SS Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Body Refining Third Level

This enormous change immediately caught Lu Xuan’s attention.

Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Xuan immediately associated the change with the mysterious sword crystal in his dantian. For the mysterious change to have occurred, other than that, Lu Xuan couldn’t think of any other reason.

Although he had suffered torturous pain, Lu Xuan still had an idea of what the sword crystal had done in his body. He knew that the sword qi emitted by the sword crystal had continuously gone through his meridians, but he hadn’t thought that all of his meridians would be cleared by it!

It wasn’t that Lu Xuan was slow in the head, but rather the too hard to believe. The smoothness of a person’s meridians determined a person’s talent. How could a person’s talent be so easy to change.

Previously, Lu Xuan’s talent couldn’t be considered bad, but it couldn’t be considered as good either. But now, all of his body’s meridians had already become completely clear. It could be said that during this hour, Lu Xuan’s talent had gone from ordinary and risen to the peak!

This kind of enormously good fortune had fallen into his lap. Lu Xuan was simply so happy that he could faint. Right now he truly understood, this mysterious sword crystal had brought him enormous benefits after all.

Compared with that benefit, the part where Lu Xuan’s entire body’s injuries were completely healed were not even worth mentioning.

Pushing down his feelings of excitement, Lu Xuan settled his heart and continued to circulate the cultivation method, forcefully guiding the soul force to travel through his meridians. As he was circulating it, the soul force also continuously entered into his body, transforming his physique, refining the body.

After a while, the great circulatory cycle was completed. Normally because of the blocked meridians, one needed to struggle for a long time to complete a great circulatory cycle. The efficiency had improved by at least ten times. This was a sign of talent!

Suddenly cultivating had become such a smooth process. After a great circulatory cycle, Lu Xuan felt a little better. It was if he was dreaming. Before he had gotten the sword crystal, he never would have thought that there would be a day where he would be this talented.

To Lu Xuan, cultivating was originally very exciting, then suddenly there was a huge upgrade. Naturally he wasn’t going to waste time. He started another round of cultivation.

After his meridians were cleared, not only was his soul force absorption speed increased, it affected the speed of his body’s absorption of soul force. Normally, while circulating soul force, to absorb the soul force, Lu Xuan usually had to use more than half of the soul force to clear his meridians, but now he didn’t need to at all. All of the absorbed soul force could now be used to strengthen his body.

Unceasingly breathing in and out, completing one great circulatory cycle after another, Lu Xuan had already completely immersed himself in cultivation and entered into a rare ethereal state!

The ethereal state, also known as no paths no thoughts, was a kind of cultivation state that one could come across by luck but not search for. Under the ethereal state, the entire person’s body and mind had become focused in the midst of cultivation, entirely entering a state of having forgotten oneself. The cultivation skill’s circulation completely depended on a body’s Guan Xing (??), method of circulation, and under this kind of Guan Xing, a martial artist’s cultivation speed  would be raise more than several times compared to normal.

More importantly, the ethereal state was a major help in breaking through to new realms. If one entered into the ethereal state while breaking through to a new realm, then it would be like a channel forming when water flowed.(TN: As in it would occur naturally)

However, this kind of state was incredibly dangerous because ones perception of the surroundings would disappear. If there was any danger, then ones life would be truly hanging by a thread.

Fortunately there didn’t seem to be any beasts here. Lu Xuan who was in the ethereal state did not receive any kind of interference.

Lu Xuan’s ethereal state was fully maintained for many hours. This one cultivation session lasted from night and cultivated until the morning of the second day.

When he exited from the ethereal state, Lu Xuan felt his whole body’s manner had previously never reached its fullness. Standing up and stretching, the bones in his whole body began to let out a “Pipa” sound, which was very crisp.

Feeling the abundant strength in his body, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but try to punch a large tree that was behind him.

A fist solidly slammed into the tree. There was only a muffled sound. Then the large tree shook, and once Lu Xuan retreated his fist, a clear half-inch deep fist-shaped imprint was on the trunk of the tree.

Seeing this fist imprint, Lu Xuan suddenly had a smile on his face. Before yesterday, he could only leave a third of an inch or so of a fist imprint. Today he could suddenly attain more than half an inch.

Over the course of this night, it seemed that he had already broken through body refining second level and entered into body refining third level.

Body refining was divided into ten levels, but there was not actually much change between each level. Most of the time it was used to measure the body’s realm and to see how much strength a martial artist had.

Body refining first level’s requirement was that a fist’s strength should reach 200 jin. Body refining second level needed 500 jin strength. As for body refining third level, it required 900 jin. Each level required more and more strength.(TN: 1 jin=1.1 pounds)

Although he didn’t use a strength testing monument to measure the exact power, but since one punch was able to leave a half inch fist print, Lu Xuan could feel that right now, his strength was definitely greater than 900 jin!

Previously, his strength was only about 700 jin. When he was body refining second level, he could only be reluctantly considered as moderate. Now within the span of a night his strength had increased by a level. This kind of speed was simply too frightful to the ears.

This was naturally a benefit of Lu Xuan’s peak talent as well as accidentally entering into the ethereal state.

Having suddenly been raised to body refining third level, and then adding on his body’s talent improving, Lu Xuan very excited. If someone said before that he would become a Wind Sword Sect outer disciple, he would still have some apprehensions, but now, those apprehensions were completely dissipated.

Body refining third level wasn’t enough for the Wind Sword Sect to necessarily look upon, but don’t forget, Lu Xuan still had a full fourteen more days of time.

He could, in the span of a night, go from body refining second level and rise to body refining third level. Then within the next ten or so days, even if the promotion speed wasn’t so devilishly fast, he still believed that he could at least reach body refining fourth level.

Sixteen years old, body refining fourth level. That would definitely attract the attention of the Wind Sword Sect.

Heartily throwing out a set of basic punches, Lu Xuan felt very comfortable. While cultivating, other than absorbing soul force, it was also important to exercise.

Also just now, Lu Xuan had already thought about things clearly. Right now he would not return to Lin City. Long Tai and Long Yang also wanted to participate in Wind Sword Sect’s assessment. Thus, they would still be in Lin City, and if he went back to Lin City, it was very likely he would be discovered by those two.

Although right now he had already promoted to body refining third level, but he was still not a match or the body refining fourth level servants that Long Yang had by his side. If he was captured by Long Yang again, Lu Xuan couldn’t guarantee that he would still have such luck.

Though the wilderness was desolate, but there weren’t any large beasts that could threaten him. Also, cultivating here was not bad. As for food, he could pick fruits or catch small animals.

Whenever he rose to body refining fourth level and had a certain amount of ability to protect himself, then he wouldn’t need to avoid Long Yang and could return in broad daylight.

Figuring out his plans, Lu Xuan sat down cross-legged again. He had to seize every moment to increase his strength.

But just at this moment, there were faintly discernible voices that suddenly reached Lu Xuan’s ears.

How would there be people randomly passing by this kind of wilderness? Lu Xuan immediately became vigilant, no longer daring to continue to cultivate. He quickly stood up, found a tree that was as a wide as two people and hid behind it.

As Lu Xuan was hiding, the people coming were getting closer and closer. Voices drifted to Lu Xuan’s ears. The field was very quiet in the morning. Lu Xuan could hear the people’s conversation very clearly.

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