• Moar. MOAR!!! This story is awesome! You need to go on a translating binge in honor of your first VL translation post. Us humble leechers would be very appreciative!

    • etvolare

      HEH. I see Ainz has yet another new favorite. 😀

      • I give pretty much every story you host a chance because I’ve grown accustomed to your quality and brilliance here in VL translations. The only stories you host that I don’t read are CEO (it’s not my style) and Age of Lazurite (too slow on the releases). I really enjoy this story, though. The style, pacing, and plot are very intriguing. I must thank you, fellow daoist, for seeing Mt Tai and showing its brilliance with us all. You rock!!

        • etvolare

          What! How dare you not read Lazurite. Two months between updates is simply fine. Harrrrrrumph! XD Psst. I don’t read CEO either (runs away from Premonition).

      • Oh I don’t read Fang Hua or apartment from hell, either. I’m thinking about giving apartment from hell a chance though.