SS Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Lust Trial

More importantly, inside the pavilion there were actually ten scantily-clad young women who were currently singing and dancing.

These young women were all graceful, fair as flowers and as beautiful as the moon. Their dancing was tempting, every now and then revealing beautiful legs, inviting others to break the law.   

Where could Lu Xuan have seen such a sexy scene before. He had actually gone dumb for a while, his body also couldn’t hold back its desire.

Seeing that Lu Xuan hadn’t made a move yet, these girls became even bolder, stripping off one piece of clothing at a time. They had been wearing very little to begin with and now they were completely nude. Their breasts and butts were shown off in front of Lu Xuan’s face. In the entire pavilion, a spring-like and charming atmosphere arose.

Lu Xuan felt his entire body was very hot. His blood was pumping very quickly. His heart was also jumping frantically.

He suddenly didn’t dare to look anymore and tightly closed his eyes. He tried to expel out all the memories in his head of what he had just seen.

But it still wasn’t over. Just as he closed his eyes, suddenly a burst of fragrance came over. A pair soft hands stroked his body, teasing him as much as possible. This group of women had actually walked up to his side.

Lu Xuan couldn’t help it any longer. If this continued he would really start a scandal. He immediately shouted loudly: “Go away!”

As he told them to go away, the crowd of women surrounding Lu Xuan instantly vanished.

Slowly opening his eyes and seeing that the women were all gone, Lu Xuan exhaled a big breath. It felt like that had used up all of his body’s energy.

But he couldn’t understand was why he was still here?

While Lu Xuan was doubting, the shadow of a person suddenly appeared behind the veil inside the pavilion. Although it was blocked by the veil, one could still vaguely see that their body figure was astounding.

Then, this women slowly began walking towards Lu Xuan. She pulled away the curtain and a heavenly beauty’s face was revealed in front of Lu Xuan. It was Xia Chen Xi!

“I knew you wouldn’t be confused by those things.” Xia Chen Xi said as she looked at Lu Xuan, her eyes twinkling and she revealed a slight smile.

She slowly walked right in front of Lu Xuan, and didn’t wait for him to speak before Xia Chen Xi continued to say: “Lu Xuan, I’ve already talked with my father. He has agreed about the matter between us. From now on, you must be faithfully mine.”

Finished speaking, Xia Chen Xi gently hugged Lu Xuan, resting on his chest. Her face was filled with a satisfied smile.

Lu Xuan was muddled for a while, subconsciously reaching out and holding Xia Chen Xi. Hugging such a beautiful woman, Lu Xuan actually had a feeling of not wanting to let go. He couldn’t help but take enjoy the feeling of having a woman, and it felt like his life would have no regrets.

At this time, Lu Xuan suddenly woke up, “No! I am determined to pursue the martial path, how can I indulge in something so pleasant?”

Now thinking straight, Lu Xuan suddenly and impolitely pushed away the beauty in his arms.

Having been done this by Lu Xuan, Xia Chen Xi lifted her head, her face stunned. She looked at Lu Xuan’s firm eyes and understood something. Her eyes suddenly began to well up with a hint of tears. She softly and pitifully said: “What is it? Do you not like me?”

Xia Chen Xi was originally a beauty, and now adding on this weeping beauty’s appearance, not many men would be able to resist. But Lu Xuan’s spirit was clear, and although his heart wanted to pity her, but he would not budge.

“No. I don’t want you to leave me. I don’t believe that you don’t like me.” Xia Chen Xi suddenly lifted her head, as if she had made a determination in her heart. Then, she did something that Lu Xuan would never expect to occur. Xia Chen Xi actually suddenly began to take off her clothes.

In just a moment, a red, nude, nearly perfect body was presented in front of Lu Xuan. Seeing this scene, Lu Xuan was completely flabbergasted. And at this time, Xia Chen Xi went directly up and tightly hugged him.

Feeling the warmth and curves of Xia Chen Xi’s body on his, Lu Xuan’s heart instantly became a mess. He could resist the previous few women, but right now in front of him was Xia Chen Xi.

Wrong. It’s fake. It’s all fake!

Lu Xuan closed his eyes tightly, completely ignoring Xia Chen Xi who was hugging him. He tried to maintain his original frame of mind, preserve his spirit’s clarity, and ignore the rest of the world.   

“Old Nine, the Lu Xuan you looked upon did pretty well in the previous two trials, but he’s been stuck in this lust trial for a long time. I see that half the incense stick has already burned up.” Elder Sun laughed.

Originally, Long Tai had lost to Lu Xuan in the bloodlust trial, causing Elder Sun’s face to be a bit ugly, but now seeing Lu Xuan immersed in the lust trial and unable to escape, his face became very joyful.

At this time, Long Tai had just passed the second trial of bloodlust and entered the lust trial, once again reaching the same line as Lu Xuan. If Long Tai could quickly pass it, then he would get certain advantages. Elder Sun was feeling pretty good.

Ninth Uncle faintly smiled: “The hero becomes a prisoner of love. A young man having a girl he likes is a normal thing. The passionate and just martial artists are much stronger than those that only know how to kill.

His rebuttal was naturally targeted towards Long Tai who had been stuck for a long time in the bloodlust trial, counterattacking Elder Sun neither too hard nor too softly.

At this time, Xia Chen Xi and Lin Xin Yi weren’t really paying attention to Ninth Uncle’s words. Both of their faces were a bit red, both of them were thinking the same thing, and both were a bit curious and anticipatory. Lu Xuan who had been trapped in the lust trial, who was he thinking about?

And at this time, seeing Lu Xuan adhere to his original frame of mind, ignoring her, the weeping beauty Xia Chen Xi had no choice but to disappear.  

This time, the trial should have been passed right… Lu Xuan said to himself. He had just opened his eyes, but this time it was another woman running over. This time it was Lin Xin Yi.

Having learned his lesson from Xia Chen Xi, this time, Lu Xuan simply closed his eyes and began to circulate the Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic, ignoring Lin Xin Yi.

Facing Lu Xuan’s impenetrable defense, Lin Xin Yi disappeared even more quickly. Once Lu Xuan once again opened his eyes, the pavilion had already disappeared. The third trial, the lust trail, had finally been broken.

“Lu Xuan broke through the third trial.” Xia Chen Xi was the first to notice Lu Xuan’s change and spoke a bit happily. Seeing Lu Xuan once again take the lead, she was naturally happy.

Ninth Uncle only slightly smiled and nodded his head, but didn’t say anything. Elder Sun’s face once again turned ugly, saying to himself, this Long Tai is really disappointing! A chance to overtake was completely wasted. After spending so much time on the second trial, the bloodlust trial, he got stuck in the third trial, the lust trial, too.

By the time Lu Xuan had broken through to the third trial, the number of martial artists on the Sword Testing platform had been reduced again. They had lost in the second trial. Some had been too frightened by the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, some had been completely controlled by their heart for killing and had become bloodthirsty madmen. Those people, without exception, had all been eliminated.

Yao Lei at this time was still on the platform, however, his speed was very slow. He had only just broken through the first trial. Looking at his tired appearance, who knows what had happened in the first trial.

At this time, Lu Xuan had arrived at the fourth trial. This trial’s scene was also very familiar to Lu Xuan, because this is where he had lived for over ten years. Qing Mountain Village!

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