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Chapter 118: Xu Wen Yang at Swordpoint

“This junior sister seems a bit unfamiliar. Are you one of this term’s new students?” Xu Wen Yang’s eyes were affectionate as he asked Lin Xin Yi.

Towards this guy who had suddenly appeared, Lin Xin Yi was a bit puzzled. She couldn’t help wonder, Does this guy had something wrong with his head?

She wasn’t like Xia Chen Xi who had a gentle temperament with everyone. Her gentleness was for Lu Xuan only. Immediately she directly said: “Who are you? I also don’t know you, please move aside.”

Saying this, Lin Xin Yi walked past Xu Wen Yang and was about to return to the crowd of people.

However, Xu Wen Yang then followed up by taking a step forward, once again blocking Lin Xin Yi’s path. The smile on his face was even wider. A girl with personality? I like it. I had just gotten annoyed with those girls that just flung themselves.

“Hehe, this is the first time we’ve met so of course junior sister doesn’t recognize me, however, it’s not too late to learn. My name is Xu Wen Yang. I imagine that junior sister ought to have heard of my name.” Saying this, a look of self-satisfaction appeared on Xu Wen Yang’s face. With his impressive looks plus his fame for being number one in the inner sect, his move seemed to have no drawbacks. He assumed that even if Lin Xin Yi had even more personality, she would still have to admire him.

When Lin Xin Yi heard this, she was indeed stunned. Seeing this, Xu Wen Yang grew happy inside. Did you think that if you had more personality you would be able to escape my grasp?

Only, Lin Xin Yi’s next words caused Xu Wen Yang’s smile to stiffen.

“Xu Wen Yang? Overall standings number one? Don’t worry, after this year, you won’t be number one anymore.” Saying this, Lin Xin Yi unconsciously revealed her pride. First place was Lu Xuan’s of course. What Xu Wen Yang? Stand to the side.
(TN: I’m not sure if it was entirely appropriate to stick this here, but I couldn’t resist.)

And just as Xu Wen Yang was pestering Lin Xin Yi, the crowd of people once again suddenly went into an uproar. Seeing them staring at the ranking monument, Lin Xin Yi became excite. Obviously Lu Xuan once again got a good result. Immediately she turn her head towards the ranking monument. Xu Wen Yang also couldn’t help but subconsciously turn his head to take a look.

In the moment just before, Lu Xuan’s score was going over 5000, going from 180th place directly rising to 86th place! He had completely killed his way into the top one hundred list! More importantly, the person who originally occupied 86th place, Long Tian, was then kicked down to 87th place by Lu Xuan. Their two names were tightly next to each other.

Those older students who had vowed that Lu Xuan would definitely be unable to kill his way into the top one hundred were now all struck dumb, as if they didn’t dare to believe it was real. Based on the way that Lu Xuan’s score just rose, he had already successfully killed two body refining eighth level martial artists. That was an outrageous record. A body refining fifth level, in the midst of three body refining eighth levels, actually managed to kill at least two of them. If compared to his previous record, the sect entrance exam’s result was almost not even worth mentioning.

Watching Lu Xuan’s name appear at 86th place, Lin Tian felt as if his mind had suffered a strong blow. This Lu Xuan was actually this strong. Thinking back to the attitude that Lu Xuan had when talking with him, Lin Tian had felt like that attitude was terrible, thanking him for giving Lu Xuan an opportunity, but he had probably been scorning Lin Tian in his heart because for Lu Xuan, the top two hundred was simply a joke!

However, if Lu Xuan knew that Lin Tian was thinking so deeply into it, he would only be able to bitterly smile. He really didn’t have the intention of ridiculing Lin Tian, he had only thought this guy was too annoying.

As the older students were speculating and many of the new students waited in anticipation to see if Lu Xuan could take another step forward, a flash of light came out from the Sword Forest. Lu Xuan’s figure appeared outside.

In the end, he hadn’t been able to completely kill off those two body refining eighth level martial artists. It hadn’t been that his strength wasn’t enough, but he had underestimated the body of of the body refining eighth level martial artists.

After he had killed the spear-wielding martial artist in one sword stroke, he had followed-up by wanting to kill the bladesman, but he hadn’t thought that the when his sword pierced the bladesman’s heart, that bladesman had forcefully shifted his body, dodging the lethal blow, causing Lu Xuan’s sword to only pierce his right chest.

If that had been all it would have been fine. After being pierce on the right side of his chest, that bladesman became swift and violent. His entire body’s bones and muscles tightened, causing Lu Xuan’s long sword to be completely stuck. The body refining eighth level martial artists entire body’s bones and muscles had already been refined to large success and has extremely hard. Lu Xuan was unable to to pull it out in time.

With this delay, the swordsman to the side had begun his attack on Lu Xuan. As a last resort, Lu Xuan could only explode out with soul force, directly blowing up the bladesman. Then, right before the swordsman’s attack arrived, he broke the jade medallion, ending this time’s rush through the Sword Forest.

After coming out of the Sword Forest, Lu Xuan didn’t first look to the ranking monument or the crowd of people, but instead reflected on the combat from just now, going over all of it. His combat experiences were still too few, and also, his understanding towards the body refining eighth level martial artists had not been enough. This time in the Sword Forest, he could use the jade medallion to escape with his life. If in the future he encountered this kind of situation, he would only hatefully meet his end…

Glancing at Lu Xuan, Xu Wen Yang didn’t bother with him any longer. Even if Lu Xuan was a large threat to him, right now he didn’t have any way of handling Lu Xuan. Moreover, that was a matter for the future, right now, he first had to bag this beauty in front of him.

