SS Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Too Light

Thinking about this, Lu Xuan said: “Then how about a middle grade iron grade.”

“Okay. Middle grade iron grade is on the third floor. Junior brother Lu, follow me.” Surnamed Zhou deacon slightly smiled and said. Taking the lead, he led Lu Xuan forward towards the third floor to choose a middle grade iron grade equipment.

The deacons all got a set percentage of the disciples’ expenditures. A medium quality middle grade iron grade equipment was at least a few thousand contribution points. If Lu Xuan exchanged for one, surnamed Zhou deacon would at least get about 100 contribution points commission, enough for him to go to the Martial Skill Pavilion’s first floor to stay for over ten days or he could used the Five Elements Caves to cultivate for a period of time. Being a deacon in charge of the Equipment Pavilion was also a plump job.

While walking, surnamed Zhou deacon continued to enthusiastically explain the Equipment Pavilion’s setup, “There are many weapons in the Equipment Pavilion. For iron grade level and above weapons, different types cannot be placed together in order to avoid conflicts caused by wear and tear, thus every floor of the Equipment Pavilion is divided into nine sections, corresponding to the nine great faction divisions. Junior brother Lu is a person of the sword faction. I’m guessing you probably want to exchange for a sword type weapon. Then I shall directly take you to the sword section.”

“Senior brother is working hard.” Lu Xuan nodded and didn’t refuse.

Very soon, the two arrived on the third floor. Lu Xuan look around and only saw a very long corridor. Both sides of the corridors were divided into different rooms. Surnamed Zhou deacon’s footsteps didn’t stop upon arrival. Lu Xuan naturally followed him closely.

Passing by the first room, Lu Xuan felt an overbearing aura, penetrating through the walls, rushing at his face. If an ordinary person without any cultivation passed by, just this aura was enough to cause that person serious illness.

Lu Xuan couldn’t help but lift his head and look, and indeed it was not out of expectations. The two words “Blade Section” were hung up. The blade was originally an overbearing weapon, and nothing else could emit such an overbearing aura, however, to be able to emit such a thick blade qi with just the weapon’s aura, this blade section’s weapon quantity was evidently a lot.

As he walked past the second door, Lu Xuan immediately felt a familiar aura. Sharp, arrogant, an unbending aura flowed out of it. Standing in front of this door, Lu Xuan felt as if there was something prickling on his back, however, this aura for Lu Xuan was very comfortable. It might not have been suitable for others, but Lu Xuan was like a fish in water. For the him who had comprehended sword intent, this kind of aura wasn’t even as strong as the one in the Sword Forest.

Undoubtedly, this was the sword section.

“Junior brother Lu, we’ve reached the sword section.” Surnamed Zhou deacon stopped moving and said, “The swords in here are all middle grade iron grade level. Depending on the difference in qualities the prices will be different. You can freely look around and choose. If you have any particular requests, you can tell me, and I can help recommend some items to you.”

Walking into the sword section, Lu Xuan’s eyes scanned in a circle, only seeing the countless weapon racks on display. On each weapon rack there were displayed quite a few swords. There were all various types, long swords, short swords, single-handed swords, two-handed swords, horse-slaying swords… Just looking at it would cause people to feel dizzy.

After looking at a few long swords, Lu Xuan discovered these sword’s qualities were all inferior to his Lovesick sword. The Lovesick sword’s materials were enough to create an upper grade iron grade equipment. Although because of mistakes during the refining process, it became a middle grade iron grade equipment, it still was better than the top middle grade iron grade equipment by a level.

Seeing this, he immediately lost interest and turned his head to ask the surnamed Zhou deacon: “Are there any heavy swords here?”

Hearing this, surnamed Zhou deacon was a bit surprised. Heavy swords were not very popular in the Wind Sword Sect. Just listening to its name it was known that the Wind Sword Sect’s wind sword name was naturally because it followed the light and quick path. Because of that, not many people paid attention to the Xuan Iron Sword Skill that was an upper Huang grade incomplete book.

However he was only surprised for a moment, then recovered and responded: “Of course there are heavy swords, however, because there isn’t much demand, there aren’t many. Junior brother Lu, please follow me.”

Lu Xuan followed surnamed Zhou deacon past a few weapon racks, until the two of them arrived at the last row. Indeed, displayed on the last row’s weapon rack were a number of heavy swords. Being placed at the very back basically were the weapons no one cared about. Obviously, not many people wanted heavy swords.

“There are only so few?” Lu Xuan couldn’t help to ask as he counted. In total, there were only six heavy swords.

Hearing this, surnamed Zhou deacon smiled in embarrassment. “All of the heavy swords are all here. Because there weren’t many people that requested heavy swords, along with the sword faction’s decline for these few years, no one has been creating any heavy swords. As for these, they are all that is left behind from many years before.

Lu Xuan sighed inwardly. The sword faction’s situation was indeed very bad. From various places it could be seen. He didn’t continue to ask questions. At least there were six. Hopefully there would be one suitable for his needs.

Walking up to the six heavy swords and looking over them, Lu Xuan looked at one and only shook his head. Too small, too light. Just this kind of sword actually dared to call itself a heavy sword!? At best it could only be considered as a large sword.

Only after looking at the last one did Lu Xuan barely nod his head. This one could barely pass, however, its distance from his request was too far.

Seeing that Lu Xuan seemed to look upon this last sword, surnamed Zhou deacon went up and introduced it: “This sword’s name is Collapsing Mountain. It weighs thirty-six kilograms. The force of just the sword’s body should not be underestimated, and also it is different from ordinary heavy swords. The Collapsing Mountain sword’s blade was specifically grinded. Not only is its weight amazing, but it even has a long sword’s sharp edge…”

Surnamed Zhou deacon hadn’t finished speaking when Lu Xuan shook his head. This so-called sword edge was completely like painting a snake with feet, unnecessary. Only a heavy sword without an edge was king. With this extra edge, not only did it totally lose the meaning of being a heavy sword, it even more greatly reduced the heavy sword’s weight. If this Collapsing Mountain sword didn’t have this sword edge, Lu Xuan might have picked it, but this way, it felt like it was setting out to be a tiger but ending up as a dog.
(TN: Snake idiom, superfluous. Tiger idiom, failing to achieve what you set out to do)

However, he didn’t say anymore, only shaking his head: “It’s too light. Are there any heavier?”

Hearing Lu Xuan say this, surnamed Zhou deacon couldn’t help but widen his eyes. This was still light? This was a full thirty-six kilograms. A normal long sword’s weight was at most ten jin. This Collapsing Mountain sword’s weight was already about ten times greater. If it you wanted heavier, then perhaps there were only great axes or heavy hammers.

Seeing that Lu Xuan was unsatisfied with the weapons here, surnamed Zhou deacon was also a little anxious. He didn’t place too much concern on the commission. He was more worried about forming good relations with Lu Xuan. Perhaps there would be a time when he could use this relationship, but if this time there was no way of satisfying Lu Xuan’s request, then trying to form a good relation was undoubtedly just crazy talk.

“Junior brother Lu, wait a second. Let me think about if there are any suitable weapons.” Surnamed Zhou deacon said as he hurriedly worked his brain.

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