SS Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Shocking the Audience

Seeing Lu Xuan steadily move forward, the crowd of martial artists were shocked. Long Tai’s performance was too good. It was so good that they couldn’t imagine even holding a candle compared to it. Even Xia Ye was defeated. If there was anyone who could possibly compete, then it could only be Lu Xuan.

Lin Xin Yi was also a little worried for Lu Xuan at this time and couldn’t help but ask: “Chen Xi, do you think that Lu Xuan can win over Long Tai?”

Xia Chen Xi gently bit her lip and said: “That’s hard to say. Lu Xuan’s perception definitely isn’t bad, but Long Tai’s performance was too good. It can’t be said for sure right now.”

“I believe he can definitely win!” Lin Xin Yi firmly nodded her head. She firmly believed in Lu Xuan.

Ninth Uncle didn’t say anything. In reality, he didn’t have much hopes for Lu Xuan. In order to beat Long Tai, then we would have to have extreme perception. In the entire Wind Sword Sect, one probably wouldn’t find too many with extreme perception. If Lu Xuan wanted to achieve it, it was too difficult, too difficult.

As each person was thinking their own thoughts, Lu Xuan had already walked to the very front.

“Lu Xuan, what weapon do you need?” Elder Sun asked.

“Sword!” Lu Xuan replied straight to the point.

Very soon, a deacon brought over a long sword, which was the same lower grade iron grade weapon that Xia Ye had used.

This was actually Lu Xuan’s first time using iron grade equipment. Although he had received the Lovesick sword from Lin Xin Yi, he still hadn’t used it yet.

The biggest difference between iron grade and ordinary grade equipment was that iron grade equipment could hold soul force, which could greatly increase a martial artist’s combat strength.

Lu Xuan’s mind moved and a stream of soul force slowly entered into the long sword. As the soul force entered, he immediately felt that the long sword in his hand was as if it was alive, as if it was fusing with his body.  The man became the sword and the sword became the man. This sort of feeling made him feel very comfortable. He close his eyes for a while, entering a realm of forgetting everything, carefully experiencing this kind of strange and mysterious state.

“Um? Could it be… This is him perceiving sword intent?” An elder said in alarm.

“He’s just pretending to be mysterious. He’s only body refining fourth level. How could he perceive something as mysterious as sword intent. In the entire Wind Sword Sect, the people that have perceived sword intent is less than the five fingers on my hand.” Elder Sun said with disdain.

Lu Xuan’s perceiving only lasted for a short time, but in that time, he had encountered the moment what countless martial artists had chased after their entire lives because it had been an insight!

At this time, Lu Xuan’s eyes that were closed suddenly opened. A soft light flashed in his eyes. The long sword in his hand began to move.

Thunder Light Sword Skill’s first move!

One could only see the long sword in his hand shake and a straight thrust. An indistinct thunder light immediately appeared on the sword’s body. Following the appearance of the thunder light, there was also the faint sound of thunder!

This sword stroke caused all four of the elders sitting in the judging area to all stand up, their eyes all filled with disbelief!

With just one move, Lu Xuan had created the thunder sound, and had even emitted the thunder light!

It should be known that in the stone carving’s Thunder Light Sword Skill, it could only emit the thunder light after the fourth move!

At this moment, in Lu Xuan’s eyes, there wasn’t Elder Sun and the others. In his eyes, there was only the long sword in his hands.

After the first move, the second was up next. There wasn’t even the slightest flaw. It was incomparably mellow and full. The second move also emitted the thunder sound and thunder light, except it had been increased by a bit.

At this time, including Elder Sun and Ninth Uncle and the other two elders, their eyes were staring at Lu Xuan’s movements without blinking, not daring to believe what was happening in front of them.

Lu Xuan’s movements became faster and faster. A raise, a stab, a chop, a cut. The Thunder Light Sword Skill’s eight sword strokes were demonstrated by him incisively and vividly.  

During sword stroke demonstration, the thunder sound and thunder light Lu Xuan emitted became louder and brighter, up until the very last one which created a cage of thunder light around his entire person, its power was far greater than the moves demonstrated by the stone carving.

As he reached the eight move, Lu Xuan felt his accumulation of power had already reached a limit and couldn’t help but roar towards the sky. The eight move then left his hands, bringing with it the accumulated power from the previous seven moves as they all exploded out at once!

With the sword stroke, one could only see lightning which instantly exploded out from the sword point. Following it was an extremely loud noise. The lightning chopped into the Hall’s ground, leaving a group of dark trails.
(TN: It actually says lightning this time. Previous times it has been saying thunder light. ?? as opposed to ??)

The sound of thunder dissipated and the thunder light faded. Everyone was dumbstruck. You could hear the sound of a pin drop in the Sword Testing Hall.

No one dared to believe what they had just seen. Was the sword skill they had just seen really demonstrated by Lu Xuan? Did he really only ponder for only an hour and not immerse himself for a few years?

The one in greatest shock was undoubtedly Xia Ye. He had just pondered the Thunder Light Sword Skill and was from reaching the depths, but the demonstrated Thunder Light Sword Skill in the stone carving was also far from being comparable to the display Lu Xuan had just made.

There were actually really people with such terrifying perception in the sword?

At this time, all of Xia Ye’s self-confidence and all of his pride was completely shattered. He had pitifully proclaimed himself as Lin City’s number two genius. In front of Lu Xuan, with his meager talent, he couldn’t even be considered as an onion.
(TN: Yes, an onion.)

The first person to recover was Lu Xuan himself. After leaving the state of insight, he hadn’t even thought about using the sword skill. As he was using the sword skill, his whole person’s spirit was at its peak state, and his results were surprisingly good. What’s more… he had far surpassed the stone carving’s demonstration!

Exhaling a long breath, Lu Xuan slowly returned the long sword and said: “Elder, disciple has finished his demonstration.”

Lu Xuan’s voice finally awoke the crowd of people. In a moment, it was as if the entire Sword Testing Hall exploded. All of the martial artists who had come to participate in the assessment were wildly discussing Lu Xuan’s sword skill. If Long Tai’s performance from before had surprised them, then Lu Xuan’s performance just now was enough for them to worship it!

“Genius! No, even genius isn’t enough to describe it. It’s a peerless genius, a peerless genius!” An elder looked at Lu Xuan, his face filled with excitement.

“This kind of talent is more than just peerless. Saying that it surpasses any from the past and any in the future would not be an exaggeration!” The other elder couldn’t help but exclaim.

At this time, Ninth Uncle was also forcefully swallowing his feelings of shock and said: “Lu Xuan… The surprise you give me are way too much! Too much to imagine!”

“So awesome! I said that he would definitely win! Too awesome!” Lin Xin Yi’s face was flushed with excitement and was pulling Xia Chen Xi’s sleeve as she spoke.

Xia Chen Xi couldn’t even respond to Lin Xin Yi’s words and could look at Lu Xuan as she muttered: “Too amazing, too amazing. Is this really something pondered through just one hour? This sort of perception is worthy of being called demonic!”

And at this time, a discontent voice loudly called out.

“That’s impossible! He must’ve cheated! He must’ve known this sword skill beforehand! How could anyone comprehend to such an extent in just one hour!”

The crowd turned their heads to look and only saw Long Tai who was currently wildly screaming. The one who had yelled just now was him.

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