Looking back and seeing Lin Xin Yi was looking at Lu Xuan in a trance, Xu Wen Yang was delighted. It was a good opportunity. He immediately stretched his hands towards Lin Xin Yi’s hair and said: “Eh, it seems like there’s a piece of grass in junior sister’s hair. I’ll help you take it out.”

Aware of Xu Wen Yang’s ill-intentions, Lin Xin Yi suddenly recovered and quickly took a step back, her eyes full of resentment, “What are you doing!”

Xu Wen Yang still had a smile on his face as if he didn’t care about Lin Xin Yi’s angry outburst. He took another step forward and said: “Junior sister is misunderstanding. I saw a piece of grass in your hair and wanted to help you get it out. If junior sister doesn’t want my help, doing it yourself is also…”

Speaking up to here, Xu Wen Yang’s voice came to an abrupt halt because a chilly intent swept across his neck as if it had already pierced his skin, because he felt a piercing pain.

“What are you doing?” A rather deep and low voice sounded. The words spoken were exactly the same as the ones Lin Xin Yi had spoken earlier, but the results were completely different because Xu Wen Yang’s life and death was already in the hands of the speaker.

This scene was witnessed by all of the people in front of the Sword Forest. Almost everyone was shocked. They still hadn’t even recovered from the shock received by Lu Xuan’s results. No one had imagined that there would be another even more shocking scene so quickly after. There was actually someone holding up a sword against the inner sect’s number one person, the blade faction’s Xu Wen Yang’s neck!

Of course, that wasn’t it for why it was shocking. It was also shocking because the person holding the sword was the person they had just been focused on, sword faction’s Lu Xuan!

Just now they had only seen Lu Xuan come out of the Sword Forest with his head lowered, seemingly thinking of something. Then after hearing Lin Xin Yi’s sudden angry yell, Lu Xuan lifted up his head. When he raised his head, he saw Xu Wen Yang approaching Lin Xin Yi.

They didn’t see anything clearly after that, only seeing Lu Xuan’s figure suddenly flash. When they could see clearly again, Lu Xuan’s long sword was already placed on Xu Wen Yang’s neck.

Standing behind Xu Wen Yang, Lu Xuan’s expression was clouded. The Lovesick sword was placed on his neck, the sharp sword edge against an artery on the neck. It seemed that too much force had been used, breaking through the skin, causing a bit of blood to leak out.

Having just heard Lin Xin Yi’s angry yell, Lu Xuan saw this guy was approaching Lin Xin Yi. Immediately he used Rushing Thunder Flash to move and at the same time, he pulled out the Lovesick sword out of his storage ring, and arrived behind Xu Wen Yang without a sound.

These days, Lu Xuan had frequently been staying together with Lin Xin Yi in the Five Elements Caves. Although they hadn’t done anything, but he already silently categorized Lin Xin Yi as his woman. How could he let her be bullied. Thus, Lu Xuan didn’t even think and directly took down Xu Wen Yang.

If this had been in combat, Xu Wen Yang would naturally have never been taken down by Lu Xuan so easily, but in front of the Sword Forest, he simply hadn’t been prepared at all. In addition, Lu Xuan’s Rushing Thunder Flash was just too quick and he had arrived without warning, which led to Xu Wen Yang being directly taken down.

Of course, the process wasn’t important, only the results were important. That was, right now, Xu Wen Yang was being threatened by Lu Xuan’s sword.

Seeing their eldest brother threatened, those little brothers that had been following Xu Wen Yang rushed over together. Each yelled loudly: “Impudent! Do you know who is in front of you? Hurry up and put down your sword and maybe senior brother Xu can still spare you!”

Lu Xuan turned a deaf ear to them. Lin Xin Yi had long since extricated herself from Xu Wen Yang and stood beside Lu Xuan, her eyes also flashing a trace of sadness. She had believed that in this year’s great sect competition, Lu Xuan would definitely be able to win over Xu Wen Yang, but right now, the distance between them wasn’t small.

“Lu Xuan, we should take a step back here and wait until you have more strength before teaching this guy a lesson.” Lin Xin Yi whispered to Lu Xuan’s ear.

Lu Xuan didn’t respond to her. The long sword was already on Xu Wen Yang’s neck, but his left hand took the initiative to hold Lin Xin Yi’s tender small hands.

Lin Xin Yi was warmed in her heart and didn’t say anything more. She knew, Lu Xuan definitely more assertive than her. Hadn’t Xia Chen Xi told her when they had left Lin City to listen to what Lu Xuan said?

Perhaps he had figured out who was using the sword to threaten him. Xu Wen Yang’s face sank. The hatred in his eyes became stronger. Threatening him in front of so many people, causing him to be unable to get off the stage, refusing to give him face. To him, it was the same as killing him!

But after that, Xu Wen Yang took a deep breath, then properly hid away the hatred in his eyes. He revealed a warm smile and slowly moved his feet, intending to turn around to face Lu Xuan.

And just at this moment, perhaps due to feeling Xu Wen Yang move, Lu Xuan’s long sword pressed down, “Don’t move. I can’t guarantee that my hand won’t shake. I’m asking you, what are you doing?”

After Lu Xuan pressed the long sword down, the amount of blood that leaked out of Xu Wen Yang’s neck increased. The pure white robes became contaminated with traces of blood.

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