SS Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Changing Clothes

The two of them hugged for a while. Lin Xin Yi suddenly felt something poking her down there. Her face suddenly reddened, however, she didn’t want to let go. She could only try to bring up a different subject to take attention away from it.

“Lu Xuan, do you think this waterfall will really help my swordsmanship?”

Lin Xin Yi brought up a cultivation matter. Lu Xuan let out a breath. He also hadn’t wanted to react, but who could resist with a drenched beauty in his arms. Anyone would be subconsciously charmed.

“Of course, however, you… are you sure that you want to cultivate here together with me?” Lu Xuan was naturally referring to how Lin Xin Yi was already fully soaked, somewhat indecently. Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but lower his head a little and steal a look.

Unexpectedly, his small movement had been caught by Lin Xin Yi. She was annoyed and amused at the same time as she glared at Lu Xuan: “Pervert, I already said don’t look! You still looked!”

Lu Xuan could only awkwardly smile: “It was an accident. Who asked you to be so charming.”

Lin Xin Yi giggled and lightly punched him twice, but she wasn’t really angry. She was already being hugged in Lu Xuan’s embrace, what were two glances or so, moreover, he had done even more audacious things before that.

“Although I might not be able to definitely keep up with your progress, I also want to be able to be a bit closer to you. I’ll work hard and cultivate, however, I’ll say it now, you practice yours, I’ll practice mine. You can’t steal any more looks.” Lin Xin Yi said with a bit of embarrassment. Although she said that, she also knew that Lu Xuan definitely wouldn’t be obedient, however, since she was already fallen for him, then her body could also be given to him to look at.

“En, I definitely won’t steal a look!” Lu Xuan vowed, then he chuckled: “If I want to look, I’ll openly look.”

Lin Xin Yi raised her fists, as if she was going to hit him, however her pair of fists were caught by Lu Xuan, his smiling expression had receded: “Then I’m going to let go. You should circulate soul force to stand stably. This water flows rushing force is extremely large.”

Seeing Lu Xuan was no longer joking, Lin Xin Yi also sobered and began circulating her cultivation technique, resisting the rushing force of the water flow. Although she was only body refining fourth level and her strength wasn’t as good as Lu Xuan’s but it was more than enough for resisting a waterfall’s rushing force.

Slowly letting go of Lin Xin Yi and seeing that she was standing firmly, Lu Xuan began walking to the other side of the large rock, giving Lin Xin Yi space to cultivate. Looking back, he saw that her clothing was sticking tightly to her body, revealing a near-perfect body figure without reserve, hiding and revealing at the same time. He couldn’t help but feel the rise of the evil fire again, but then he forcefully rid himself of the distractions in his mind, his eyes once again cleared.

Lin Xin Yi had stayed with him for the sake of being able to to try and keep up with his steps, even more forcefully leaving behind a woman’s modesty in order to practice the sword with him. How could he possibly continue to slight her.

Lu Xuan turned away, no longer looking towards Lin Xin Yi’s beautiful figure. He pulled out the xuan iron sword from his storage ring and continued to practiced carrying the sword. After entering the cultivation mental state, Lu Xuan’s eyes only beheld the sword in his hands, and all other thoughts were no longer there.

She hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would really no longer look at her. The look of love in Lin Xin Yi’s eyes grew thicker. Even though if Lu Xuan had actually stolen a look, she wouldn’t have cared too much, but now Lu Xuan was respecting her so, she naturally was even happier. She didn’t ponder over it any longer, pulled out a long sword, and began to experience the water flow’s specialty.

The sword skill Lin Xin Yi was cultivating was called the Flowing Water Sword Tactic. It was an elegant and fast sword skill. It emphasized taking advantage of an opportunity of an opponent’s reckless attack and using the opponent’s power against them, like flowing water. It was the opposite of Lu Xuan’s Xuan Iron Sword Tactic. The Xuan Iron Sword Tactic was to be overwhelming and use power to suppress the other, one sword to break the flow.

Time spent cultivating slowly passed by. Lu Xuan was still unmoving, but the xuan iron sword in his hand was held up steadier and steadier. Under the rushing of the waterfall, the degree of shaking was extremely small.

As for Lin Xin Yi, she was perceiving while also beginning to wave the long sword in her around. When she was able to use the sword under the water flow without the slightest resistance, completely blend in with the water flow, then she would have reached the sword skill’s large completion.

The afternoon’s two hours passed by while they cultivated without notice. After Lu Xuan let out a long breath, he ended his carrying the sword. He turned his head to see the image of Lin Xin Yi waving her sword.

Her body flexibly danced through the water, her soft body hiding and revealing, the long sword continually thrust out. For a while, Lu Xuan went dumb while watching. It was as if the Lin Xin Yi before his eyes had already turned into a water fairy, like a lotus flower just rising from under the water.
(TN: That last phrase is used for praising a pretty girl)

After finishing the steps in the sword skill, she saw Lu Xuan blankly staring at her. Lin Xin Yi smiled and said: “What are you looking at, stupid.”

“Watching a beauty wave her sword.” Lu Xuan’s face revealed a smile, “Let’s go. Time is almost up. Change into some dry clothes and let’s prepare to exit. Your appearance is something only I can look at.”

“How come I never discovered that you had such a glib tongue before.” Although Lin Xin Yi was saying that, she was feeling very sweet inside. She proactively opened her hands towards Lu Xuan and said: “Carry me out of here.”

“As you wish.” Lu Xuan chuckled. Using Rushing Thunder Flash, he immediately arrived at Lin Xin Yi’s side. At the same time she cried out, he lightly picked her up, and held her into his chest, then his figure flashed, and lightly jumped out of the cold pool.

However, it became awkward again. In order for Lin Xin Yi to change clothes, she would have to take off her current clothes, but there actually wasn’t any place to hide behind in this cave.

Seeing Lu Xuan looking directly at her, Lin Xin Yi couldn’t help but stamp her feet, glared at him and said: “Why are you still looking. Turn around. I’m going to change clothes. You’re not allowed to turn your head.”

Receiving a reminder, only then did Lu Xuan react, hurriedly turning his body.

Looking at Lu Xuan’s back, Lin Xin Yi bit her lip. She steeled her heart and began to take her body’s [***] clothes off.
(TN: I wanted to translate it as: began to remove the clothes from her body, but there was the [***] so I tried to work around it.)

Hearing the rustling noise behind him, Lu Xuan kept reminding himself to not randomly think or to randomly move, however, the more he was like that, the more imaginative his mind became. Right now, if he just turned his head, Lin Xin Yi’s completely bare perfect body would be presented before his eyes without reservation.

He was a vigorous and active young man after all. His breathing became more and more rapid. Fortunately his willpower was very tough, otherwise, back when the sword crystal had first fused with him, he wouldn’t have been able to hold on. Thus, he managed to squash the idea of turning around in the end.

After a while, the noise behind him finally stopped. Lu Xuan exhaled.

“Alright, you can turn around.” Lin Xin Yi’s voice sounded.

Lu Xuan turned around and saw a pretty little beauty standing in front of him. He couldn’t help but wonder to himself, how strange it was. Previously he had felt that Lin Xin Yi was good-looking, but he hadn’t thought she was that attractive?
(TN: As in, wait. She’s actually really hot. I dunno if I got the message across)

Seeing her looking at him, Lu Xuan boldly said: “I also want to change. Could it be you wanted to watch?”

Lin Xin Yi’s face went red and she hurriedly turned away and spat out: “As if I’d watch!”

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