked at each other and smiled. Obviously, they thought of the duel on Spirit Materials Street in the martial arena. Lu Xuan had dueled for the bet of two hundred taels of gold with Long Yang. Who knows what Lu Xuan was preparing for this time.

Hearing that Lu Xuan actually wanted to bet, Long Tai immediately smiled contemptuously: “Paupers are paupers. Tell me what you want to be, I’m just afraid that you won’t be alive to get it.”

Seeing that Long Tai was willing, the smile on Lu Xuan’s face suddenly disappeared and stressed each word as he said: “Your life!”

The martial artists who had originally been watching for the show, hearing Lu Xuan’s words, suddenly became quiet. By now they had also seen through that Lu Xuan and Long Tai obviously had quite a bit of resentment between them. This time wasn’t some simple betting match. Lu Xuan wanted to kill Long Tai in a fight!

A life and death battle!

Long Tai’s eyes squinted. Lu Xuan’s request was beyond his expectations, but was also to his liking because he similarly wanted to take Lu Xuan’s life while fighting!

Aside from the resentment between the Long family and the Lu family, since the start of the assessment, Lu Xuan had constantly suppressed him, repeatedly making him lose face. With Long Tai’s revengeful personality, how could he not try to take everything back?

“If you want my life then we’ll have to see if you have the strength to take it. This bet, I accept!”

After Long Tai agreed to Lu Xuan’s condition, the martial artists in the field became excited. They had originally thought that the assessment was over. They hadn’t thought that the real climax had only just arrived. Only a life for a life could be so stimulating!

The people in the field had all passed the mental strength trial’s courage test and were naturally unafraid of killing people.

Without a doubt, this duel had been agreed to by both people. Elder Sun’s face was somewhat dignified. He hadn’t though that this common duel would have become a match to the death, but both sides had agreed and he couldn’t stop it.

“Since you have both agreed, then this duel will be set. After just experiencing those fights, most of your soul force must have been consume. Right now I will give you an hour to restore your soul force. After an hour, the duel will begin!” Elder Sun’s voice rang out through the surroundings.

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