SS Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Bully

Long Tai absolutely did not believe that Lu Xuan could comprehend the Thunder Light Sword Skill to such an extent with just an hour of pondering. This was simply not something someone could do.

Remembering his own experience made Long Tai assume that Lu Xuan must have also cheated and had already learned the Thunder Light Sword Skill which would then allow him to reach that result.

Hearing Long Tai’s clamor, Lu Xuan glanced at him and faintly said: “Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean that others cannot. Food can be randomly eaten, but words cannot be randomly spoken.”

“I’m talking randomly? I didn’t speak randomly. It’s clear that you cheated!” Long Tai snored: “You can ask the audience, who believes that you could reach such an extent in a martial skill in just the short period of an hour?”

As Long Tai said this, the crowd of martial artists also had some doubts. Indeed, they had also just pondered on those stone carvings, and most of them didn’t even feel a bit of the essence, much less reaching the step that Lu Xuan had. For them, this was simply an unbelievable matter.

Then Elder Sun asked in a deep voice: “Lu Xuan, speak honestly. When did you learn this martial skill?”

“Elder Sun, what is your meaning?” Lu Xuan was a little angry. Listening to him, it seemed that he was already assuming that Lu Xuan had long since learned this martial skill.

Elder Sun snorted: “The Thunder Light Sword Skill that you just used has clearly reached at least 80% of the stone carving’s demonstration. In terms of momentum, it is even better than the stone carving’s demonstration. Could it be that you’re telling me that in such a short period of time, not only did you successfully learn this martial skill, you even improved on it?”

Elders Sun’s words made the martial artists feel a bit disappointed.

“That’s right! I just pondered on the Thunder Light Sword Skill. The sword skill demonstrated by the stone carving doesn’t have Lu Xuan’s mysteriousness at all.”

“That’s right. At the very end Lu Xuan’s chop emitted lightning. The stone carving’s demonstration didn’t have that.”

“According to what was said, Lu Xuan probably learned the Thunder Light Sword Skill long ago, and also had been taught better by a level than the demonstration on the stone carving. I certainly don’t believe that she could improve on a martial skill by himself.”

“So it was that he had learned it long ago. Then his perception isn’t that terrifying.”

When the martial artists had learned the truth, they all let out a breath. After all, the Lu Xuan’s demonstration just now had been far too amazing.

“Lu Xuan, I will ask you again. When did you this martial skill. If you do not answer truthfully, then do not blame me for disqualifying you from the assessment!” Elder Sun asked again.

Facing Elder Sun’s overbearingness, Lu Xuan angrily replied: “He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick! Alright, I’ll tell you when I learned this martial skill!”
(TN: If you’re trying to punish someone, it’s easy to find an excuse)


“An hour ago!” Lu Xuan resolutely said.

Hearing his, Elder Sun coldly smiled and nodded his head. He said: “Very good! It seems you don’t want to confess. I originally thought you had a good heart. I hadn’t thought that you wouldn’t even confess to this sort of small mater. Then I’ll just have to…”

“Elder Sun, you’ve put me a little too much out of your sight haven’t you?” Ninth Uncle directly stood up and interrupted Elder Sun’s words. A strong qi power burst out. His eyes flashed a sharp look, “As the head examiner, do you want to use one hand to blot out the sky?”
(TN: Pulling a fast one in front of everyone)

Being swept over by Ninth Uncle’s sharp eyes, Elder Sun suddenly felt his back go cold. Back in the day, Ninth Uncle was a fierce character. Who hadn’t heard of Yan Jiu’s famous name? Although he had quietly stayed in Lin City for so many years, Yan Jiu was still Yan Jiu!

“Elder Sun, this matter should not be carried out carelessly!” At this time another elder spoke: “First let’s not talk about that there’s no evidence to prove that Lu Xuan had already learned the Thunder Light Sword. Even if he had, such a genius should absolutely not be missed by my Wind Sword Sect.”

“No matter how it is, this Lu Xuan, I, Old Xu, have guaranteed him!” The elder who had looked most favorably on Lu Xuan gave Elder Sun even less face, directly saying he would protect Lu Xuan.

This Elder Xu continued to say: “Among us four, only I use the sword. I get the final word. The Thunder Light Sword Skill that Lu Xuan used just now, the sword strokes were obviously had some jerkiness to it. In one glance I knew that it was his first time using that sword skill. The reason it seems so strong is because he has already thoroughly comprehended the essence of the sword skill. Elder Sun, could it be that you’re telling me that a martial artist who is practicing a martial skill and has comprehended its essence would not be skillful when using the moves? The only explanation is if he had indeed, within this short period of time, comprehended the Thunder Light Sword Skill, but didn’t have enough time for him to practice the sword strokes.”

Elder Xu’s response was very logical. Ninth Uncle and the other elder also slightly nodded their heads. Carefully thinking back, the situation was exactly as Elder Xu had said.

Seeing the four elders in the judging area arguing over Lu Xuan’s matter, the martial artists below the stage could only sigh. Only a genius like Lu Xuan would get that sort of treatment. Regardless of whether or not Lu Xuan already knew the Thunder Light Sword Skill or had pondered it just now, for them, they could only look up to the strong.

Facing the rebuke of three elders, Elder Sun had lost a bit of face. Although he was the main examiner, he couldn’t actually use one hand to blot out the sky.

“Then how about this, since there’s no way to determine whether or no Lu Xuan had previously learned the Thunder Light Sword Skill, then let us temporarily say that Lu Xuan’s perception is amazing, the same level as Long Tai.” Elder Sun said with a dark face. This could be considered as him taking a step back.

“Hmph. This kid will eventually go on to do great things. At that time he will naturally be able to verify my words.” Elder Xu snorted, however he could be considered as having acquiesced to Elder Sun’s words. However, he wasn’t going to take any more steps back after that.

If Lu Xuan’s level had been placed above Long Tai’s then Lu Xuan would have been first place in three rounds. If that was the case, then the final overall first place would have been Lu Xuan’s. For the sake of his bet, Elder Sun could not agree to it.

Right now Lu Xuan and Long Tai were even for this round. If in the next round of assessment Long Tai did well, then there was still a chance of winning.

Seeing that Elder Sun had taken a step back, Ninth Uncle didn’t say anymore. The strong qi power that he had been emitting was once again returned to his body and turned back into the old shopkeeper from the Treasure Pavilion.

“Lu Xuan, perception level ‘Amazing’. Pass!” Elder Sun said very reluctantly.

Coldly glancing at Elder Sun, Lu Xuan firmly imprinted his figure into his mind. Without saying anything, he returned into the crowd of people. There would be day when he would pay back today’s bullying.

Seeing Lu Xuan walk back, the crowd of martial artists made way. No matter what, Lu Xuan’s heroic demonstration of the Thunder Light Sword Skill had been imprinted into their minds. The strong power was enough for everyone there to admire.

Calming himself down, Lu Xuan found a quiet place to sit down. He intended to properly organize the gains from just now. The insight just now along with the comprehension that the demonstration of the Thunder Light Sword Skill brought were all very precious riches.

And just as Lu Xuan sat down, a person’s figure came to his side. Lu Xuan looked up and saw that it was Xia Ye.

“That Thunder Light Sword Skill, did you really not learn it beforehand?” Xia Ye asked.

Lu Xuan smiled: “If I said I didn’t, would you believe me?”

Surprisingly, Xia Ye looked at Lu Xuan’s eyes and very sincerely nodded his head: “I believe!”

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