SG Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Cheated 50k

The second day….

“Why is he still here?” I woke up early to prepare breakfast, but noticed Shen Shaoqian was still lying in a 大 shape.

“Looks like he drank more than his usual amount…” Suyang also came out of his room. He walked towards Shen Shaoqian and nudged him with his foot, “Get up. It’s morning.”

Based on Suyang’s words, this wasn’t the first time. No wonder…..

“Ugh….” A low hoarse sound exited from the drunkard’s throat. It sounded like it was sticking to his throat.

I kindly gave Shen Shaoqian a cup of water. “You should be dehydrated. Here, drink this.”

Sure enough, Shen Shaoqian didn’t open his eyes at all as he reached over to take the glass of water from my hand. Then, he began to drink the water while lying down. Actually, it looked like he was splashing water on his face instead…

That’s still good. Perhaps, he will be more conscious now.

“Let’s eat breakfast first!”

After eating breakfast, I stood up while Suyang laid on the sofa. As for Shen Shaoqian, he sat on an individual seater as he cutely hugged a cushion and avoided my eyes.

“Do you still remember what happened yesterday?”

“Yesterday….I drank a lot of alcohol.”

“Mmm hmmm, and then?”

“And then, I took a taxi.”

“Continue with your story!”

Shen Shaoqian gave me an innocent and sneaky Mona Lisa smile, “And then, I’m eating breakfast here?”

Immediately after his statement, Suyang threw a cushion at him, “So you’re saying…. You forgot that you caused a ruckus in the middle of the night, and got on top of Goldfish?

“What do you mean got on top….” I was surprised, “D-don’t believe him. It’s…”

Surprisingly, Shen Shaoqian appeared more shocked than I was. He leaned backwards and exclaimed, “I got on top of her?! Oh God! How drunk did I have to be in order to…”

“What are you trying to say, huh? Shen Shaoqian comrade!” I gritted my teeth. I should’ve thrown him out the door while he was unconscious yesterday; regardless of how difficult it might’ve been.

“My head is still spinning. So don’t get offended by what I say. Normally, I would only bother Suyang. I drank so much that I had forgotten you were living here too… sorry.”

After hearing Shen Shaoqian’s words, I gave Suyang a pitiful look.

“Don’t look at me like that! You’re not allowed to pity me.” Suyang rolled his eyes, “Also, are you like this because of her? This time, were you cheated money or body?”

Huh? Was it really a good idea to interrogate him like that in front of me? But although it was awkward, I was too curious to leave. I wanted to stay to find out what happened.

“I was cheated money. 50k…..” Shen Shaoqian whispered.

“Cheated 50k!!!!!?!” I yelled. I thought Shen Shaoqian was smart! Yet, he was cheated money by women?! Suddenly, I wanted to be his friend.

“If it happened once or twice, you can blame it on poor memory. But if it occurred more than ten or twenty times, that is your own fault.” Suyang calmly replied. It seemed like he already knew what happened.

But if he had been tricked over twenty times and he was still a victim, Shen Shaoqian was a true fighter. I’m honestly interested to know how managed to live until today.

“Suyang, I came here because I actually really need your help….”

“Are you sure you didn’t come here because you wanted to create a scene?” I interrupted.

Shen Shaoqian stared at me with no expression. After a long silence, I nodded and tactfully made the motion to keep my mouth shut.

At times like these, I would suddenly feel that their relationship was very close. One of them already knew what the other was thinking without the other having to say it.

What was that called? Hearts linked?

Normally, Suyang would refuse Shen Shaoqian before he even said a word. This time, it was the same.

Suyang heartlessly stated the two words, “Not happening.”

“Aaaaaiii…listen to me! This time, I promise it wouldn’t be a request that will bother you! I’m serious!” Shen Shaoqian made a pledge.

“What? What difficult request have you made in the past?” I was nosy and wanted to know.

“A very difficult request!” Suyang made firm eye contact with me.

“What was it?! Can you tell me?” My curiosity was evoked by Suyang. I blinked and blinked as I waited for him to continue.

“I had to share the same living space with the President of the woman’s gossip association!” Suyang pulled a face at me. I was so mad that I was turning red and green. He knew he had reached his goal.

“You!” I waved my fist, thinking. If we hadn’t lived together, where would you have found such a diligent assistant with a lack of dignity (like myself) who would allow you to order her around?

But I didn’t end up saying those words. Because I knew if I had said it, Suyang would have a hundred lines to refute me. How could I beat him in a mouth battle…

“So, what is your request? Tell us. Suyang… no. My boss will consider it!” Since he said I was the President of the woman’s gossip association, I must live up to the title.

“When did I give you the authority to help me make decisions?”

“Hehe!” I laughed foolishly.

Since I brought the question back, Shen Shaoqian gave me a look of gratitude. He cautiously began, “A few days ago, your grandmother came to talk to me…”

Grandmother Meng?

“I knew it would be nothing good. I refuse!” Suyang stood up. It appeared he wanted to return to his room. However, I blocked him. “Wait, you only heard the words ‘grandmother’. You don’t even know what the issue is? You should hear the entire story before leaving!”

“Lin Yixin. Don’t you know that curiosity killed the cat?” Suyang said to me.

I pretended there was no evil in this world as I shook my head. “I don’t know if curiosity killed the cat. But I do know curiosity could lead to lack of sleep!” Then, I sat down next to Shen Shaoqian and pressed on.

“So what happened? Hurry and tell us. I’ll help you persuade Suyang!”

“The person involved is right here! Even if you’re on my side, shouldn’t we talk behind his back?” Shen Shaoqian had a point, but it was too late.

“The woman is a reporter. I’ve seen her. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and self-aware. She is your type.”

Intelligent, beautiful and self-aware? Suyang’s type? My brain was trying to process the words. I came to a conclusion, “You want to go on a blind date?”

My voice was too loud. It almost cracked. Without knowing, I had pointed my finger at Suyang….I regretted it and quietly bent my finger back.

“Intelligent, self-aware, and beautiful is your type. Why are you trying to involve me?” Suyang casually stated.

Good job! I shouted on the inside. That’s right! Reject him heartlessly and coolly!

“Oh yeah. I think you also know her. She’s the reporter of last year’s city-wide rape case, Mi Fan. And I remember you were very interested in the case when it surfaced. Didn’t you want to speak to her at the time? This is your opportunity…”

I secretly peeked at Suyang. He seemed to sway after hearing it was Mi Fan.

My heart was screaming. Suyang, don’t go!!!

“Mi Fan….” Suyang lowered his head as he thought about it.

You don’t need to think about it! Just decline! Decline right away!

Perhaps my eyes were too pressing; Suyang felt it and turned to me, “What type of look are you giving me?”

“Huh? What look?” I stared at the ceiling and avoided his glance, “I just thought it was miraculous that you’d be interested in blind dates, boss.”

“He’s at an age where he has to go on blind dates. Or else how would an otaku like himself ever find a girl?!” Shen Shaoqian declared.

Suyang was still thinking about it. After a long pause, he lifted his head and asked me, “Do you think I should go or not?”

“What does it have to do with me? This type of stuff is related to your life. How can I make the decision for you? But it looks like you are interested? Shen Shaoqian said you were curious about her in the past. Why not take this opportunity….” The words were spilling out of my mouth, but I didn’t mean a single word.

“So you’re saying, I should go?” Suyang raised his brows at me.

No no no no! Of course not! Oh God! Who can give me a legitimate reason to tell Suyang why he shouldn’t go?

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