SG Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: The rape incident

The moment I exited the elevator, my hot bodyguard floated towards me. From my facial expression, he could tell I was in a foul mood. So, he quietly lowered his head as he followed behind me. I knew he was concerned, but at times like this, he cannot even speak any comforting words.

Was there any meaning of being a ghost?

The apartment was dark. I didn’t turn on the lights either. After taking off my shoes, I went straight to my room.

I sat in front of my desk and turned on the laptop as I began to search up results on the Lu Wenxue rapist case that had shocked the nation. I wanted to find out the whole sequence of events.

Last year on March 14th was supposed to be the start of Spring. Yet, it was snowing abnormally. It was also the day that Lu Wenxue was arrested.

Lu Wenxue was the Principal of a Middle School in a rural area. A few years ago, the media elected him as the city’s most charitable person. At the time, regardless of young and old, male or female, they would give him a thumbs up:

“He is such a giver. He never expects anything in return!”

“He is one of the saviors of our small town!”

“It’s impossible to find someone who is more giving than him!”

“He rejected a high salary in a big city and willingly came to open a school in a rural area. In addition, he personally used his own money to purchase teaching materials and stationery for the students.”

But, these opinions of Lu Wenxue were before the rape incident.

After the rape incident, everyone’s opinions flipped:

“He is a dressed up beast! I never thought he was that kind of a person!”

“I kept saying that no one can be so giving without expecting anything in return….it turned out his intentions were so filthy!”

“Pah! He is the scum of our society!”

Within a night, the media and news tore off Lu Wenxue’s sheepskin and revealed his true wolf nature. Now, the moment Lu Wenxue’s name was mentioned, everyone would frown. On the web, there were rumours springing up from all corners. Hateful comments were as common as rain.

Here was the basic summary of what I read:

Last year, for some strange reason, there was a huge increase on the dependence of online source material. According to the media, online news articles were booming. Due to the tremendous amounts of competition, all the sites were competing based on astonishing news headlines. Amongst those headlines, many Principals were revealed to have used their authority to get students to participate in sexual acts with them. For an entire year, these type of news often dominated the search results. They were even more popular reads than celebrities cheating or divorcing. So the Ministry of Education began to conduct heavy inspections on all schools. While everyone was quite sensitive to this topic, Mi Fan was a reporter who participated in a show that pursued after criminals.

A 12 years old girl was the victim of rape. After she was raped, her body was abandoned in the corn fields between the school and her home. According to the police, for some unknown reason, the child was returning late from school. While she was on her way home, she was raped. Apparently, she attempted to struggle but was strangled to death. As to why she was returning home late may be a breakthrough to the case. The Principal Lu Wenxue was the one who called the police. He stated that he was on his way home when he saw a figure on the ground. So, he went to take a look but had no idea what happened. However, after some investigation, the police was adamant that the Lu Wenxue was the criminal behind this incident.

There was evidence that suggested Lu Wenxue’s palm print matched the palm print on the victim’s neck. In addition, there were fragments of Lu Wenxue’s clothes near the girl.

After the evidences were presented, Lu Wenxue was arrested. However, he continued to deny raping and killing the child. The court believed he was not remorseful for his actions, and the public was furious. Many participated in a march and demanded that Lu Wenxue to be sentenced with the death penalty. So, at the end, the court ruled that Lu Wenxue had deliberately raped, killed, and discarded the corpse. He was sentenced with the death penalty which would’ve taken place in two years.

However, Lu Wenxue didn’t even make it to two years. While he was in jail, he was beaten up to death by some hoodlums who pretended to act in the name of divine justice.

After reading all these articles about Lu Wenxue’s case, I was at a loss of words.

I magnified Lu Wenxue’s photo. How come he looked so familiar?!?! What?! He was that uncle?? I blinked my eyes a few times to ensure I wasn’t hallucinating.

“Wasn’t this the ghost uncle that was glaring at me from earlier?”

Oh, so he was following his son….

But this case seemed so fishy to me.

I pondered the entire process of development. If Lu Wenxue was really guilty, why would Shen Xiaonu be so relentless over Mi Fan? Although today was the first time we’ve met, my intuition told me that although Shen Shaonu was rash, she was no fool.

My train of thought was interrupted by a knock. *dong dong*.

My heart jumped. Wasn’t I home alone? Who is knocking? I didn’t hear Suyang enter though?!

I straightened my waist and covered my heart as I stared at my bedroom door. I subconsciously held in my breath and felt very anxious.

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