SS Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Sword Tower

“Silence!” Elder Sun shouted: “To be able to stand out among this many martial artists, your strengths can be considered as not bad. To express your affirmations, after the end of the assessment, everyone will receive a Bone Cleansing dan as a reward!”

“However, right now the assessment has still not ended. After the assessment has ended, you will all be ranked. The top twenty martial artists, other than the Bone Cleansing dan, you will also receive a Muscle Altering pill! The top ten martial artists will be qualified to enter the inner sect and will receive two Muscle Altering pills! The top three martial artists will be reward with five Muscle Altering pills and the first place martial artist’s reward will be to choose one from a lower grade iron grade equipment, a lower Huang tier martial skill or cultivation technique, and a body refining seventh level pill or lower!”  

Elder Sun loudly announced the rewards. Such rich rewards instantly ignited the atmosphere!

Each of the warriors revealed hints of undisguised greed. The rewards were too rich, so rich that none of them were unmoved!

Although it was said that they would receive a Bone Cleansing dan right now, but compared to a Muscle Altering pill, the Bone Cleansing dan’s price was much less. A Bone Cleansing dan was a dan medicine used for body refining fourth level bone cleansing. As for the Muscle Altering pill, it was a dan medicine for body refining fifth level muscle forging realm. There was a ten times difference in price!

If they could enter the top ten, they could directly become an inner sect disciple. The potential for development was far greater than an outer disciple’s. The reward two muscle altering pills didn’t even need to be mentioned.

At this time, those peak body refining fourth level martial artists began warming up. Their aim was naturally to get in the top ten.

As for the top three rewards, although it was even richer, they didn’t dare to long for it. There was Lu Xuan, Long Tai, and Xia Ye there. The top three candidates had already basically been decided.

Xia Ye and Long Tai also couldn’t help but have fire in their eyes. Their goal was to get first place!

But thinking of first place, Xia Ye remembered Lu Xuan by his side and suddenly felt a burst of weakness. Lu Xuan’s momentum was too powerful. He had taken first place in both the first and second round, and had tied with Long Tai for first in the third round. And looking at his appearance, his true combat strength was about there. Perhaps, only Long Tai had a chance of contending with Lu Xuan for first place. After all, Long Tai had taken second place for the strength assessment and tied with Lu Xuan for the perception assessment.

Turning his head to look at Lu Xuan, Xia Ye discovered that Lu Xuan’s expression was very calm. He hadn’t been moved by the rich rewards that Elder Sun announced.

“Hey, Lu Xuan, is your heart not moved at all?” Xia Ye couldn’t help but ask.

Lu Xuan smiled indifferently: “Is my heart moved? Of course my heart’s moved, however, it’s all my stuff. What use is my heart being moved?”

Although he didn’t say his words in a loud voice, but they revealed his unparalleled self-confidence.

Only now did Xia Ye discover that the proudest person wasn’t originally him, nor was it Long Tai, but was Lu Xuan. It was just that, he and Long Tai’s pride was outwardly displayed, while Lu Xuan’s arrogance was kept inside. This was true pride!

Seeing the martial artists’ excited expressions, Elder Sun satisfiedly nodded his head and continued to say: “Although the rewards are rich, but they must be qualified. In the fourth round’s assessment, the true combat assessment, there is no place to cheat. Strength is only one part of it. Also, this round’s results are the most important part for the results. Even if your results from the previous rounds wasn’t too good, if you can do amazingly well in this fourth round, then the final ranking might not be low!”  

These words from Elder Sun were obviously a little pointed.

Xia Ye quietly reminded: “Lu Xuan, you need to be careful. Looking at Elder Sun’s actions, if you lose to Long Tai in the fourth round, he will definitely forcefully give Long Tai the first place.

Lu Xuan nodded his head. Did he not know that Elder Sun was clearly favoring Long Tai? But no matter how it was, in front of absolute strength, a few underhanded tactics would be crushed!

The fourth rounds true combat assessment location wasn’t located in the Sword Testing Hall but was outside the Sword Testing Hall in a tall tower called as sword tower!

Within the three empires under the Wind Sword Sect’s control, every city had built a sword tower. Its purpose was for the Wind Sword Sect’s annual sect entrance assessment.

Very soon, under the leading of Ninth Uncle and Elder Sun, all of the martial artists arrived in front of the sword tower. The crowd of people curiously looked at the grand tower. Although everyone there knew that there was a sword tower in Lin City, very few people had ever gone to it because the Sword Tower was only opened during the assessment.

“This sword tower is the location for your fourth round’s assessment!” Elder Sun’s voice sounded out: “The sword tower has ten floors. In each floor there is an illusion array and a killing array. Only by breaking through the arrays can you continue to go upwards. Each floor corresponds to a level. The first floor is body refining first level and the tenth floor is body refining tenth level. The higher the floor you reach the better your result will be. If you reach the same floor, then you will be judged on the degree that you have broken the array!”

Looking at the lofty sword tower, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but feel his expectations rise. He wanted to test his own current strength to know which step it had actually reached.

The rest of the martial artists also had attitudes of being eager to try. They were already Wind Sword Sect outer sect disciples anyways. There was no pressure. They could just put in some effort to see how far they could go.

“Right now, everyone come up to take a jade medallion. This jade medallion can guarantee that you all will not receive injuries. Once you can no longer hold out, break the jade medallion.  The sword tower will automatically send you out. If there is someone who wants go beyond their limits and tries to forcibly hang in there, then the result is your own fault.”

As he spoke, the Wind Sword Sect deacons had already pulled out quite a few jade medallions, preparing to pass them out.

Inside the sword tower was illusion arrays working together with killing arrays. All of the enemies produced by the illusions all had real strength and power. If you were injured in the sword tower, then you would be really injured. If you were directly killed, then you would also be really dead.

Hearing Elder Sun’s words, the martial artists hastened to pick up the jade medallions. There wasn’t anyone who treated their own life like a joke. Lu Xuan was naturally also like this.

After everyone had obtained a jade medallion, Elder Sun commanded: “Now, enter the tower!”

“Lu Xuan, I will let you know my mightiness! Don’t think that you can win over me with the results from the first two rounds. Strength is just a part of the basis!” Long Tai looked at Lu Xuan with contempt.

“Is that so? That’s also what I wanted to say to you. Don’t think that just because you have an elder’s backing that you can do whatever you want. Under my sword, all of your tricks will be squashed by me!” Lu Xuan said without backing down at all.

“Very good. It seems like you don’t cry in front of the coffin. I’ll let you know how large the difference is between you and me.” Long Tai coldly snorted. He turned his head and walked into the tower.

Lu Xuan tightly followed and entered. Upon entering the tower, he felt like everything went dark in front of his eyes. He was in a completely dark room. The martial artist that had just entered one step before him had completely disappeared without a trace.

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