SS Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: The Stone Room and The Stone Carving

Lu Xuan was currently standing in front of the Lu Mansion’s gate. Beside him were some butlers and maids, all of them in pools of blood, and his father, Lu Yu, was similarly heavily injured, lying on the ground.

In front of Lu Xuan was Long Tai and the Long family’s servants. As for Lu Xuan’s elder sister, Lu Qiong, she had been captured by a few of the servants and was standing behind Long Tai, trying to struggle to get out with all her might.

“Xuan’er, go. You aren’t Long Tai’s opponent. Where there is life, there is hope. You must get revenge!” Lu Yu clutched his chest as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.
(TN: The er is an endearing term for a child)

Lu Qiong’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked towards Lu Xuan with a doting look: “Little Xuan, don’t worry about me. Quickly go. I believe that you will definitely become a great martial artist.”

Long Tai was laughing: “Run? Where can you run to? Old man Lu Yu, you can only blame yourself for not being sensible. If you had obediently given your daughter to me, how would it have come to this. Today not a single one of your Lu family’s people will survive!”

Seeing the scene before his eyes, Lu Xuan was silent. He had encountered this scene multiple times in his dreams. If he couldn’t enter the Wind Sword Sect, this dream could possibly become reality.

If it was before, facing this scene, Lu Xuan may have had difficulty escaping it, unable to break through it, but with the appearance of the sword crystal, it had completely changed Lu Xuan’s life. Long Tai and the Long family that had made him feel so powerless before was now nothing much in his eyes.

After all, this was just an illusion. As long as he was there, he wouldn’t let his family ever receive any kind of harm again! Lu Xuan vowed to himself.

Thing of this, he ignored Long Tai’s taunting, directly pulling out his sword and swung it!

The world in front of him instantly collapsed. Everything turned to nothing.

This sword swing not only broke through this trial, more importantly it had destroyed Lu Xuan’s heart’s demons because this mental strength assessment’s fourth trial was the heart’s demon trial.

As the world in front of him disappeared, Lu Xuan slowly opened his eyes and stood up. The appearance of the Sword Testing Hall once again appeared before his eyes. He had already completed the entirety of the second round, the mental strength assessment!

“He passed the trial! Lu Xuan passed the trial! He’s once again the first place for the second round of the assessment!” Lin Xin Yi excitedly said, her face flushed.

“This kid is outstanding! He broke through all four trials in less time than a stick of incense!” In the judging area, Ninth Uncle still hadn’t said anything before an elder couldn’t help but exclaim.

“It is indeed that way. Other than being trapped in the lust trial for half a stick of incense time, the other three were broken through in an instance. The first two trials are pretty easy, but the hardest one is putting down the heart’s demons. If he doesn’t fall from the sky, my Wind Sword Sect will probably have another genius!” Another elder similarly said, filled with happiness. For them, the happiest scene was seeing the rise of a genius.

Seeing how high the two elders were evaluating Lu Xuan, Elder Sun was a little unhappy, softly snorting once: “It’s still too early to say that. It’s only the second round.”

Hearing this, Ninth Uncle leisurely said: “Right now Lu Xuan has already ready taken the first place for two rounds. That Long Tai of yours is still stuck in the lust trial. Elder Sun, it looks like you can start preparing the materials you bet.”

“You can just relax. I won’t go back on my words. The outcome hasn’t been decided yet, there’s no rush.” Elder Sun answered lividly.

Long Tai’s performance in the mental strength assessment truly wasn’t good. While Xia Ye had already entered the fourth trial, heart’s demon trial. He had been trapped in the bloodlust trial for not a short period of time, and now he had once again gotten lost in the lust trial. Seeing Long Tai’s perverted expression, one could guess what he was currently doing.

After passing the trials, Lu Xuan got off the Sword Testing platform and sat down to the side and began to cultivate. Seeing Lu Xuan’s actions, the two elders who had looked favorably upon him couldn’t help but nod their heads. Along the martial path, good things went to those who worked. Other than talent, one could also not lack diligence.

While Lu Xuan was cultivating, martial artists continued to fail and were sent out by the array. After another half stick of incense, the second martial artist to clear the trial finally appeared. It was undoubtedly Xia Ye.

After passing the trials, Xia Ye stood up and looked around. Seeing Long Tai still on the platform with his eyebrows knitted in a frown, he immediately let out a proud smile. Although he had lost to Long Tai in the first trial, he had returned the favor in the second trial. However, soon after, he discovered that Lu Xuan was sitting alone beneath the platform. Evidently Lu Xuan had once again taken first place.

“This guy! He actually beat me again!” Xia Ye grit his teeth and said. He had always assumed that in Lin City he was the number one genius after Xia Chen Xi. He hadn’t thought that other than Long Tai, who was bad enough, there would suddenly appear a person no one had ever heard or seen before and who was actually better than him.

After Xia Ye passed the assessment, the number of people who passed the assessment increased. The third person to pass the assessment was not Long Tai but was a peak body refining fourth level martial artist instead.

As martial artists continually passed the assessment, Elder Sun’s face became a bit uglier as each one passed because it meant that Long Tai’s results were getting worse by a point again. It continued until only after the eighth martial artist had passed the assessment did Long Tai open his eyes and stand up, becoming the ninth person to pass, barely making it into the top ten.

Seeing that there were already eight below the Sword Testing platform that had passed, Long Tai’s expression became black, a trace of something sinister flashed through his eyes. Especially when he saw that Lu Xuan was sitting there alone cultivating, he couldn’t help leaking out a bit of undisguised killing intent.

However right now they were in the Sword Testing Hall with many Wind Sword Sect elders watching. Long Tai could only restrain that bit of killing intent. With a cold snort he got off the Sword Testing platform.

After waiting for another two stick of incense time, this second round’s mental strength assessment was brought to a close.

Although the number of people that had failed wasn’t as many as the first trial’s, there were still over seven hundred people that had failed. The number of remaining people was already less than four hundred.

The remaining martial artists were all rejoicing because with previous assessments, the number eliminated in the first and second trials were the highest, and as long as one passed the second trial, the chances of entering the Wind Sword Sect were about as high as eighty percent.

And Yao Lei was naturally one of these martial artists that managed to remain. Although his character was a little colorful, his mental strength was actually not bad. As long as he could pass the lust trial, the rest weren’t too difficult.

“The second round, the mental strength assessment, has ended. All of you that have been able to remain here signifies that your physical strength and mental strength have both passed.” Elder Sun’s voice once again sounded out. After a pause he continued to speak: “Up next, we will enter the third round of the assessment.”

“The third round’s assessment is perception. Right now, all of you will follow me.”

Finished speaking, Elder Sun turned around and walked. The martial artists naturally followed him. Not long after, they arrived at an enormous stone room.

Lu Xuan observed his surroundings and only saw that in the stone room, some stone carvings had been placed there. Each stone carving had different weapons, whether it was a sword, blade, axe, or spear.

In one glance, Lu Xuan actually felt a sort of extremely mysterious feeling, feeling as if these stone carvings were alive, as if they could use the weapons in their hands and use a martial skill.

Suddenly closing his eyes, Lu Xuan once again looked, and discovered that these stone carvings hadn’t moved at all, remaining in the same position as they had before. It was incomparably mysteriously.

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