SS Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Clash of “Geniuses”

Seeing Long Tai act so nicely to Xia Chen Xi, Lin Xin Yi wrinkled her nose and said: “Chen Xi, don’t be fooled by this guy’s appearance. This guy is super bad.”

Xia Chen Xi was a little startled, “What is it?”

Lin Xin Yi softly snorted: “Don’t look at his polite-looking appearance. In truth he’s just a tyrant in Qing Mountain Village. Yao Lei told me that in Qing Mountain Village, Long Tai often steals people’s’ daughters, violating quite a few young ladies. This time, he even wants to forcibly marry Lu Xuan’s older sister. Lu Xuan was forced into a corner and thus he came to participate in the Wind Sword Sect assessment. He wants to rely on the Wind Sword Sect’s impetus to stop Long Tai and protect his sister.

Xia Chen Xi was very astonished: “There was actually such a matter? I never knew and Lu Xuan never told me, otherwise, if I had my father appear, he would naturally be able to protect his elder sister.”

“With Lu Xuan’s personality, he probably doesn’t like to rely on other people. And also as you said, with his current strength, he can enter the Wind Sword Sect’s inner sect. I’m thinking there won’t be a problem.”

Xia Chen Xi nodded her head, however when she looked at Long Tai again, her eyes were full of contempt. As a woman, she would naturally be disgusted towards people like Long Tai who treated women as toys.

Xia Chen Xi’s eyes made Long Tai feel a little astonished. In the entire Lin City, Xia Chen Xi’s background, appearance, and strength were all definitely number one. He originally wanted to take of advantage of this time to show some goodwill and offer some praise in order to get some attention. He didn’t know where he had offended Xia Chen Xi. It seemed like her impression of him wasn’t very good.

As he was frowning and contemplating, Xia Ye’s voice once again transmitted over, “Long Tai, stop speaking so much nonsense. Everyone will see the truth soon!”

His eyes once again returned to Xia Ye. Long Tai coldly snorted to himself. If you want to compete, then I will compete. As if I would be afraid of you. Others thought that you, Xia Ye, are the number one genius. Today, I, Long Tai, will take back my honor in front of all of Lin City’s martial artists! Looking at Xia Chen Xi once again, he said to himself, I will let you know, in the entire Lin City, only I, Long Tai, am worthy of you!

Very soon, the two were standing before their assigned strength testing monuments. Countless martial artists’ eyes were looking at Xia Ye and Long Tai, watching to see who was better between the two of them.

Xia Ye untied the long sword from off his back, giving it to a person beside him. He looked at Long Tai and said: “Who’s first?”

“Since you want to compete, then you can go first.” Long Tai seemed very calm. He was determined to amaze the audience. If Xia Ye wasn’t there to serve as a foil for his score, then how could he demonstrate his power?

“Then I’ll go.” Xia Ye coldly snorted without the slightest trace of fear.

Done talking, Xia Ye slightly shook his body, and rose his qi, gathering his entire body’s strength to his hand. When the qi reached its max, he shouted out loudly, a fist fiercely struck the strength testing monument.

Receiving the punch, the crystal column on the strength measuring monument rose up super quickly. 1000, 1500, 2000… It went on until it reached the 2600 position before stopping.

As Xia Ye’s results came out, the crowd of martial artists were immediately amazed, and a collective gasp could be heard. He was indeed the number one genius in Lin City after Xia Chen Xi. This result was the best out of all the participating martial artists. Prior to his, the best result was only 1800 jin, not even breaking through 2000.

Although he successfully broke through the record and hit with 2600 jin of strength, Xia Ye still seemed a little unsatisfied. He punched the strength testing monument twice more, hitting 2500 jin and 2550 jin for his results. It was a pity that he did not make a new record

“Xia Ye, highest result, 2600 jin!” The Wind Sword Sect deacon truthfully reported Xia Ye’s result, secretly also amazed. He hadn’t thought that Lin City would have some pretty good seedlings.

“Hmph, this time’s power isn’t that great. I’ve let you off easy this time.” Xia Ye said a little proudly. Right now, having a 2600 jin result, he was comparatively satisfied. It should be known that martial artists that had just entered body refining fifth level were all able to hit out at least 2000 ji. He had surpassed that by a large margin.

“Older brother Xuan, this guy’s pretty strong, ah! 2600 jin. Oh dear, if that hit me, it’d instantly turn me to waste.” Yao Lei was speechless.

Lu Xuan couldn’t disagree, “And this was only a normal punch without using any martial skill. The strength assessment doesn’t allow using martial skills. If he could use a martial skill, his killing power would be even more amazing. Since Xia Ye challenged Long Tai, it would seem like Long Tai’s strength should be about the same.”

Lu Xuan had always viewed Long Tai as a strong enemy who should be eliminated as quickly as possible, but he wasn’t very clear about Long Tai’s actual strength. It was only now that he knew that Long Tai was actually this strong.

However, Lu Xuan didn’t show any signs of weakness. No matter how strong Long Tai was, he would surpass him. The stronger the enemy, the higher Lu Xuan’s fighting spirit would be.

2600 jin. Seeing Xia Ye’s result, Long Tai couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He hadn’t thought that guy would really have a bit of strength, however, he wasn’t afraid. He slowly stood before the strength testing monument and began to circulate his cultivation technique.

After taking a deep breath, Long Tai gave a deep shout and suddenly threw out a punch!

There was a bang as the fist smashed against the strength testing monument.

Countless martial artists’ eyes were all looking at the crystal pillar on the strength testing monument. In the blink of an eye, it broke through 2000, then 2500, 2600…

Xia Ye’s face suddenly sank. His result was 2600. This punch of Long Tai’s had already broken through his record.

Finally, the crystal pillar stopped at 2800. Although it was only higher than Xia Ye’s by 200 jin, but it was a clear victory over Xia Ye.

Long Tai released his breath and slowly loosened his body. He then tauntingly looked towards Xia Ye, “I don’t think I need to hit it again right? It seems that in Lin City, the number one genius after young miss Chen Xi is most assuredly I.”

“Hmph, what arrogance. This is just the first trial assessment. The real genius isn’t decided through just comparing strength. When it’s time, I want to see just who is this assessment’s number one in the end!” Xia Ye said with a bit of anger. He thought he had an almost certain victory. Who would have thought he would lose to Long Tai in the end.

“Then you can just wait and see. I want you to both feel defeated and say you’re defeated. This assessment’s first place will belong to none other than me!” Long Tai said uncompromisingly.

Xia Ye didn’t respond any further. He coldly snorted and left. He had already lost a lot of face.

After punching once, Long Tai didn’t make any more attempts. He knew his own matters. In order to break Xia Ye’s record, he had already spent a huge amount of his strength. Right now, if he were to punch again, it probably wouldn’t even reach 2500 jin.

“Long Tai, 2800 jin. Pass!” Seeing that Long Tai was not going to try again, the deacon responsible reported out loudly the result.

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