SS Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Asking for a Fight

Facing Long Yang’s provocation, Lu Xuan uncharacteristically went head to head with him and said: “I don’t know if you dare, but whether you can or not, I do know.”

Hearing this, Long Yang burst into laughter: “Hahahaha, what a huge joke. Your meaning is that I can’t kill you?”

“That’s right!” Lu Xuan’s voice was very firm.

Long Yang’s laughter came to an abrupt halt. He squinted his eyes as he looked at Lu Xuan, and in his eyes there were traces of him biting off more than he could chew. It had been a very long time since he had been directly provoked. And now today, he had been told off by a person he had categorized as an ant, and it had been in front of Lei Yao and his family’s servants. If he didn’t add a little extra color to Lu Xuan’s face, where would be able to put his own?

“Very good, it looks like you won’t cry until you’ve seen the coffin!” Long Yang icily said: “Spirit Materials Street doesn’t allow fighting. Do you dare to go with me to the martial arena?”

The martial arena was a special location in Spirit Materials Street. That place was the only place on Spirit Materials Street where force was allowed, and once one entered the martial arena, they could fight to the death!

Although Spirit Materials Street banned fighting, but since there were people from the three realms nine schools, it was no wonder there conflicts that needed to be resolved through fighting, therefore they needed a martial arena. Thus the martial arena was born.

“Young master, how could this possibly need your personal involvement? Let a subordinate deal with this kid. If that subordinate doesn’t beat the crap out of him, then the subordinate will be punished.”

“Young master, your subordinate is willing to fight. Just now this kid disgraced us. I will make him repay a hundred times over!”

Long Yang’s servants, in order to impress Long Yang, then volunteered to fight one after another.

In their eyes, this was a great opportunity to earn merits. They had seen Lu Xuan’s strength before about ten days ago, and he had only been body refining fourth level. As long as they made a move, how could he not be caught.

Long Yang snapped his fan and his servants immediately stopped talking.

“Silence. Today, I want to personally teach this reckless guy with my own palm! Lu Xuan, do you dare go with me to the martial arena?” Long Yang pointed at Lu Xuan’s nose. His eyes were full of arrogance and disdain.

“Do you dare to go!”

“Weren’t you talking big just now? Why are you scared now?”

“The young master is personally going to make a move, this is a great honor for you!”

The servants continued being noisy, trying to goad Lu Xuan into agreeing.

“Silence! If anyone makes a racket, don’t blame me for being impolite!” The old shopkeeper interrupted, immediately making everyone become silent. Clearly, this old shopkeeper was a deeply hidden expert.

When the old shopkeeper spoke, immediately none of the servants dared to open their mouths again. Even Long Yang didn’t dare to say anything, let alone the rest of them.

Glancing at Lu Xuan, the old shopkeeper opened his mouth again and said: “Young man, the martial arena is easy to enter, but not easy to exit. Young people shouldn’t get too excited.”

His strength was far superior to Lu Xuan and the others. Naturally in one glance he could tell that Lu Xuan was only about body refining third level and Long Yang had already reached body refining fourth level. In a fight, Lu Xuan didn’t have much of a chance of winning and the fight wouldn’t be so simple. Moreover it seemed like Long Yang was some clan’s young master. Who knew what sort of trump cards he would have. Lu Xuan’s chances were near zero.

But seeing Lu Xuan’s loyalty, he secretly approved. Thus, his warning to Lu Xuan was clearly intended to help Lu Xuan.

“That’s right ah, older brother Xuan. I heard that a few months ago Long Yang already broke through to body refining fourth level. We aren’t his opponents. Hold it back. For a gentleman, getting revenge ten years later isn’t too late.” Yao Lei was also loyal. Even after being threatened by Long Yang he still stuck his head out to speak.

Yao Lei’s understanding of Lu Xuan was still from ten days ago and still assumed that Lu Xuan was only at body refining second level strength. If there had been a difference of two stages then there was no way he would be Long Yang’s opponent.Lu Xuan

Lu Xuan waved his hand towards Yao Lei, indicating to him to stop talking. Turning his head to the old shopkeeper, he bowed and said: “Many thanks senior. It’s just that my cultivation is currently full of obstacles. If I compromise during a fight, how could I breakthrough. For cultivation, I’m afraid that the final result would become very limited. Although my strength level is lower, I must be uncompromising!”

Hearing this speech come out of a body refining third level guy, the old shopkeeper’s face became flushed with surprise. He hadn’t thought that the low strength Lu Xuan heart for martial arts would be so firm.

He then shook his head and didn’t say anything further. He had seen plenty of people like Lu Xuan. For these kinds of people with firm hearts for martial arts, if they did not perish, they would definitely become great talents. It was just a pity that most people would become the former.

Hearing Lu Xuan’s words to the old shopkeeper, Long Yang suddenly smiled: “Listening to your words, you’re prepared to accept my challenge?”

Lu Xuan didn’t answer him. He looked Long Yang in the eyes and said: “Going onto the martial arena, regardless of life and death, if you win, I will naturally disposed of. Then what happens if I win?”

“If you win? Haha, that’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Do you think that your strength is enough to beat me?” Long Yang couldn’t help but laugh loudly. But after remembering the old shopkeeper’s prior warning, his laughter quieted down. But his face still had ridicule on it, not disappearing in the slightest.

“Let’s not talk about you winning. If you can force me to make three moves, I’ll let you dispose of me. How’s that?” Long Yang said jokingly as he watched Lu Xuan. He was body refining fourth level and also had learned the family inherited martial skill Dragon Seizing Hand. From his point of view, Without three moves, even if there was just one, he’d be able to beat Lu Xuan to the ground.

“Be disposed by me?” Lu Xuan couldn’t help but laugh: “I have no interest in your life.”

“You sure speak a lot of nonsense. Then tell me, what do you want?” Long Yang’s face was full of impatience. He couldn’t wait to set foot in the martial arena right now and personally beat Lu Xuan into a dead dog.

“If I win, I want a hundred taels of gold. How about that?” Lu Xuan finally put forward his demand.

He naturally wouldn’t go picking a fight with Long Yang for no good reason. He needed a hundred taels of gold to buy the savage wolf blood. With only him and Yao Lei, there was no way for them to make that money in a short period of time, and Long Yang was one of the Long family’s children. He should be able to come up with a hundred taels of gold.

“Hmph, don’t speak of a hundred taels of gold. As long as you can withstand three moves, I can even give two hundred taels.” Long Yang icily said.

“Alright! Two hundred taels it is, we have a deal!” Lu Xuan quickly said. It seemed like there were so many generous people, and they were even anxious to give away their money.

Long Yang was startled. He had just said it casually. He hadn’t thought that Lu Xuan would hit the snake with a stick. For him, two hundred taels was no longer a small number. Even right now the money that he brought was less than two hundred taels.
(TN: Sorry guys, I didn’t find a translation for that idiom (if it is one). I’d say???? might closely mean pounce immediately after?)

However, thinking that the need for it would be based on Lu Xuan’s victory or him, Lu Xuan immediately didn’t worry anymore. Could he possibly lose to Lu Xuan?

“Two hundred taels it is. Let’s go!” Long Yang responded. He brought his servants and set off first.

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